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Driving African mining solutions
SEW offers customised solutions for the African mining industry and lead time advantages thanks to its new multimillion local assembly facility in Johannesburg.


Supplements for splice boxes with patented pigtail tray
Phoenix Contact is supplementing the compact splice/distributor boxes in the FDX 20 series for DIN-rail mounting with additional types of fibres and couplings.


LV switchboard with enhanced safety features
Schneider Electric’s next-generation BlokSeT switchboard enhances safety, reliability and connectivity for innovative power distribution and motor control.


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Hitachi Energy is championing its Diversity 360 approach

In recognition of Women’s Month, the company highlighted the achievements of exceptional local female talent by profiling three leading women who form part of the company’s South African operations.
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Women thrive at the coalface of BI’s sales and customer service
Bearings International, News

“Do not compare yourself to others. Work hard, as no job is beneath you. Soak up the knowledge available to you. Do not be discouraged or demotivated.”
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More women to be capped at MUT’s Women’s Month graduation

All told, 990 women will graduate from the Faculty of Management Sciences, 308 from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, and 310 from the Faculty of Engineering.
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SAIMC: From the office of the CEO: Disruption is coming to a police station near you!

While reporting my mobile phone stolen, I got to thinking: what value did the officer at the police station bring to the incident?
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Optimised, PC-based food production
Beckhoff Automation, Editor's Choice, System Integration & Control Systems Design

Foodjet’s MDL food printers can portion and deposit toppings with maximum precision, whether coating pizza dough with a perfect layer of tomato sauce, or icing doughnuts with seasonal decorations.
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2-channel EtherCAT motion interface
Beckhoff Automation, Motion Control & Drives

Flexible and cost-effective stepper motor terminal with 6 A total current.
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Compact voltage tester without batteries
Vepac Electronics, Electrical Power & Protection

The Profisafe LSP 4 is a compact voltage tester without batteries and all test functions are maintenance-free.
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From the editor's desk: Beware the somewhat knowledgeable engineer
Technews Publishing (SA Instrumentation & Control), News

‘Somewhat knowledgeable’ is functionally equivalent to ‘partially ignorant’, and in the engineering world that is simply not good enough.
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Sensors train many eyes on FMCGs
VEGA Controls SA, Editor's Choice, Sensors & Transducers

Profit margins on consumer goods are small, which makes it all the more important for producers to have smooth, efficient operating processes.
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Iritron wins multi-million Rand cross-border project
Iritron , News

The team got ahead through its technical expertise and proven design methodologies, to ultimately reduce overall project risks posed by the supply chain bottleneck.
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Fluke’s T6-1000 PRO electrical tester
Comtest, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Comtest now offers the Fluke T6-1000 PRO true-RMS electrical tester. It measures voltage up to 1000 V AC and current up to 200 A without test lead contact to live voltage.
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Heavy-duty connectors in various colours
Phoenix Contact, Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

The housings can be ordered in batches as small as 1, and individual interfaces can be easily configured and conveniently ordered online.
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High-tech launches from SEW-EURODRIVE at Electra Mining
SEW-Eurodrive, News

On show will be the DriveRadar suite for condition monitoring and maintenance forecasting, the M1 high-speed gearbox, and a 3,5 metre diameter girth gear for mills and kilns.
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RS expands industrial networking offering with HMS partnership
RS Components SA, News

The agreement gives RS Components’ customers access to HMS Networks’ Anybus, Ewon and Ixxat brands.
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Barcode reader suited for wide fields of view
Omron Electronics, Data Acquisition & Telemetry

Omron’s new MicroHAWK V440-F is ideal for reading multiple codes in a wide area, as well as for applications over longer distances and with minuscule barcodes.
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Cleanroom tablet PC
Extech Safety Systems, Industrial Computer Hardware

The device is convenient to operate, even with multiple pairs of nitrile cleanroom gloves or a stylus. Both the front and rear cameras of the tablet can be used within the stainless steel enclosure.
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High-speed Ethernet up to 1 km with Gigabit Ethernet extenders
Phoenix Contact, IT in Manufacturing

With Power-over-Link and Power-over-Ethernet functions, the entire Gigabit Ethernet extender network and connected PoE devices are supplied with power via the data lines.
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ARCA retains BASF MVV status
Valve & Automation, Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

The framework agreement will cement ARCA’s position as one of two global key suppliers for automated control valves to BASF.
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