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Pinch valves for efficient flow control
November 2023, Bearing Man Group t/a BMG
Included in BMG’s extensive portfolio of industrial slurry valves is a range of pinch valves, which have been developed to control the flow of liquids, powders, solids and abrasives in many industries.

Valmet to deliver valve solutions to Sibanye-Stillwater’s lithium refinery
October 2023
Valmet will deliver a comprehensive package of critical valves and valve automation solutions to a lithium project run by Sibanye-Stillwater’s subsidiary, Keliber Oy in Kokkola, Finland.

ENERGYValves sets down its own roots
September 2023
ENERGYValves, one of EMVAfrica’s three divisions, has relocated to its own facility in Midrand. The move was prompted by ENERGYValves’ excellent growth over the past few years, which amplified the need for more space to accommodate increased stockholding and resources.

Rocket science by ARCA
September 2023, Valve & Automation, Editor's Choice
Control valves from ARCA, a specialist in industrial process control, are playing a key role in the European Space Agency’s generation 6 ARIANE rocket launchers at its launch pad located near Kourou in French Guiana. They also feature in the SpaceX launch site, Starbase in South Texas.

Mascot control valve
August 2023, Dupleix Liquid Meters (DLM)
Superior performance in liquids and gaseous services is the hallmark of the GFlo globe control valve.

New technology for high productivity in the sugar industry
August 2023
The Bosch Projects research and development team has designed and developed advanced Dimple Tube technology to optimise equipment productivity, reducing batch pan cycle time, improving pan floor capacity, and reducing operational costs.

Flexible interfaces in plant engineering with the modular Festo angle seat valve
August 2023, Festo South Africa
The Angle Seat Valve VZXA from Festo is capable of efficiently and dependably regulating media flows at temperatures up to 230°C, while demonstrating resilience, adaptability and excellent performance.

Anti-surge valves
August 2023, Valve & Automation
Anti-surge valves meet the most stringent requirements, and in the event of a disturbance must open lightning fast, with precise positioning and absolute reliability. One of the world’s leading compressor manufacturers selected Arca anti-surge valves for its compressor stations at a steel mill in Taiwan.

A cost-effective flow control valve
July 2023
Sun Hydraulics has released the company’s first solenoid-operated, three-way proportional flow control valve as part of the expanding line of FLeX Series valves.

Redundant multi-motor drive control for pump applications
Africa Automation Technology Fair 2023 Show Preview, Elonics
LS Electric’s HVAC dedicated drive, the H100 series, supports specialised built-in functionality to operate master-follower pumping applications, without the need for an external control device such ...

High quality valves for the energy market
Africa Automation Technology Fair 2023 Show Preview, SECO Process Instrumentation
Severn is a premier engineering business manufacturing and supporting high quality valves for the energy market. The company’s control, choke and butterfly valves are pre-eminent in the global market, ...

Parker valves receive low-emissions certification
March 2023, Parker Hannifin - Sales Company South Africa
Both Parker Hi-Pro ball valves and H-Series needle valves met the necessary criteria and now carry certification to ISO 15848-1 Class

Low emission valves
February 2023, Parker Hannifin - Sales Company South Africa
Parker Hannifin is unveiling a series of valves tested to ISO 15848-1 Class C, a standard that sets out the measurement, test and qualification procedures for fugitive emissions from industrial valves. The Class C valves complement Parker’s existing solutions for the more stringent Class A and B leak rate designations, while minimising the investment required by the customer.

Emerson reinvents Crosby J-Series pressure relief valves
February 2023, Emerson Automation Solutions
Emerson has announced the release of two new-to-the-world technologies for the Crosby J-Series pressure relief valve (PRV) product line.

5-port solenoid valves
February 2023, SMC Corporation South Africa
When selecting a 5-port solenoid valve for your application, there are many options to choose from and factors to consider.

Automated cultivation of biomass
February 2023, Festo South Africa
Algae are extremely efficient photosynthesisers, and absorb ten times more carbon dioxide than land plants. In bioreactors equipped with appropriate sensors, control technology and automation, the efficiency of algae can be increased to a hundred times that of land plants. The PhotoBionicCell research project, part of the Festo Bionic Learning Network, is demonstrating a potential approach for industrial biologisation in the future.

Valmet to rebuild cooking, fibreline and evaporation plant
February 2023, Valmet Automation
Valmet has been selected to rebuild the cooking, fiberline and evaporation plant of Andhra Paper’s Rajahmundry unit in India.

Cavity cartridges for lower pressure systems
January 2023
Sun Hydraulics has launched the Sun Common (SC) cavity cartridge valves. Joining the broad range of existing Sun Hydraulics cartridge valves, these new cavity cartridges are optimised for lower pressure ...

Electric rod-style actuators
November 2022, Emerson Automation Solutions
Featuring three different screw technologies, Aventics Series SPRA rod-style electric actuators offer extensive versatility to better meet exacting application requirements.

Emerson sells 3 millionth Fieldvue digital valve controller
October 2022, Emerson Automation Solutions
To mark this significant milestone, Emerson highlighted the top seven reasons why process plant personnel specify, purchase, install and use Fisher instruments.


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