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Highly customisable robotic hand
NSK and the German Aerospace Centre are developing a robotic hand system that will help automate manual tasks. The concept centres on a customisable robot hand comprising individually configurable finger modules, an industry first.


Smart alternative for float switches
With the LI level sensor, you can reliably detect leakages and point levels on a permanent basis. The capacitive measuring system has no moving parts. Malfunction or maintenance issues due to deposits on the mechanical parts are therefore eliminated.


Enlit Africa reimagines energy security in Africa
The prestigious Enlit Africa 2024 exhibition has the goal of addressing the very real energy security concerns felt by companies across Africa.


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Step into the visual factory
Turck Banner Southern Africa, Editor's Choice, Electrical Power & Protection

At Banner, the visual factory comprises three key applications for lighting and indication in industrial settings. These applications include the ability to help machines and workstations quickly communicate their status to people nearby, to use light to guide workers to perform certain tasks such as part picking, and to provide illumination for work areas and tasks.
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From the office of the CEO: Be warned, you are doing engineering work if …

This is not a new law. The only thing that is new is that ‘engineering work’ is now defined. You need to study the definition for yourself.
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HMI with maximum performance in the smallest of spaces
ifm - South Africa, SCADA/HMI

Whenever clear communication, precision and performance in the smallest of spaces are required, the most compact member of ifm’s ecomatDisplay family is the perfect choice. The 11 cm HMI makes no compromises when it comes to human-machine interaction.
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Mesh networks: a multidirectional electrical superhighway
Schneider Electric South Africa, Electrical Power & Protection

Today, many power industry stakeholders are faced with mounting requirements for improved grid reliability, resilience and distribution efficiency. It’s a challenge which requires power service providers to rethink their infrastructure. Enter mesh networks, which can overcome the limitations of traditional star networks.
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Cable locator for failsafe cable fault diagnostics
Comtest, Electrical Power & Protection

Accidentally hitting a power cable during a project can lead to costly repairs and create seriously hazardous safety situations. The Amprobe UAT-600 series locating kit from Comtest comes complete and ready for use with a transmitter, receiver, test lead kit, batteries and additional fuses, all in a mobile, protective duffle bag.
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Defending against modern-day cyber threats
IT in Manufacturing

The anatomy of cyber threats has changed, meaning that organisations can no longer rely on traditional cybersecurity solutions to protect their perimeter, but should instead rethink their data protection strategy and become proactive in their defence against breaches.
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4Sight OT Automation achieves prestigious AVEVA Endorsed Partner status

4Sight OT Automation, a leading industrial software solutions provider, has achieved Endorsed Partner status within the AVEVA Partner Network.
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EtherCAT-based control technology for building automation
Beckhoff Automation, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

Modern non-residential buildings place many high demands on building automation. This can be optimally implemented with EtherCAT-based control technology from Beckhoff, which provides an efficient central automation architecture thanks to ultra-fast data communication.
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BMG’s machine tools on show at Machine Tools Africa
Bearing Man Group t/a BMG, News

BMG will be participating at the Machine Tools Africa exhibition. Its stand will showcase the company’s comprehensive range of quality branded tools and equipment, which has been carefully selected by specialists, to meet the exact requirements of customers in diverse sectors.
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PCS stays up so you don’t have to
PCS Global, System Integration & Control Systems Design

Maybe it’s time to look at a solution that stays online 99,99999% of the time so you don’t have to. This the world of Stratus computer platforms, tailor-made for your critical applications.
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Flexible EtherCAT communication interface for DALI-2
Beckhoff Automation, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

The EL6821 EtherCAT Terminal from Beckhoff allows up to 64 DALI/DALI-2 slaves and 64 DALI-2 input devices to be connected. The TwinCAT 3 System Manager makes it easy to configure and parameterise DALI devices flexibly.
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New compact VFDs with higher power ratings
Motion Control & Drives

Invertek Drives has revealed the extension of its industry-leading Optidrive Coolvert variable frequency drive with the launch of two new compact frame sizes with higher power ratings.
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Flow measurement transmitters with IO-link interface
Senseca, Flow Measurement & Control

Senseca has introduced the enhanced OMNIPLUS range of transmitters that feature an intelligent IO-Link interface.
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Advantages of wireless storage tank and container tank level monitoring
Turck Banner Southern Africa, Editor's Choice

Implementing a tank monitoring system that utilises ultrasonic or radar sensors in a wireless network has many advantages.
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Improved inductive coupler sets
Turck Banner Southern Africa, Electrical Power & Protection

Online teaser: Turck Banner has updated its inductive coupler sets and now also offers additional functions such as selective pairing in addition to improved performance.
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Multi-purpose contact block
Electrical Power & Protection

The TME catalogue has been expanded to include products from Schlegel. This German, family-owned company has been specialising in the production of high-quality electromechanical components for almost 80 years.
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Safe, sustainable cycling helmet technology
Siemens South Africa, IT in Manufacturing

Lazer Sport, one of Europe’s leading cycling helmet manufacturers, has adopted the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of industry software to bring to market KinetiCore, its new proprietary rotational impact protection technology.
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Ultra-compact mass flow meters with advanced transmitters
Emerson Automation Solutions, Flow Measurement & Control

Emerson has introduced the Micro Motion G-Series line of Coriolis mass flow and density meters, the most compact dual-tube Coriolis mass flow meters on the market. They offer the same level of quality and reliability as standard designs, but in a much smaller and lighter form factor.
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