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November 2003: Feature Articles

  • Coriolis flowmeters a major success
  • Scada 101
  • Locally developed software provides automatic reporting for NECSA
  • Scada systems and security
  • Building an interchangeable test system using IVI drivers
  • Reduce the cost of test with modular ATE
  • Electromagnetic radiation and human safety
  • Flue gas analysis
  • Radiological surveillance systems
  • Cabinet-free automation concepts offer potential savings in plant engineering
  • Radar level gauges for high temperature applications
  • Supply chain partnering
  • Portable control engine and a universal programming environment
  • It is about time, realtime

December 2003: Feature Articles

  • Economy through plug in concepts
  • South African developments in telemetry
  • Simplicity in silo level measurement
  • Scada system is coming up roses
  • Private, optic superhighway for the entire organisation

October 2003: Feature Articles

  • Making a mark in process instrumentation
  • Water management system for Grabouw municipality
  • South Africa's contribution to the international instrumentation and control industry
  • PLC Review: Circuit Breaker Industries
  • Safety relays - pluggable protection in yellow
  • Compact, 3-mode 110 kW AC drive
  • Facing the music of reality in production
  • Oil regeneration goes mobile
  • High-performance valve actuator system
  • The power behind an exclusive lodge in Serengeti

September 2003: Feature Articles

  • Full-function vision sensor
  • Redesigned suite of HMI hardware and software
  • Cement giant replaces scada to enhance monitoring and control
  • Did you catch the right bus?
  • Novel concept for networking process control measurement
  • Scada on the .NET framework
  • Process Automation Suite offers many system integration benefits
  • Radiation monitoring in industry
  • Productivity and efficiency increased at leading biotechnology company
  • Software helps to get to grips with plant efficiency

August 2003: Feature Articles

  • New search facility on
  • SSE completing large telemetry project
  • Control valves - more than a century of development
  • Reliable level measurement for heavy-duty bulk material applications
  • Automatic sludge age control brings great benefits
  • The importance of choice on Profibus and other fieldbus systems
  • UPS testing and reporting software
  • Ethernet is 30 years old
  • Fast, low-level X-ray body scan saves lives
  • SABMiller upgrades the scada at its Midrand training institute
  • Development trends for industrial temperature measurement

July 2003: Feature Articles

  • Can secondary education impart a full understanding on its own?
  • Massive increase in SABS levies on earth leakage protection units
  • Version 2.2 of locally developed reporting and analysis tool is released
  • Large power station in Australia chooses an ICMS
  • Performance under pressure
  • Pressure protection and monitoring with alarm event logging
  • Thin-film pressure sensor construction
  • Iscor minimises electric arc furnace downtime
  • Pluggable connection solutions
  • Ethernet goes realtime
  • Local self-supported non-profitable organisations supported by SA scada developer
  • Implats saved R1,5 million using expert system for mill control
  • A disturbing review of SANS 10142-1: Code of Practice for the Wiring of Premises

June 2003: Feature Articles

  • Virtual instrument pioneer aids control system design
  • What is new and on the horizon in terms of scada
  • Locally developed scada keeps up with technological demands
  • Beyond system integration
  • System engineering company launches its new telemetry system
  • Plant-wide telemetry
  • Advancements in AC drives
  • COD or TOC determination using SAC - a sum parameter with a future
  • Quality control in industrial systems manufacturing

May 2003: Feature Articles

  • The road ahead for automation - the Honeywell perspective
  • Optimising the simplicity of motor control
  • Consistency management concept in papermaking
  • pH measurement in the headbox
  • Control systems department hits half century
  • Time saving, flexible data handling on-site
  • Platinum mine requires premium scada solution
  • Infrared thermometry comes of age for aluminium extrusion
  • New universal, three-beam ultrasonic flowmeter is suitable for many applications
  • Custody transfer system without the need for user application programs
  • Intelligent automation of on-off valves
  • Daimler-Chrysler chooses handheld diagnostic tool
  • Who is afraid of control in the field? Conclusion - where control in the field makes sense
  • Extending IT principles to the realtime world of the shop floor
  • Good facilities management enables effective action in a crisis

April 2003: Feature Articles

  • Rationality in machine automation
  • Who is afraid of control in the field? Part 2 - Control in the field
  • Some trends in test, quality and measurement
  • Locally developed scada conserves resources for Johannesburg water
  • Umgeni Water brown field project
  • Batch plants have personality
  • Sailing away with Siemens
  • Factors affecting control valve performance - Part 6: Conclusion - economic results

March 2003: Feature Articles

  • European vote of confidence in local distributor
  • Forthcoming range of industrial PCs: Magelis IPC from Schneider Electric
  • Pressure sensors and transducers
  • Realtime particulate monitoring and logging
  • Using a computer as a data logging system
  • Who is afraid of control in the field? - Part I
  • Electric valve actuators ready for the latest fieldbus systems
  • Critical temperature monitoring using low-cost plant networks
  • Vibration testing - what is at stake for SA industry
  • Beer casks - unplugged
  • No more islands of automation
  • Control valve supplier for demanding applications
  • Level-sensing instrument measurably increases operating ease
  • Cadbury's installs locally developed scada at state-of-the-art production plant
  • Plant vibration monitoring - Part II: A practical introduction to predictive maintenance
  • Paint lab automation with South African scada
  • Maximising grinding mill efficiency with neural networks - Part II
  • Factors affecting control valve performance - Part 5: Valve sizing

February 2003: Feature Articles

  • South African company develops a world-first in instrumentation
  • Government support behind Siemens initiative
  • Distributed drive solutions suitable for food and beverage - platform for increased production
  • Local scada developer unveils Version 5.0
  • Software that enables all systems in a plant to work in harmony
  • World's largest producer of electrolytic manganese opts for local scada
  • Crown plug valves optimised for indoor climate control
  • Digital valve actuator is flexible and easy to install
  • Factors affecting control valve performance - Part 4: Valve type and characterisation
  • Plant vibration monitoring - Part I: A practical introduction to predictive maintenance
  • Advanced PLC controls crash tests at Stuttgart
  • Maximising grinding mill efficiency with neural networks - Part 1
  • The impact on installation on network performance

January 2003: Feature Articles

  • Is it a PLC or a PC? A new breed of industrial systems emerges
  • Hard realtime control: moving PLC technology to the PC
  • More flexibility in automation
  • pH IsFET sensor reveals new niche applications
  • New pH sensor design solves premature failure problem
  • Precision pressure and temperature transmitter
  • Pressure - the measurement variable for many solutions
  • Industrial applications become entertaining to learn
  • Factors affecting control valve performance - Part 3: Valve response time
  • Harmony upgrades technology to reduce downtime
  • Novel approach to control system development

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