December 2019: Feature Articles

  • AI in manufacturing – revolutionary opportunity or well-trodden path?
  • Enabling IIoT connectivity for virtual power plants
  • Extending analytics to EAM and operations users
  • How cable categories relate to data transmission speeds
  • Infrared monitoring of kiln shells extends refractory life
  • PC-based control decorates plastic lids and containers
  • Robust absolute linear position measurement

November 2019: Feature Articles

  • Four key factors to consider when choosing devices for the control cabinet
  • A good combination for the primaries and metals industry
  • Artificial intelligence in manufacturing – a practical and simplified view
  • Navigate the fourth industrial revolution with PwC
  • New XTS functionality enables novel solutions in machine building
  • Real-time data increases metal recovery at Peñasquito mine
  • Siemens extends Sinumerik Edge to include artificial intelligence
  • Three-phase power quality analysis

October 2019: Feature Articles

  • Siemens launches report on Dawn of Digitalisation and its Impact on Africa
  • Integrating IT with Operations Technology - a CIO perspective
  • PC-based control platform optimises water treatment product dosing
  • Rockwell Automation walks the Connected Enterprise talk
  • The complexity of water management in mines

September 2019: Feature Articles

  • How integrated visual management and remote monitoring demystify machine safety
  • Adapting education to the fourth industrial revolution
  • Flexible communication across building and mobility applications
  • How fieldbus systems are really selected
  • Radar sensors: frequently asked questions
  • Security concerns for safety systems
  • The future of basic control innovation
  • Understanding data cables, their categories, and what they mean

August 2019: Feature Articles

  • 20 years of PC control technology
  • From product design to adoption in the processing plant
  • How the latest pneumatics can reduce plant costs
  • Innovation embedded in Metso’s DNA
  • IR measurement optimises plastic stationary and rotary thermoforming
  • Outsmarting the DC switch arc
  • Safety and cybersecurity convergence goes beyond safety systems
  • SMC is here to stay

July 2019: Feature Articles

  • Climate is what we expect – weather is what we get
  • Africa Automation Fair 2019 wraps up with strong growth
  • Staying ahead of industrial cyber-security threats

Technews Industry Guide: Industrial Internet of Things & Industry 4.0: Feature Articles

  • A case for IIoT’s future in supply chain management
  • Bringing trust to the Internet of Things
  • Calibration in times of digitalisation
  • IIoT platforms, not all created equal
  • Increased plant availability through optimal management of field devices
  • Next-generation IIoT gateway solutions are transforming manufacturing
  • Oil and gas reduces downtime through plant-wide visibility
  • Preparing fertile ground for a successful IIoT project
  • Ready for Maintenance 4.0
  • Scada, IIoT, M2M and more
  • Simple path to Industry 4.0-enabled process technology
  • So, what’s left for us humans after the machines take over?
  • Will the IIoT kill scada, or lift it to new heights?

June 2019: Feature Articles

  • Adroit brings M2M, IoT and IIoT to the industrial world
  • Cost-efficient production with 18 synchronous NC axes
  • Digital transformation status and progress in process industries
  • Does edge computing have the edge?
  • Endress+Hauser’s IIoT technology masters the mining challenge
  • The safety over OPC UA concept
  • UPS with integrated power supply and USB interface
  • What is the next big thing in Coriolis mass flowmeters?

May 2019: Feature Articles

  • The Heartbeat of plant processes
  • A technology evolution unfolds at X-Change 2019
  • Data, light and the smart factory
  • Innovations in machine building
  • Optimised fuel blending
  • Planning for digital transformation

Africa Automation Fair 2019 Preview: Feature Articles

April 2019: Feature Articles

  • Yokogawa’s Smart Terminal Automation Solution
  • Calibration in hazardous areas
  • Listening to the Voice of the Machine
  • Measurement data on the lookout for artificial intelligence
  • System integrated, high end measurement technology
  • The evolution of partial stroke testing
  • Water – the life-blood of industrial processes

Technews Industry Guide: Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2019: Feature Articles

  • Implementing an infrared thermography maintenance programme
  • Improving power plant performance with a modern calibration process
  • IoT-enabled field services improve industrial asset availability
  • Maintenance transformed through machine learning
  • Seamless acquisition and analysis of plant data
  • Understanding how predictive analytics tools benefit power utility management

March 2019: Feature Articles

  • Be part of the ultimate journey at X-Change 2019
  • Hazardous area installations
  • Manoeuvring agricultural robots with 2D laser scanners
  • PC-based control used to inspect large aerospace components
  • Safety meets security
  • The advantages of rolled vs. cut threads for fluid system instrumentation fittings

February 2019: Feature Articles

  • Bag-in-Box technology just got faster
  • AST’s line-type heat sensing
  • Digital Enterprise offering with ­future technologies for Industry 4.0
  • Eliminating the maintenance backlog in record time
  • Rockwell Automation upgrades control at Mozal Aluminium

January 2019: Feature Articles

  • Flow control problems in a pulp mill
  • Black Rock Mine Operations
  • Integrated control solution for car heater manufacturing
  • New performance management ­solutions for intelligent valves and pumps
  • Zoned approach reduces the complexity of machine safety