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New indoor air quality monitor
November 2023, RS South Africa
RS South Africa has available a new indoor air quality (IAQ) monitor that provides continuous, easy-to-read, and accurate real-time monitoring of air quality in indoor environments.

A quick guide to disinfection
October 2023, Endress+Hauser South Africa
The distribution system in a drinking water network provides a reliable supply of high-quality water to consumers. Endress+Hauser’s range of robust, low-maintenance sensors are ideal for monitoring disinfectant levels in the water.

Multi-parameter measuring system for water quality monitoring
October 2023, KROHNE
Monitoring different parameters in water treatment processes can lead to a situation where different measuring points are scattered across the plant.

Optimising energy consumption in the chemical industry
September 2023, Anton Paar
To optimise energy consumption and save valuable resources on chemical process plants, operators have to continuously measure parameters such as concentration, raw density, sound velocity and refractive index. With Anton Paar’s wide product range, the process application team has many options for cutting-edge laboratory measurement technologies, and can develop tailor-made mathematical models for every application.

Sustainability through optimisation
August 2023
Understanding and controlling the entire process chain is crucial for prolonged maintenance and support. Through optimisation we directly increase product quality and profit margin. However an often ...

New high-performance multi-product calibrator
August 2023, Comtest
The Fluke 5560A high-performance multi-product calibrator provides the broadest electrical workload coverage and highest accuracy.

Determining drinking water safety is essential
July 2023, Wearcheck
Condition monitoring specialist company, WearCheck, recently integrated its sister company – previously Set Point Water Laboratories, now WearCheck Water - into its operations, adding yet another analysis service to the company’s repertoire.

Calibration is key for food supplies
June 2023, Comtest
Sub-title: As tools for measuring food safety become more accurate and portable, all measuring devices must operate at maximum efficiency and have a traceable calibration record.

Eat lettuce and cabbage but worry about the irrigation water
April 2023
A study by Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) researchers cautioned against the long-term reuse of irrigated water with hazardous metals because it causes an excessive build-up of the metals in soil and crops

Waste water monitoring station
Africa Automation Technology Fair 2023 Show Preview, Action Instruments SA
The s::can micro::station for waste water from Action Instruments is designed for online monitoring of water quality parameters in waste water. The fully modular micro::station combines s::can instruments ...

pH and conductivity dosing system
Africa Automation Technology Fair 2023 Show Preview, Hanna Instruments
Hanna will be exhibiting two new GroLine dosing systems to help growers generate larger yields and increased profits, at Stand G514. The dosing systems, one for pH and the other for conductivity, are ...

Selecting flammability analysers for process applications
April 2023, Elemental Analytics
Sensors that detect leaks spend most of their lives exposed to little or no flammable gas. Only rarely are they needed to detect the leak, and in these moments they are useful if they can indicate the presence of a significant or unusual concentration of flammable gas.

Extending service life to the maximum
February 2023, WIKA Instruments
When it comes to process instrumentation, companies attach great importance to a long service life. A growing number rely on external support to achieve this. In the past, such services were mainly concerned with calibrating the measuring instruments.

New analytics software automates utilities monitoring
13 December 2022, Emerson Automation Solutions
The software from Emerson aids in digitally transforming manual and semi-automated systems by optimising utilities consumption and benchmarking against known

Remote odour monitoring and control portal
November 2022
Industrial users can connect their odour control systems to the cloud using EcoLink, enabling remote monitoring and operation, along with data capture around the clock.

Inline analyser for sulphuric acid production
November 2022, Morton Controls
The inline LiquiSonic analyser reduces manual laboratory measurements, resulting in a payback period of around 13 months.

Emerson opens gas analysis solutions centre
October 2022, Emerson Automation Solutions
New Scotland-based centre will develop and provide training for next-generation gas sensing technologies used for emissions monitoring, process control and safety.

Turck keeps its own cool
October 2022, Turck Banner Southern Africa
Turck Beierfeld monitors the climatic conditions of the solder paste storage of its SMT electronics production with a hardware and software solution of Turck’s own making.

Cummins punts hydrogen production and energy storage for AME region
October 2022
In South Africa, the discussion centres around opportunities to become a leading player in the global hydrogen economy.

Flue multi-gas analyser
October 2022, Elemental Analytics
The Lancom 4 flue gas analyser from Ametek Land measures up to eight flue gases simultaneously, with nine separate sensors, in a range of combustion and emission processes.


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