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SKF’s successful raid action in Cape Town
Authorities, with collaborative support from SKF, recently conducted a large and highly effective raid on a very well-known bearing seller of SKF bearings in Cape Town.


Cathodic protection system for hazardous environments
When NSW Ports in Australia embarked on a two-year programme to rehabilitate the structures and combat corrosion levels at its Bulk Liquid Berth 1, it commissioned Melbourne-based consultancy Infracorr to deliver a bespoke cathodic protection) system. To deliver the system safely, Infraccor engaged cathodic protection specialist Omniflex to support the hazardous area and remote monitoring aspects of the CP system design.


In-line process transmitter to optimise sterile processes
The new model DMSU22SA in-line process transmitter from WIKA helps to optimise sterile processes in the pharmaceutical and food industries, with less energy consumption, less cleaning effort ,and more safety.


Latest articles

ABB and Gravitricity to collaborate on energy storage systems
ABB South Africa, Editor's Choice, News

ABB has signed an agreement with UK-based gravity energy storage firm Gravitricity to explore how hoist expertise and technologies can accelerate the development and implementation of gravity energy storage systems in former mines.
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Turck Banner’s marketing communications manager
Turck Banner Southern Africa, News

Turck Banner South Africa proudly announces a significant evolution in its marketing leadership. Hennie Blignaut, who has played a pivotal role as marketing manager, is transitioning into a consultancy role. Concurrently, Maxine Wingrove is assuming an expanded role, taking charge of the bulk of the marketing responsibilities.
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Condition monitoring in a forging press retrofit
Beckhoff Automation, System Integration & Control Systems Design

Significantly increased vibration on machines can result in many forms of negative impacts such as reduced system performance or damage to the machine and foundation. Using the example of retrofitting a forging press with a maximum press force of 2000 tons, Wölfel Engineering explains how efficiently the process was tailored and implemented with PC-based control and measurement technology from Beckhoff.
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Emerson software optimises maintenance
Emerson Automation Solutions, Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

Emerson has announced the Plantweb Insight Valve Health Application, a powerful software tool that combines Fisher control valve expertise with advanced analytic algorithms. The new app makes it possible for users to visualise an entire connected fleet of valves, while prioritising actions based on the health index of each valve.
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The future of South Africa’s energy mix
Electrical Power & Protection

The only long-term and sustainable solution for South Africa’s energy situation is for the country to move away from the use of fossil fuels. Not only is this essential in addressing the electricity shortages and ever-increasing demand, it is also imperative from a carbon emissions perspective – and every country is currently on the same journey.
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Greenhouse gas monitoring satellites
ABB South Africa, Editor's Choice

ABB has secured a third contract with GHGSat, the global leader in high-resolution greenhouse gas monitoring from space, to manufacture optical sensors for its satellites set to launch into orbit in 2024.
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Level sensing, conveyor control and grid resistors
DRH Components, Editor's Choice, Level Measurement & Control

DRH Components is a specialist electric component and systems supplier with a focus on the control of electric motors. As part of its wide variety of products, the company markets the entire Bindicator range. Bindicator manufactures sensors for dry bulk and liquid level measurement.
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Siemens and Voltaiq collaborate on battery manufacturing
Siemens South Africa, Electrical Power & Protection

Siemens Digital Industries Software and Voltaiq are collaborating to accelerate battery manufacturing, by combining their strengths to offer unparalleled capabilities. Customers will gain access to unparalleled capability specific to battery-domain companies to help rapidly scale operations smoothly, from initial testing to full-scale production.
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Cutting-edge AI and IoT solutions for the digital age
IT in Manufacturing

Convergence Partners company, inq. has announced a value proposition involving extensive edge artificial intelligence, IoT, together with the Edgedock data insights, to transform business operations across a wide range of sectors.
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VEGA handles the pressures of water treatment systems
VEGA Controls SA, Pressure Measurement & Control

A water treatment system for a major metropolitan area in the Midwestern United States demands careful monitoring and management of processes across its sprawling network. Choosing VEGA for its process automation needs meant more than just obtaining precise and reliable pressure sensors.
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Modular stack light
Turck Banner Southern Africa, Electrical Power & Protection

Preassembled or configurable multi-segment LED tower light indicators replace conventional stack lights, which often require time-consuming assembly and complex wiring.
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Solar generation system at ACTOM’s MV Switchgear
ACTOM Electrical Machines, Electrical Power & Protection

ACTOM recently gave the go-ahead for the first solar power generation system to be installed at the group’s main factory complex at Knights, Germiston.
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WEF recognises Schneider Electric as a Circularity Lighthouse
Schneider Electric South Africa, News

Schneider Electric has been recognised by the World Economic Forum and McKinsey as one of three global Circularity Lighthouses in the built environment. This new designation recognises pioneering circularity solutions that demonstrate innovation, substantial impact and value, and maturity of scale.
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Powerful and versatile IIoT controller
ifm - South Africa, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

The IIoT controller from ifm is a powerful, communicative and flexible PLC solution in machine and plant digitalisation.
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Compact valve position indicator
Emerson Automation Solutions, Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

Emerson’s new TopWorx DVR Switchbox is an entry-level addition to the DV Series of valve position indicators. It combines a durable resin enclosure, compact size, and a patented cam design that provides a reliable valve position feedback for water and wastewater systems, food and beverage production lines, and industrial utilities.
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The advantages of track busways
Legrand, Electrical Power & Protection

A reliable and flexible power distribution system is an essential element in manufacturing, industrial and commercial sectors, where facilities require upgrades to enhance efficiency and optimise productivity. The key advantage of a track busway system is that users are able to bring the power source to the machines and equipment, instead of trying to wire machines back to the power source at a distant panel board.
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Choosing a pneumatic knocker
Neu Matics SA, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Pneumatic knockers are a valuable tool in minimising buildup of materials and preventing disruptions in material flow in silos, rotary dryers, coolers, granulators and coating drums. This helps plant managers improve production efficiency and product quality.
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Lubricators sustain five years without breakdown
Motion Control & Drives

After a food manufacturing plant suffered frequent breakdowns of its electrical motors, Lubrication Engineers (LE) recommended the use of automated single-point lubricators. Five years later the client ...
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