December 2005: Feature Articles

  • Two workshops for 2006
  • Cyber Junkyard 2005
  • Ethernet as a single solution
  • HACCP and the food industry
  • Maximum demand limiting for high rollers
  • SAIMC Annual Banquet
  • South Africa is running out of electricity
  • Temperature control solutions handled effectively - and personally
  • Valve design aspects for critical petrochemical applications - Part 1
  • Varispeed celebrates its 21st birthday
  • Yokogawa: 90 years

November 2005: Feature Articles

  • Help celebrate SA I&C's 21st birthday ... and win!!
  • South Africa is running out of electricity
  • Mittal Steel ensures delivery of critical data
  • New inverter has everything under control
  • Nuclear power is here to stay - Part 2
  • SA scada for Tanzanian sugar mill
  • Smallest colour vision sensor
  • Who is watching over your capital asset portfolio?

October 2005: Feature Articles

  • Lubrication and Wear Management Conference
  • Designing for safety
  • Manufacturing solutions for operational excellence
  • Migration motivation - a business case template
  • Nuclear power is here to stay - Part 1
  • PACs - a new type of control system
  • Sewage network scada upgrade

September 2005: Feature Articles

  • Automatic partial stroke testing prevents disasters
  • Moving towards broad-based black economic empowerment
  • Prevention is cheaper than cure
  • Proximity sensors for metal detection
  • SAPICS conference
  • Thermographic maintenance
  • Tribo-electric dust sensor characteristics
  • World's first integrated safety controller

July 2005: Feature Articles

  • A complete flow solution
  • Agility in manufacturing
  • Enhanced buses boost PC-based measurement
  • Ethernet networks in mining automation
  • First Viznet application launched in South Africa
  • Improvements and expansion for EDDL: Part 1
  • Industrial network switches
  • MES promises significant ROI within six months
  • Optimisation through high-speed DAQ
  • Reliable Profibus communication
  • Reliable silo levels with a PC network

August 2005: Feature Articles

  • Anti-surge control valve solutions
  • Enhanced reliability for final control elements
  • Extensive range of level solutions
  • FPGA-based engine control system
  • Implementing a new control system
  • In-line viscosity measurement
  • Realtime performance management boosts profitability
  • Seeing and identifying gas clouds
  • Success in collaborative manufacturing

June 2005: Feature Articles

  • Ethernet in road traffic control
  • Is MES the answer for competitiveness in industry?
  • New generation scada and MES strategy
  • Remote monitoring and control of CGAs
  • Scada on the high seas
  • Scada review 2005: Adroit Technologies
  • Scada review 2005: Futuristix
  • Scada review 2005: GE Fanuc Automation
  • Scada review 2005: Rockwell Automation
  • Scada review 2005: Siemens
  • Scenes from the Process 2005 Automation&Information Technology Exhibition
  • The principles of dust emission monitoring: Part 2

May 2005: Feature Articles

  • Controlling Australia's largest power station
  • Data management in the automotive industry
  • Drying compressed air with refrigerated dryers
  • Efficient blow-off applications
  • Reconfigurable control and acquisition system
  • The principles of dust emission monitoring: Part 1
  • Using thermal imagers - the basics

April 2005: Feature Articles

  • Data acquisition with USB
  • Historian software extending the capabilities of HMI/scada
  • Office IT vs plant floor automation
  • Release 3.06 of production control system
  • Selection considerations for a modern pH electrode
  • Some insight into Microsoft's role in the I&C industry

February 2005: Feature Articles

  • Southern African scada and MES conference
  • 2005 - time for a software reality check
  • Accreditation and certification: not the same
  • Bloem Water increases efficiency with locally developed scada
  • Central control system for SALT (Southern African Large Telescope)
  • Fail-safe control valves in case of fire
  • High performance radar level transmitter
  • High-slip braking software for variable speed drives
  • Intelligent control technology reduces idle time
  • KWV improves asset management for world-class production
  • Millions of identical hamburgers per day
  • SAIMC professional development and training

March 2005: Feature Articles

  • Why is control loop optimisation virtually ignored?
  • Effective asset management - the ultimate value driver
  • Infrared temperature measurement in plastic extrusion processes
  • Multimeter safety
  • SABMiller upgrades from legacy systems at three breweries
  • Security instrumentation for chemical companies

January 2005: Feature Articles

  • Cost and energy savings for Assmang
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter rated as a reference device
  • HMI that is as smart as it looks
  • Home-grown South African PLC
  • In-line mineral quantifier test rig completed
  • IT and automation are like oil and vinegar
  • Monitoring emissions in parts per billion
  • Online measurement of the surface roughness of steel strip
  • SA celebrates 100 years of safe mine hoisting
  • Software solution enables the realtime enterprise
  • Tri-gas analyser for hydrogen-cooled generators