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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide

Technews Industry Guide - IIoT 2018

Technews Industry Guide - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation

Valves, Actuators & Pump Control
Control of abrasive slurries
October 2018, Bearing Man Group t/a BMG

BMG’s range of industrial slurry valves, which are designed to cope efficiently in harsh mining conditions, includes robust butterfly and knife gate valves, as well as diaphragm and pinch valves. “These ...

Schubert & Salzer stabilises paper production
October 2018, Macsteel Fluid Control

The Austrian company, Grünewald Paper, recently modernised its process control to improve profitability. Thanks to a new control system and a grammage-weight control valve, the company’s throughput and ...

Quarter-turn actuator for dosing ­applications
August 2018, Festo

Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, Festo’s quarter-turn actuator DFPD can be used in a variety of applications. Its modern, simple and compact design impresses whether it is used with ball valves, ...

Arca’s new approach to severe-duty microflow valves
August 2018, Valve & Automation

Control valves are used in a wide range of capacity, from butterfly valves with a rated flow coefficient (KVs) of more than 50 000 m³/h, enough capacity to fill an Olympic swimming pool within three minutes, ...

Advanced slurry valves promote ­efficiency and productivity
August 2018, Metso South Africa

There is sound reasoning for using advanced slurry valves in a number of industries where targeted efficiency and productivity require process parameters that may seem totally intolerable for materials ...

Richter launches largest PFA lined ball valve
August 2018, Valve & Automation

Richter, a leader in PFA lined pump and valve solutions, has introduced a new size control ball for its KNR and KNAR control valve series. Increasing production quantities require a larger diameter of ...

The benefit of head-guided plugs on slurry valves
August 2018, eDART Group

“Good guiding of the plug head with three or more guide bars offers better benefits to valve performance than otherwise offered by the conventional method of fitting guides around the shaft,” commented ...

Blowdown applications using multi-stage trim
July 2018, Valve & Automation

The Arca angle style control valves series 350 and 380 are proven under critical process conditions. If used in steam or other process gas applications at high pressure and temperature, in cavitation-free ...

Sliding gate valves in control at PVS
May 2018, Macsteel Fluid Control

Belgium-based PVS Chemicals produces extremely pure chemicals for use in the semiconductor industry. One of the company’s outstanding innovations is the production of ultra-pure sulphuric acid. As the ...

Test unit for control valves
May 2018, AT Technical Services & Supplies

Although plant designers tend to treat them as ‘necessary evils’, it is obvious that control valves play a key role in process quality and reliability. Extreme care must be taken to avoid costly premature ...

Optimised pump ­performance
May 2018, SKF South Africa

Ignoring pumps is a risk because when these components break down, or run below optimum efficiency, the whole process suffers. Manufacturing and process companies are always under cost pressure, making ...

Sealed bearings eliminate common failures in triple offset valves
April 2018, Valve & Automation

Bearing failures are among the highest root causes of failure in triple offset valves (TOV) for tight shutoff applications. This issue is directly attributed to the need to have metal bearings with very ...

Proportional regulators optimise the use of compressed air
April 2018, ASCO

Precise and reliable dosage of compressed air is needed in the manufacture of container glass to ensure an optimal distribution of the molten glass within the mould. ASCO Numatics has developed a valve ...

Selecting valves for proportional control
March 2018, ASCO

When choosing the right valve for the job, it is important to understand the demands of the application and the relative merits of each valve type.

Should solenoid valves be classed as commodity items?
February 2018, ASCO

Engineers seeking operational longevity and high-quality performance should think beyond initial purchase price, as any other strategy is likely to cost far more in the long run.       The technology The ...

Schubert & Salzer expands GS4 series
February 2018, Macsteel Fluid Control

Sliding gate valves now optimised for pressures up to 160 bar.

Simple and easy to use, yet smart enough to automate
January 2018, Valve & Automation

The V&A iCon® valve positioner family combines simple calibration and easy operation with high-level integration capability.

Precise control with segment disc valves
January 2018, Macsteel Fluid Control

Segment disc valves work on a very simple but effective principle. The central throttling elements – the segment discs that glide and seal against each other – are positioned in the valve body perpendicular ...

Valve partner to the food industry
December 2017, Macsteel Fluid Control

When it comes to manufacturing or processing foodstuffs and drinks, having the right valve in the right place is essential if things are to run smoothly. Of course it is important to consider whether ...

Special valves for steam systems
November 2017, Macsteel Fluid Control

Robust segment disc valves contribute to availability of industrial power plants.

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