December 2007: Feature Articles

  • Alarm management: a Six Sigma approach
  • Increasing test system ROI with NI TestStand 4.0
  • Overload protection: circuit breaker technologies
  • Scada, standard and savings: it is not on top - it is inside!
  • Taming the robot: breaking down the barriers between man and machine

November 2007: Feature Articles

  • Plant intelligence for scada and MES
  • Wonderware's recipe for happiness

October 2007: Feature Articles

  • Siemens TIA User Forum 2007 opens with 560 delegates
  • Battery powered utility water meters
  • First systems lease? SSE Cape implements BMO deal
  • Innovative busbar system: saving time and money
  • Integrated safety: a strategic approach to implementing safety networks
  • Integrating control and safety: where to draw the line
  • Myths and truths: compressor efficiency and variable speed drives
  • Namakwa Sands shuns spreadsheets
  • Water supply safety: a national priority

September 2007: Feature Articles

  • Universal sensors: worlds apart
  • Alarm management: a critical part of control engineering
  • Industrial switches: fact and fiction
  • InTouch v10: form follows function
  • Proficy Process Systems: GE Fanuc's new integrated offering
  • Resist cyber attack: securing integrated scada systems

August 2007: Feature Articles

  • Level control in cement production
  • A technical insight into some factors impacting radar level measurement
  • Arnott's Biscuits proves a cakewalk for Citect
  • Coriolis meter used for Brix measurement
  • Milk manufacturer reaps robotic rewards
  • Control valve combines the best of linear and rotary technologies
  • Solutions for effluent plants and environmental monitoring
  • SEW drives productivity at Pieman's Pantry
  • Electric and pneumatic drives: friends or foes?
  • Using machine vision to sense falling objects

July 2007: Feature Articles

  • DCS and scada alarm management survey
  • Endress+Hauser announces international appointment
  • Technews to host inaugural Technews Golf Challenge
  • Custody transfer of oil products with Coriolis mass flowmeters
  • ArchestrA helps Lonmin maintain standards
  • Creating a high throughput vision-based system for pencil sorting
  • Data acquisition for breakout prediction systems
  • Improve DP-based flow measurement with a multivariable pressure transmitter
  • PLC programming standards
  • Portal opens doors for mine management
  • SOA whats and wherefores
  • The evolution of substation communications
  • Usability: the key to manufacturing ERP success

June 2007: Feature Articles

  • Mobile energy cells powered Adroitly
  • Adroit secures RAF radar power
  • Painting by numbers at Toyota SA
  • Scada review 2007: Adroit
  • Scada review 2007: Citect
  • Scada review 2007: Rockwell
  • Scada review 2007: Siemens
  • Scada review 2007: Wonderware

May 2007: Feature Articles

  • PLC programming standards survey
  • Adroit launches Adroit P³: scada/PC/PLC in a panel
  • Archestrating 'One Arla' global strategy
  • Citect scada casts an eye over Scaw
  • PACs boost rolling mill PLCs
  • Quick-acting couplings
  • Sawmill optimisation can save millions
  • Self-diagnostics in flowmetering
  • Using corrosion as a process variable

April 2007: Feature Articles

  • Adroit controls innovative cold coil process
  • Adroit monitors Amatola Water's bulk purified water reticulation
  • DCS or PAC? You decide
  • FISCO simplifies application of explosion protection standards
  • Solutions for remote monitoring and control over large areas

March 2007: Feature Articles

  • Factelligence increases production and reduces cycle time
  • Improved efficiency with CC-Link - the Asian Open Standard
  • Making Ethernet bulletproof
  • Modular or block I/O systems?
  • New paperless graphic recorder is easy to operate
  • Renewable energy - Part 2
  • Resinkem adopts ArchestrA to improve batch control and modernise plant
  • Synchronous measuring with standard Ethernet
  • Would you put a mission-critical network on wireless?
  • Yokogawa launches VigilantPlant Asset Excellence Initiative

February 2007: Feature Articles

  • Meta provides realtime benchmarking information
  • New technology pairing offers leaner manufacturing prospects
  • Renewable energy - Part 1
  • Rotary control valves for olefin plants
  • Wonderware's new offerings for production and performance management

January 2007: Feature Articles

  • Beckhoff technology used in production of BMW 3 series axles
  • Endless implications for success with Proficy HMI/SCADA
  • Kumba Grootgeluk mine uses Wonderware's ArchestrA to set automation standards
  • Rockwell Automation distributed control solution improves pressure variance
  • The digital influence on analog technologies

January 2008: Feature Articles

  • Autonomous vehicle research: the winner of a $2m challenge
  • Expert system applied to milling circuit
  • Intelligent platforms: delivering operational efficiencies value and return-on-investment in the mining, minerals and metals industries
  • Strip temperature control: IR thermometry for continuous annealing
  • Taking projects to completion: site acceptance testing, commissioning and handover