I&C July 2024: Feature Articles

  • Case History 193: The big dipper.
  • Edge computing: Introducing AI into the factory
  • Modularity for future scalability
  • PC-based control for waterjets
  • 36 years of innovation and success

June 2024: Feature Articles

  • Loop signature 23: Tuning part 1.
  • Plastics meets packaging for consistent and efficient process control
  • The world’s greatest model railway
  • Continuous corrosion resistance

May 2024: Feature Articles

  • AI in manufacturing: a process engineer’s perspective
  • Case History 192: Drum pressure cycling.
  • Control architecture leads to faster, easier product development for refrigeration
  • Step into the visual factory
  • System integrator Abacus Automation is on top of its game
  • The reliable flowmeters for challenging industrial processes
  • Quality gearboxes for irrigation

April 2024: Feature Articles

  • Advantages of wireless storage tank and container tank level monitoring
  • High-performance motion control for teabag packaging machine
  • Loop signature 22: How cyclical disturbances affect a control loop
  • Redefining Industrial Automation with the new Festo Valve Terminal
  • VEGA takes the pressure out of water pressure measurement

March 2024: Feature Articles

  • Bringing Industry 4.0 to a castings foundry for heavy industries
  • Navigating disruption in manufacturing
  • SMOM – the future is here now
  • The fascination of movement
  • Iritron’s year of consolidation
  • Five edge opportunities for SIs to maximise revenue in 2024
  • Complete system for transparent energy monitoring

February 2024: Feature Articles

  • Greenhouse gas monitoring satellites
  • Level sensing, conveyor control and grid resistors
  • Process instrumentation that delivers
  • Thermoforming machine automation
  • WEG Africa applauds energy standards for motor efficiency
  • World first planetary gearbox customisation
  • ABB and Gravitricity to collaborate on energy storage systems

January 2024: Feature Articles

  • Valves for severe service
  • Automated robot charging technology for mines
  • Choosing a system integrator
  • Intelligent energy recovery
  • Next-generation hybrid power unit for Formula 1
  • Scalable condition monitoring solution
  • World’s most powerful pneumatic knocker for heavy-duty industries
  • Loop signatures 21: You cannot control if your measurement is incorrect.
  • Schneider Electric connects to the future