December 2008: Feature Articles

  • Efficient power supplies for a greener world
  • Is IT relevant to the chemicals industry?
  • Application upgrades
  • Jan Snoeij - chair, MESA Europe
  • Mission-critical applications

November 2008: Feature Articles

  • Simplifying advanced control
  • Roll on
  • Clamp-on flowmeters
  • Your money or your life - Part 2 of 2
  • Conveyor belt condition monitoring
  • Enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI)
  • Service-oriented architecture

October 2008: Feature Articles

  • Minimise complexity - increase productivity: optimising the process with plant intelligence
  • Avoiding impeller blockages
  • Water chemistry
  • Batch tracking and reporting
  • ARP 0108: Your money or your life - Part 1 of 2
  • A balanced approach

September 2008: Feature Articles

  • Banner's SureCross wireless system: a new wireless horizon - sensing unplugged
  • Acetylene bottle filling
  • BHP scada replacement
  • Integration of scada and MES
  • Safety instrumented functions
  • Innovative network design
  • Functional safety concepts
  • Adroit advanced alarm management
  • Rockwell's Incuity: a South African success story

August 2008: Feature Articles

  • The radar revolution: Vega - at the forefront of radar level measurement development
  • InTrack opens at Newlands
  • Space Control to Farmer Bob: technology in agriculture

July 2008: Feature Articles

  • Multifunction weighing electronics
  • Breaking rocks intelligently: instrumentation and control trends in quarrying
  • Advanced process control - APC: CSense intelligence improves smelter efficiency at Lonmin
  • Pumping power
  • China's Yellow River project
  • In a state of flex: specifying the correct continuous flex cable types
  • Preventing unplanned downtime: the secure control system
  • The uses and merits of process simulation

June 2008: Feature Articles

  • Mining, Manufacturing & Process 2008: Call for papers
  • Engineers need to act now
  • Reach for the skies: a satellite earth monitoring solution
  • Connecting the plant

May 2008: Feature Articles

  • Magnetostrictive position sensors: a revolution in linear position measurement
  • Wonderware steels Nucor
  • European Motor Challenge Programme
  • Wastewater reduction
  • Corrosion
  • Safety instrumented systems: shedding light on SIL

April 2008: Feature Articles

  • Simple motor automation: add a sixth sense to your motor management systems
  • SA Instrumentation and Control interviews Jean-Luc Bonnet, Rockwell Automation
  • Standards benefit batch
  • Eskom - all stick and no carrot?

March 2008: Feature Articles

  • Ride for the Automation Skills Development Initiative
  • Life after technology
  • EtherCAT - an overview
  • The economics of electricity
  • Altivar 61 and 72 VSDs: Simply Smart drives
  • Asset management systems: building on smart instrumentation

February 2008: Feature Articles

  • RoboCup soccer for 2010?
  • Ampla selected at Ahold
  • FlavourCraft standardises on Beckhoff Automation
  • Wonderware panels at SAB
  • Computers in pharmaceutical manufacturing: are your systems and processes compliant?
  • Custody transfer in tank gauging: a presentation to the Test and Measurement conference held in Kempton Park 2007
  • Benefits of a downtime accounting system