December 2015: Feature Articles

  • Instrotech’s awesome foursome
  • Cyber defence for industrial networks
  • Enhanced machine intelligence with many-core control technology
  • Flowmeters for minimising energy
  • Planning and implementing secure industrial wireless networks
  • Protection of smart power grids and data networks
  • The use and the advantages of ­diaphragm pressure gauges

November 2015: Feature Articles

  • How to build reliable low-cost ­mobile WiFi networks for the ­Industrial Internet of Things
  • Application of Agile Project Management in a DCS upgrade
  • Flywheels support energy grids of the future
  • Machine control hardware for automation
  • Mobile tracking apps keep downtime to a minimum
  • Optimise thickener efficiency for maximum profitability
  • Optimising the value of an operator training simulator
  • Still Profibus, now with IoT performance
  • Why temperature compensation matters for pressure measurement

October 2015: Feature Articles

  • Fit for flow
  • ABB’s low voltage switchgear ­ensures smooth operation
  • Hope for the future
  • ISA99 committee advances ­cybersecurity standards
  • Remote industrial automation ­services via the Internet
  • Report by exception

September 2015: Feature Articles

  • Smart switches from Turck
  • Considerations for bunker and fuel consumption measurement
  • Exploiting difficult offshore oil and gas fields
  • Integrated control and drive technology from Beckhoff
  • Overcoming obstacles of industrial network management
  • Protective measures for fieldbus communications

August 2015: Feature Articles

  • Radiation-based instrumentation for extreme process conditions
  • More data is only useful if it leads to more wisdom
  • Safe and hygienic packaging for consumer products
  • Securing edge devices and data in industrial applications
  • Yokogawa’s integrated control ­system for power stations

July 2015: Feature Articles

  • Complete system solutions by Lapp
  • Drinking water flow metering at remote distribution stations
  • Industrial network management software improves productivity
  • Safety of machinery and SANS 12100: 2013
  • The advantages of buriable flowmeters
  • Why you can’t ignore Category 6A anymore
  • Wind farm networking optimises grid compatibility

Technews Industry Guide - Wireless 2015: Feature Articles

  • Enabling wireless communication for factory automation
  • Making safe waves in hazardous areas
  • Where to industrial wireless?
  • Yokogawa launches next-generation field wireless

June 2015: Feature Articles

  • Situational Awareness and ­designing an HMI for ­high-performance
  • Coriolis mass flowmeters with ­precision and robustness
  • Corrosion effects on valves
  • Maximum safety in mini format
  • Reliable communication ­infrastructure for smart grid ­systems
  • Security on smart grids
  • The protocols driving smart grid interoperability

May 2015: Feature Articles

  • Continuous extractive on-line gas analysis - unlocking optimisation opportunities
  • Beckhoff’s Scientific Automation for data acquisition
  • Customer-specific multi-touch ­control panel
  • Glare from SICK Automation offers ‘gleaming’ prospects
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)enables new business models
  • It’s time to put industrial wireless on the front burner
  • Networked technologies in the factory of the future

Technews Industry Guide - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2015: Feature Articles

  • Condition monitoring with PC-based control
  • Connected asset performance management in industrial plants
  • Minimising downtime by minimising machinery damage
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance
  • Safe preventative maintenance on electrical equipment

April 2015: Feature Articles

  • 100 years of omotenashi
  • Avoiding additional sources of error
  • Connected Enterprise
  • Finding a better protocol conversion solution between PLCs and devices
  • Multiport flow selector optimises oil and gas production testing
  • Protect the fieldbus against voltage spikes
  • Something extra for everyone in Simatic PCS 7
  • Uncertainties in shore tank ­measurement

March 2015: Feature Articles

  • Changing the game of automation and industrial IT
  • Efficient connection simple operation
  • Fast data transmission for architectural light strip application
  • Mass flow measurement at BYK-Chemie
  • Monitoring emissions from power plants
  • Scada security – more holes than a leaky bucket?
  • Take the edge off the pressure
  • TCP/IP communications over wireless vs. wired links
  • Three reasons ‘tribal knowledge’ is not effective in decision making
  • Using industrial Ethernet gateways to optimise VFD systems

February 2015: Feature Articles

  • Maximum data transparency in kitchen manufacturing through PC-based control
  • Gemü 3030 mFlow
  • Increased cyber security through distributed firewall strategy
  • Measurement made easy
  • Power the people
  • PVS Chemicals relies on sliding gate valve technology
  • Rugged monitors for harsh ­environments
  • The latest in temperature profiling in automotive paint cure ovens

January 2015: Feature Articles

  • Behind the chameleon
  • Benefits of an integrated control and safety PAC
  • Cabling for 10GBase-T
  • Microtechnology and nanotechnology are big
  • PC-based building control for flexible implementation