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RF-Link automation module
The DICIO is an RF-Link automation module enabling the remote control of a corresponding module.


Why artificial intelligence matters in robotic technology
Andrew Crackett, managing director of Yaskawa Southern Africa, gives his insight into the role of AI in robotics technology, with its advantages and challenges, and makes predictions for the future.


Cathodic protection system for hazardous environments
When NSW Ports in Australia embarked on a two-year programme to rehabilitate the structures and combat corrosion levels at its Bulk Liquid Berth 1, it commissioned Melbourne-based consultancy Infracorr to deliver a bespoke cathodic protection) system. To deliver the system safely, Infraccor engaged cathodic protection specialist Omniflex to support the hazardous area and remote monitoring aspects of the CP system design.


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Robust Ethernet cordset series of cables
Turck Banner Southern Africa, Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

Turck Banner offers a product range comprising a wealth of different connectors and cables, including over 115 000 connection technology solutions with differing degrees of complexity.
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Design lubrication-free applications in seconds
igus , IT in Manufacturing

igus has unveiled its point-and-shoot igusGO app, a cutting-edge solution that uses a mobile phone to photograph moving parts on equipment and immediately get information on a lubrication-free alternative.
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Industrial metaverse set to grow

The industrial metaverse is set to greatly enhance manufacturing engineering, training, safety and production.
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Comprehensive protection of the network
Phoenix Contact , IT in Manufacturing

In recent years, the generation of data to create ever better transparency and control of production has become a decisive competitive factor. IIoT has also contributed to more manufacturing systems being connected to IT or cloud systems. This places higher demands on access security, which Phoenix Contact meets with the Secure Edge Box.
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Panel building should be streamlined
Schneider Electric South Africa, Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

Data centres run critical applications, and require equipment and infrastructure that operate at 100% uptime, as any downtime due to faulty components could have catastrophic ramifications.
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Moog takes a leadership position in lunar exploration

NASA is planning for a sustained human presence on the Moon, and resources such as water could eventually be harnessed from the lunar surface instead of being transported from Earth, and it has turned to industry to find ways to excavate and transport that icy regolith.
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Faster access to device data
EPLAN Software, IT in Manufacturing

Eplan eStock gives companies access to centralised device management in the Eplan Cloud, simplifying collaboration, and reducing coordination times and media discontinuities.
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Cloud-based inventory management software
Endress+Hauser South Africa, Level Measurement & Control

Netilion is an award-winning cloud-based IIoT ecosystem designed for industrial processes. It connects the physical and digital worlds to send valuable information from the field straight to your phone, tablet or other device.
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How dry ice blasting is revolutionising the mining industry
Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Dry ice blasting has emerged as a game-changing technology for the mining industry, offering a range of advantages that are reshaping traditional cleaning methods.
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The green economy – our place in history starts today
Schneider Electric South Africa, Electrical Power & Protection

In a time when the planet is under tremendous pressure, company profits and strategies cannot exist in isolation. Driving the move towards sustainability is the consumer. This shift in consumer behaviour sets the tone for companies and their sustainability endeavours.
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Multicolour strip lights with superior environmental resistance
Turck Banner Southern Africa, Electrical Power & Protection

Turck Banner’s industrial LED lighting products are high-quality and energy-efficient lights that provide years of maintenance-free operation, with no bulb or ballast changes required throughout the lifespan of the device.
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RS South Africa showcases test and measurement solutions
RS South Africa, News

RS South Africa recently exhibited at the MTE Moab Khotsong 2024 mining and technical exhibition in the Free State.
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Smart alternative for float switches
ifm - South Africa, Sensors & Transducers

With the LI level sensor, you can reliably detect leakages and point levels on a permanent basis. The capacitive measuring system has no moving parts. Malfunction or maintenance issues due to deposits on the mechanical parts are therefore eliminated.
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High-voltage battery systems
Electrical Power & Protection

South Africans have become accustomed to high levels of loadshedding, but the next big phase in the country’s energy infrastructure development is upon us. High-voltage battery energy storage systems, which drastically improve the power reliability prospects for businesses, are expected to see a massive surge in 2024.
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Automating precision tasks
igus , Motion Control & Drives

A new low-cost modular robotics kit from motion plastics manufacturer, igus, makes automation extremely easy and affordable for manufacturing companies in South Africa.
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Precision acoustic imagers
Comtest, Sensors & Transducers

To help users identify and localise ‘mechanical areas of interest’ within short timeframes, Comtest has added a unique new feature to Fluke’s ii910 precision acoustic imagers.
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ISO fluid cleanliness codes for hydraulic and lubrication systems
Motion Control & Drives

When setting target ISO fluid cleanliness codes for hydraulic and lubrication systems, it is important to keep in mind the objectives that need to be achieved.
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Energy-efficient control with smart electrical panels
Legrand, Smart Home Automation

In today’s world, where energy scarcity and rising costs are pressing concerns, Legrand’s Smart electrical panel with Netatmo offers a solution. This complete system provides reliable control over electrical installations, and effective tracking of energy consumption.
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