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Optimising CIP processes with precision instrumentation
November 2023, Endress+Hauser South Africa
Many food and beverage manufacturers encounter challenges with CIP processes that take too long. Have you considered exploring potential solutions to address these issues?

How predictive maintenance will help tackle water scarcity
October 2023, ABB South Africa
The water industry is facing increasing pressure to optimise treatment processes and address the impending global water crisis. ABB’s global product line manager, Krishna Prashanth suggests how the integration of smart instrumentation and predictive maintenance can ensure the highest quality treatment of water.

Flowmeters with faster and more reliable data transmission
October 2023, ABB South Africa
ABB has launched the CoriolisMaster and ProcessMaster flowmeters, which can be powered over the same Ethernet cable used for data transmission, eliminating the need for separate cabling.

Ice cold optimisation
October 2023, Turck Banner Southern Africa
A well-known industrial company in China specialises in the research, development and production of high-tech materials and special industrial furnaces for various fields and applications. To ensure the safe and efficient operation of the furnaces, the flow and temperature of the cooling water and the energy consumption must be constantly monitored and controlled. Turck’s FS+ flow sensors are ideal for this application as they can monitor the temperature of the cooling medium in addition to the flow.

How wet steam undermines boiler efficiency
September 2023, Endress+Hauser South Africa
The Endress+Hauser team understands the daily challenges and demands placed upon energy and utility managers across the spectrum of steam generation, distribution and consumption activities. Its global team is committed to working with its partners to overcome these complexities and particularly those that challenge a safe, economic and sustainable source of steam energy production and delivery.

Fast response, precise flow sensor
September 2023, ifm - South Africa
The SBT type flow sensors from ifm ensure quality and efficiency in your production processes, for example in injection moulding plants, tyre production, or meat substitute production.

Advanced leak testing techniques for fuel cell stacks
Technews Industry Guide: Sustainable Manufacturing 2023, Mecosa
As the demand for sustainable mobility surges, the automotive industry is rapidly transitioning to electric- and hydrogen-powered vehicles. Among the promising options, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are gaining traction due to their eco-friendly nature.

Leak detection for energy transition
August 2023
With a shift from fossil-based systems to renewable energy sources also comes a shift for transportation. This is also true for pipeline leak detection systems.

Knowledge sharing: a solution to the aging water infrastructure challenge
June 2023, Schneider Electric South Africa
A recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the South African and UK governments, and which will see the two countries share experience, expertise and best practices in the prioritisation infrastructure projects, is good news for the country.

Sensirion flow sensor raises the bar for liquid measurement
June 2023
Sensirion closes the gap of flow sensors for high flow rates in industry with the cost-effective SLF3S-4000B liquid flow sensor.

Flowmeter with 4-tube technology
June 2023, Endress+Hauser South Africa
Promass Q, the high-tech Coriolis flowmeter from Endress+Hauser, is now also available for larger pipe sizes with maximum flow rates between 850 and 2400 tph.

New mass flow controller
May 2023
Sensirion’s next-generation mass flow controller is very compact and lightweight, and offers great performance in terms of repeatability, accuracy, control range, and speed.

Non-intrusive flow metering solutions
Africa Automation Technology Fair 2023 Show Preview
Flowmetrix SA, boasting over 50 years of flowmeter manufacturing experience, is committed to providing high-quality flow metering solutions and will showcase its range of magnetic in-line and ultrasonic ...

Unlimited performance in limited spaces
April 2023, KROHNE
The AF-E 400 from KROHNE was specifically designed for industrial automation and is best in its class in terms of temperature range, accuracy, pressure drop, and flow range.

Device for multiple measured quantities
Africa Automation Technology Fair 2023 Show Preview
Bürkert’s FLOWave can measure more than just flow. The sensor recognises the change of liquids and gas bubbles in the medium, and records multiple measuring parameters such as flow, volume, temperature, ...

Flowmeter with IO-Link
Africa Automation Technology Fair 2023 Show Preview, GHM Messtechnik SA
GHM Messtechnik has on display the Omniplus-F thermal flow sensor from Honsberg. It is ideal for the measurement of flow, speed, temperature and volume in fluid media, without moving parts and on one ...

High efficiency valves for industrial flow control
August 2023, Bearing Man Group t/a BMG
Important valves in BMG’s fluid technology portfolio include InterApp Bianca and Desponia butterfly valves, which are recommended for high efficiency and safe use in demanding industrial flow control applications.

Accurate flow measurement in ultra-pure water
March 2023, ifm - South Africa
The SU Puresonic detects water flow rates with high precision at volumes up to 1000 l/min. Thanks to ultrasound technology, this also applies to ultra-pure water with low conductivity, as produced in reverse osmosis plants.

Master of all trades
February 2023, Endress+Hauser South Africa, Editor's Choice
The Promass Q Coriolis-based flowmeter from Endress+Hauser is a multivariable measurement instrument that offers food manufacturers the opportunity to optimise their raw materials accounting with innovative technology.

Increased efficiency in crisps production
February 2023, ifm - South Africa, Editor's Choice
An essential requirement in the food industry is to ensure product traceability. Manufacturers need to adapt their production methods, making them more efficient in order to remain competitive.


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