December 2004: Feature Articles

  • Decentralised IP20 I/O modular PLC concept
  • Rittal enters SA with a wholly owned subsidiary
  • The white elephant that did not die
  • Understanding steam conditioning valves

November 2004: Feature Articles

  • A direct link from production to management
  • Environmental monitoring for a smelter
  • On-line measurement of sulphide in wastewater streams
  • Process monitoring solutions for the iron and steel industry
  • Relative humidity calibration capabilities in SA (1993-2004)
  • Safety measures at Engen

October 2004: Feature Articles

  • Invitation
  • PLC: standardise programming across platform using IEC61131-3: make multiplatform PLC project manageable
  • An overview of safety in the nuclear power industry
  • Considerations in designing HIPPS
  • Pressure transmitters seen as strategic products
  • Speeding up implementation and maintenance of automation
  • Wastewater plant optimisation: Part 4 - Potential savings in wastewater/sludge treatment
  • Watershed triumph for local scada developer
  • Windows CE-based HMIs for industry

September 2004: Feature Articles

  • Bhopal, 20 years on - could it happen here?
  • Moisture sensors for on-line production
  • Data acquisition and control in petrochemical plants
  • Ex-industrial PDA
  • Micro-size AC drives bring maintenance savings
  • Safer pressure and temperature measurement
  • Wastewater plant optimisation: Part 3 - Total cost of ownership and automation
  • Boosting productivity for Pirelli tyres
  • Low-cost vision sensor performs 360° inspection
  • Networking with the hearing impaired

August 2004: Feature Articles

  • Does Microsoft have any competition?
  • Filling 500 toothpaste tubes per minute
  • Functional safety becomes increasingly important
  • Thermal imager gives high performance at low cost
  • Using smart valve positioners can save costs
  • Wastewater plant optimisation - Part 2: Automatic treatment control under the microscope

July 2004: Feature Articles

  • FM top 100 websites that save you time and money
  • Control valve ownership made simple
  • Coriolis mass flowmeter with direct in-line viscosity measurement
  • Ex cap lamps and IS rechargeable safety torches
  • Integrated solutions increase productivity by enabling the realtime enterprise
  • New generation LEDs to replace incandescent lamps
  • Safe and easy updates in the palm of the hand
  • Sharing control data up to 200 times faster than Ethernet
  • Sturdy power supplies for automation applications
  • What effect would the looming world fuel shortage have on the I&C industry? Part two - Opportunities for the local I&C industry
  • Women consulting engineers - an untapped resource

June 2004: Feature Articles

  • Next Generation Instrumentation, Process Control and Automation Systems (Conference)
  • Free subscription to Motion Control
  • Control system makeover for DPI Plastics
  • Is a world fuel shortage looming? What effect will it have on the industry? Part one - Understanding the problem
  • MES - is the tail wagging the dog?
  • The future of enterprise-wide data visualisation
  • Under what circumstances should you use Doppler flowmeters? Part 2

May 2004: Feature Articles

  • Free subscription to Motion Control
  • Next Generation Instrumentation, Process Control and Automation Systems (Conference)
  • Colour pyrometers for demanding environments
  • Compact and efficient text terminal with RS485
  • Locally manufactured exported bagging solution
  • Measuring chlorine dioxide for bleaching in pulp mills
  • PAC platform increases application flexibility
  • Quo Vadis the role of the systems integrator
  • The future of user interface development
  • Under what circumstances should you use Doppler flowmeters? - Part 1
  • World-class, locally developed and produced instruments

April 2004: Feature Articles

  • Free subscription to Motion Control
  • Motion Control re-launched with increased circulation
  • Giant flowmeter producer rose from the ashes of WWII
  • Industrial panel computers
  • Infrared thermography, now a cost-effective tool
  • Intelligent production management (IPM) - a complete solution
  • Lifting 16 tonne boats above water for easy boarding
  • Local technology breakthrough is a big splash internationally
  • Messaging partnership for preventative maintenance
  • Rugged, cost-effective safety light curtain
  • S88 and batch processing - selling the standard
  • Waste not, want not - the management of a large water treatment plant
  • Wastewater plant optimisation - Part 1: Automatic control of primary sludge discharge
  • Water purification methods - and the South African position

March 2004: Feature Articles

  • Current trends in data acquisition
  • Ethernet - the ideal solution for industrial applications
  • Industrial 8-port managed redundant Ethernet switch
  • North American power blackout - an event for all events
  • Optical sensing specialist continues innovative leadership
  • Reducing costs and variability in process manufacturing
  • SMME improves KPIs with business analysis and reporting software
  • The significance and measurement of water activity - Part 2
  • Top end specification temperature monitoring

February 2004: Feature Articles

  • Cavitation and flashing - the cause and the cure
  • Gold mine installs SA scada to improve efficiency
  • Keeping tabs on process current consumption
  • Making sense of all the MES
  • Measurement and control in extreme environments
  • Moeller group acquired by new investors
  • Sensors for the process industry
  • Tank farm monitoring
  • Tank intelligence solutions
  • The perils of back-of-the-envelope OEE calculations
  • The significance and measurement of water activity - Part 1
  • The value of transforming manufacturing data into plant intelligence

January 2004: Feature Articles

  • A PLC/PAC made in South Africa
  • Endress + Hauser’s 50th celebration
  • Industrial Ethernet moves from theory to reality
  • Manager's guide to overall equipment effectiveness
  • Recruiting engineers becoming increasingly difficult