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Universal temperature transmitter with drift detection
November 2023, WIKA Instruments
The new model T38 digital temperature transmitter from WIKA enables extremely flexible and stable temperature measurement. The instrument offers a maximum of sensor connection combinations, and a new type of drift detection.

Temperature monitoring in the metal casting process
October 2023, Instrotech
During metal casting, the liquid material is poured into a mould, and after solidification becomes a solid body. Both too-high and too-low casting temperatures can lead to quality defects. The compact Optris PI 05M infrared thermal imaging camera from Instrotech can monitor the casting process.

Pyrometer range with enhanced features
September 2023
AMETEK Land has relaunched its market-leading SPOT pyrometer range with enhanced features and benefits for a wide range of industrial applications. The new SPOT+ family offers a wide range of temperature measurement from 50 to 3500°C, and a choice of different wavelengths for applications including metals, glass, cement and lime kilns, and foundries.

Versatile thermal imaging camera
September 2023, Vepac Electronics
The PeakTech 5610 B is a versatile thermal imaging camera with a range of -20 to 400°C, and a thermal resolution of 220x160 thermal pixels, which makes temperature differences easily recognisable for every user.

Infrared measurement technology for scrap recycling
August 2023, Instrotech
Instrotech offers fire protection with infrared cameras and IR measurement technology. One application is a shredding facility in a scrap recycling plant that operates unmanned for an extended period and has known risks for starting a fire.

Improving safety in glass manufacturing
June 2023
AMETEK Land has supplied its LWIR-640 thermal imagers and NIR-B-2K-Glass cameras to leading glass manufacturing facility O-I Seville. Together, these instruments provide glass leak detection and furnace ...

Smart temperature measurement for foundries
June 2023
Liquid steel, and metal foundry and tapping operators can now benefit from improved and smart temperature measurements for process control, and product quality improvements with the new smart SPOT Meltmaster (MM) application pyrometer from AMETEK Land.

Ratio pyrometer for high temperatures
May 2023, Instrotech
Infrared pyrometers must meet high demands, especially in metallurgy, where they are often used under harsh conditions and must deliver reliable results at any time. The new CSvision series from Optris creates an easy-to-use solution.

Portable flue gas analyser
April 2023
Ametek Land, a specialist in high accuracy, non-contact temperature measurement systems, has developed a portable flue gas analyser to aid combustion optimisation and gas testing in glass furnaces.

Dissolved oxygen and temperature measurement
April 2023, Royce Water Systems
Scan sensors and terminals are distributed in over 50 countries to the private and municipal water industries. The oxi::lyser is used in direct contact with water, and measures dissolved oxygen (DO) and temperature.

Superior instrumentation for temperature measurement
April 2023, GHM Messtechnik SA
When sourcing instrumentation, an often overlooked factor is how companies within the same group can technically collaborate to supply a complete solution to meet a client’s requirement. Martens and Val.Co, members of the GHM Messtechnik group, do precisely that with their temperature measurement transducers and temperature probes.

Smart sensor solution for food and beverage
March 2023, Turck Banner Southern Africa
Food safety acts have significantly impacted food manufacturers globally, with new regulations meant to ensure a safe food chain. Manufacturers are turning to smart sensors with remote temperature monitoring and data logging capabilities to help them identify food hazards quickly and avoid costly recalls.

Wake frequency calculation online tool
March 2023, WIKA Instruments
WIKA now provides the wake frequency calculation for thermometer thermowells in a web-based version.

Automated remote temperature monitoring to WHO standards
March 2023
Since 2008, Ikhaya Automation Systems has been delivering comprehensive temperature monitoring solutions. With a diverse range of use case scenarios ranging from industrial and commercial, to medical and pharmaceutical, remote temperature control enables businesses to keep their products under strict control, while complying with governing body regulations.

Surface-mounted thermostat for maximum reliability
January 2023
The Ex i version of Jumo’s exTherm S200 can be used directly in Zones 1 or 21, while additional thermowells allow use in Zone 0.

Ratio pyrometer with video output
November 2022, R&C Instrumentation
The camera option can be used to stream a view of a process right into a control room to see what is happening at the exact instant a temperature event occurs.

SMC has water cooling covered – anytime and anywhere
November 2022, SMC Corporation South Africa
Just as no two applications are identical, so too there is a variety of methods, and associated technologies to achieve the cooling required.

Isolated temperature transmitter
October 2022, Allpronix
RTD and resistance input types have the added feature of accommodating a three-wire or four-wire configuration for higher accuracy.

Thermal cameras with leading-edge technology
October 2022, Comtest
Fluke’s Ti401 and TiX501 Pro series thermal cameras have been fine-tuned to make it easier for technicians, engineers and electricians to get to a problem’s root cause.

Compact thermal imager with auto hotspot finder
September 2022, Instrotech
Alongside the usual use of an IR camera with a PC and software, this camera also works fully autonomously as a smart, target-seeking pyrometer with analog/alarm output.


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