December 2001: Feature Articles

  • Continuous miner on-board monitoring systems
  • Controlling processes via fieldbus - increasing reliability and reducing costs
  • Is technology really giving end-users the flexibility they need?
  • Reducing the biggest cost of ownership in manufacturing
  • The uses and merits of process simulation

November 2001: Feature Articles

  • Disk drive manufacturer tracks its products
  • Eavesdropping on flow - from the outside
  • Failsafe scada system for MUD
  • Merging control and information - Part II
  • Optimising building management applications
  • Plant data turned into real manufacturing knowledge
  • Pressure regulator selection criteria
  • Synchronisation for mixed I/O
  • Water department benefits from installing scada system

October 2001: Feature Articles

  • Automating fibre-optics using motion and vision technology
  • Flour milling facility gets fully automated control system
  • General-purpose/nonincendive valve position monitors
  • Merging control and information - Part I
  • New range of versatile and user-friendly inverters is launched
  • Power quality analyser has extended functionality
  • Radar level sensors for hygienic and sterile production
  • Radiometric measurement technology for maximum safety and reliability
  • Simple, effective treatment of acid mine effluent
  • State-of-the-art control and monitoring for water treatment works
  • Two-wire flowmeter operates successfully on low supply voltages

September 2001: Feature Articles

  • Autocalibration
  • Breakthrough in magnetic level measurement
  • Colliers gain significant productivity benefits from on-line monitoring system
  • Dynamic process and control simulation at Mossgas
  • Electronic overspeed detection systems
  • Flowmeter for hydrocarbon liquid measurement applications
  • How to choose a PC data acquisition board
  • In situ gas analysis
  • Lightning protection for networked systems

August 2001: Feature Articles

  • Catering for bulk solids limit detection
  • Dual-host redundant data acquisition system
  • Expandable environment logger implementation
  • Making sense of e-manufacturing: Part VIII - Conclusion, Adopting an e-manufacturing strategy
  • Meat processing plant benefits from RF tag system
  • Pinpointing the causes of downtime and lowered efficiency in plants
  • Professional training courses for hands-on learning
  • Running a warehouse facility where time is of the essence
  • The drive for better crane control
  • The future of field units
  • The importance of recycling water in the pulp and paper industry
  • The problem of control-room ergonomics
  • User-friendly scada

July 2001: Feature Articles

  • Asset condition scanning made flexible
  • Cable extension transducer
  • Improving pipe thermal maintenance performance with bolt-on jacketing
  • Intelligent and optimal control for optimising complex processes
  • Jewels for pressure measurement
  • Making sense of e-manufacturing - Part VII: e-volution of the supply chain
  • Pressure measurement technology in hygienic and sterile environments
  • Solid-state switching: advantages and precautions

June 2001: Feature Articles

  • Data portal addresses the need for accurate and reliable reporting
  • Effective use of scada in mining
  • Exact temperature measurement with pairs of thermoelectric voltage terminals
  • Making sense of e-manufacturing - Part VI: Covering your assets: management and maintenance
  • Siemens chooses Hannover Faire 2001 to launch new products
  • Under what circumstances should you use Doppler flowmeters? Part 2

May 2001: Feature Articles

  • 'Viewanyware' solutions from Rockwell Automation
  • A history in Coriolis flowmeter technology - and the future...
  • Continuous machine condition monitoring to reduce machine downtime - Part II
  • Differential pressure measurement for pulp and paper
  • Fundamentals of flue gas analysis
  • High-speed camera quickly establishes the cause of paper manufacturing problems
  • Making sense of e-manufacturing: a roadmap for manufacturers - Part V
  • Paper giant chooses Coriolis gas flow sensors
  • Pulp and paper systems integration specialists
  • Under what circumstances should you use Doppler flowmeters? - Part 1

April 2001: Feature Articles

  • Batch and process control applications made easier
  • Batch installation and control system replacement for Unifoods
  • Continuous machine condition monitoring to reduce machine downtime: Part I of II
  • Enterprise hybrid control with distributed server architecture - 'out-of-the-box'
  • ESKOM's peak demand power generation - nationwide efficiency
  • F1 gearbox rig simulates the on-track shocks in the test room
  • In-line O2-measurement in breweries
  • Keeping track and cutting losses - Part III of III
  • Liquid level monitoring for any container shape
  • Making sense of e-manufacturing - Part IV: Integrated control and information
  • Performing accurate, traceable and meaningful vibration measurements
  • RFID application in an automotive paint shop
  • Sophisticated water network analysis
  • The wastewater treatment process
  • Tiger Milling - a testament to common sense
  • Versatile CPU designed for remote I/O

March 2001: Feature Articles

  • A radar sensor for every application
  • Characteristics of universal limit switches for liquids
  • Compact IS Process Interface systems for the processing industries
  • Complete series of fieldbus instruments offers significant benefits to the user
  • Hygienically safe installations for pressure and temperature instrumentation
  • Intrinsic safety considerations
  • Keeping track and cutting losses - Part II of III
  • Machine inspection system chosen by big names in motoring
  • Making sense of e-manufacturing - Part III: What e-manufacturing strategy looks like
  • New sub-sea diamond mining tool
  • Telemetry for Africa, from Africa
  • The importance of specifying which fieldbus solution is required
  • The progress of standardisation in fieldbus technology - the ongoing Fieldbus dilemma

February 2001: Feature Articles

  • Accurate humidity measurements under extreme conditions
  • Analytical measurement in the food and drinks industry
  • Bringing the web to the factory floor
  • Buying a UPS: technical concerns
  • Cycle data acquisition now more affordable
  • Diagnostic insulation testing
  • e-manufacturing - a whole new approach
  • Exploiting Windows 2000 to remain competitive
  • Food manufacturing giant upgraded
  • Keeping track and cutting losses: Part I of III
  • Letdown stations - methods for superheating steam
  • Lonmin Platinum at the cutting edge in using direct PC control in a critical application
  • Magnetic level devices - the alternative solution
  • Making sense of e-manufacturing: a roadmap for manufacturers - Part II
  • Tank blanketing regulators for effective gas blanketing

January 2001: Feature Articles

  • Compressor optimisation and surge elimination
  • Full-range position transmitter with digital sensing
  • Making sense of e-manufacturing: a roadmap for manufacturers (Part 1)
  • One instrument aimed at all the electrical contractors needs
  • Pressure measurement and control
  • Pressure measurement reveals more than just pressure
  • Quick and effective pressure measurement solutions