November 2023: Feature Articles

  • How lighting solutions support lean manufacturing processes
  • New IO-Link master future-proofs pneumatic valve systems
  • Precise part machining
  • Thor’s hammer of pneumatic knockers
  • Case History 190: Measurement problem ruins level control.
  • Megatrends shaping the auto industry
  • How to look after your pressure gauge

October 2023: Feature Articles

  • 20 years of EtherCAT
  • Getting results with process optimisation and AI
  • Ice cold optimisation
  • Loop signatures 20: The great deceivers.
  • Multifieldbus supports all major Ethernet protocols
  • Unlocking the potential of industrial AI

September 2023: Feature Articles

  • Case history 189: Poor furnace temperature control.
  • How to build an agile, sustainable company in South Africa
  • Products talk to products, systems talk to people
  • PC-based automation of a 24/7 automated convenience store
  • Rocket science by ARCA

August 2023: Feature Articles

  • Mission-critical cybersecurity
  • PC-based control technology for vehicles converted to electric drives
  • Sustainability through optimisation
  • The critical role of process automation in solar farms
  • VEGA expands radar portfolio for factory automation
  • Automation for smart factories

Technews Industry Guide: Sustainable Manufacturing 2023: Feature Articles

  • Automation of a test rig for wind turbines
  • Biggest magnet in the world
  • Data synchronisation in wind farms
  • Gear business driven by sustainability
  • Going underground for energy storage
  • Hydrogen: the key to energy turnaround
  • World’s largest concentrated solar farm
  • Digital transformation for sustainable manufacturing
  • The greenhouse of the future
  • The battery of the future

July 2023: Feature Articles

  • Case History 188: Process gain – an important dynamic.
  • How WEG VSD technology can help deal with loadshedding
  • Next-generation industrial Wi-Fi
  • Optimising processes through predictive analytics
  • Pushing past the brink
  • Realising the fully digital process plant
  • The power of unified namespace in the digital era
  • The control giant from Duisburg

June 2023: Feature Articles

  • 70 servo axes synchronised in real time
  • Chip-based EtherCAT optimises field communication
  • Digital controllers: Part 9 - Integral or reset windup
  • How Danone SA pulled off its new automated palletising system
  • Sensors help increase protein production
  • 30 technology companies leading the way in 2023
  • A little piece of excellence

Africa Automation Technology Fair 2023 Visitors' Guide: Feature Articles

May 2023: Feature Articles

  • Beckhoff’s XPlanar greatly increases testing capacity and throughput
  • Case History 187 - Integrating or self-regulating or both?
  • Connecting robot accessories to any industrial network
  • New flushing ring design
  • Paving the way for way for ultra-fast sustainable computers
  • Simplifying documentation for the world’s smartest heavy industries
  • Ethernet to the field for process plants

April 2023: Feature Articles

  • Following trends: What technology is worth your time and effort?
  • How to slash your energy consumption costs
  • Loop Signatures 17 - How to make a bad valve into a good valve.
  • Unplanned shutdowns are an insult to professionals
  • Upgrading safety-critical alarms
  • UJ and Schneider Electric launch 4IR Experience Room
  • Festo celebrates 50 years in the African market

Africa Automation Technology Fair 2023 Show Preview: Feature Articles

March 2023: Feature Articles

  • Achieving zero emissions
  • An innovative cobot
  • Case history 186: Don’t always trust valve position feedback signals
  • Futureproofing industrial networks
  • Innovative adaptor with added features
  • The rise of AI in manufacturing
  • When every centimetre counts
  • Measuring forces at the detection limit

February 2023: Feature Articles

  • A complete control-integrated vision solution from Beckhoff
  • Drive-based solutions enhance operational efficiency and safety of machines
  • Loop Signatures 16 - Digital controllers: Part 8: The full PID controller and response to setpoint or load changes.
  • Magnetic bearings for sustainable compressed air production
  • Planning for cloud when there’s no one-size-fits-all
  • Tharisa Minerals looks to Zest WEG for electrical equipment
  • What’s the difference between round and flat cables?
  • Master of all trades
  • New guided radar level transmitters
  • Increased efficiency in crisps production

January 2023: Feature Articles

  • Control loop case history 185: Temperature cascade control on boiler desuperheaters.
  • Immersive training for chemicals operators and engineer
  • Keeping an eye on production down to the last detail
  • ATEQ in pole position for electric vehicle testing
  • MESA Africa 2022 year-end conference review