December 2000: Feature Articles

  • Flue gas analysis
  • Implications of Microsoft.NET for scada
  • Intelligent valves facilitate distributed control
  • Latest comms technology commissioned at smelter project
  • Linear-linked CNC centre keeps up a high production rate
  • Monitoring of power supply quality
  • Planning and performing a power quality survey
  • Steam metering
  • Total machinery protection, condition and performance monitoring

November 2000: Feature Articles

  • 'Below the line' outsourcing of IT functions - new model, new service-level agreements
  • A realtime solution to asset management
  • Dust emission monitoring by laser
  • Extending information and control via the intranet/Internet
  • Locating battery ground faults without sectionalising
  • Manufacturing in the age of e-business - the role of MES
  • Minimising limitations imposed by proprietary systems
  • New technologies for hybrid control system
  • Process control concept promises simplicity of operation for large systems
  • Quality valve features tubeless solenoid valve
  • Reproducible hardness measurement
  • Safety light-screen with muting function
  • Sector-specific solutions for process automation?
  • Systems integrator provides full range of product and services
  • Wastewater treatment solutions

September 2000: Feature Articles

  • Alarm systems and their role in abnormal situation management: Part IV of IV
  • Batch management and execution made easy for Windows
  • Cutting spent on PLCs by half
  • Fieldbus technology can offer the process industry significant savings
  • Flowmeter with portable or fixed installation option
  • Food manufacturer also uses Protean for sales projections and segment profitability analysis
  • Hart communications
  • Innovative measuring techniques for sewage treatment plants
  • Intelligent positioner with early-warning capability
  • Management of sealed lead acid batteries in reliable small DC standby power supply systems
  • Paperless recorders come of age
  • Pilot lights made to last
  • PLCs automate world-class oleoresin factory
  • Protecting wastewater treatment processes
  • SA-Austria partnership brings world-first global supplier of primary mobile cutting machinery
  • The changing role of systems integrators in instrumentation in the process industry
  • UK National Grid case study - SA scada HMI in innovative project

July 2000: Feature Articles

  • Alarm systems and their role in abnormal situation management: Part II of IV
  • Alarm systems and their role in abnormal situation management: Part III of IV
  • Alarm systems and their role in abnormal situation management: Part IV of IV
  • Introduction of a windows CE- based realtime control system
  • Leader in electrical distribution supports South Africa's natural heritage
  • Scada/PLC system reduces production stops at Mercedes Benz
  • Total networking of manufacturing-related processes is the way of the future
  • Tyco - a company in a league of its own

June 2000: Feature Articles

  • A quality control valve, designed for flexibility, with precision
  • Alarm systems and their role in abnormal situation management: Part I of IV
  • Complete Automation: A response to changing demand in the automation industry
  • Expensive polythylene overflow problem is solved through effective implementation of radiosotope-based level detectors
  • Replacing existing level instruments with radar - does it make sense?
  • Tapping into the hidden Conet resource
  • Ultrasonic level measurement is by no means on its way out

May 2000: Feature Articles

  • Asset management strategies for the food industry
  • Diaphragm seals and instrument isolators
  • Embedded web servers- a new technology trend
  • Lightning protection the bare facts
  • Omniflex displays annunciator prowess
  • System Intergrators: a vision for the future
  • The idea that accelerated industrial automation- and played a role in the founding of a company
  • Ultrasonic flow measuring technologies
  • Vega through'Eric' is a global market leader in radar level measurement

April 2000: Feature Articles

  • A coherant, Modular and forward thinking design platform
  • Electronic data transfer: The history and a solution for the current serial to Ethernet interface dilemma
  • Important Development in servo technology
  • Interbus- increased communication efficiency
  • Interfacing digital electrical measurement devices into the modern plant.
  • Transparent factory concept set to become the future of automation

March 2000: Feature Articles

  • A guide to cableless scada communication
  • Anchored to an information-rich future
  • B-IO:made-to-measure remote I/0
  • Keeping in touch at SAB Rosslyn:one click away from information
  • Liquid mass measurement-where advanced technology and ERP systems come in
  • Measuring pH at the headbox in the paper making process
  • Telemtry for Africa, from Africa
  • Telemtry in 2000-as seen by a local scada developer
  • The Spero Group- ground breaking example of defence expertise spin off
  • Totally intergrated automation- consistent to the end of spiralling costs in automation.
  • White water pH in the pulp and paper industry

Feb 2000: Feature Articles

  • Arca Valves strengthens ties with Valve & Automation
  • Fully automated pump testing facility controled by local scada software
  • More questions than answers at the speed of light.
  • Particle Analysis goes on-line

Jan 2000: Feature Articles

  • Computer age gains respect of economists.
  • Emerging communications standard for rugged domains
  • Reducing the cocts of custody transfer in the petroleum industry