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Case History 190: Measurement problem ruins level control.
November 2023, Michael Brown Control Engineering, Editor's Choice
The widely held belief in many plants that tuning will solve all base layer control problems is completely fallacious. Bad tuning is generally not the main reason for loops to perform badly. It is important when performing optimisation that all elements in a loop are considered, in addition to the control strategy, before even thinking of tuning.

Precise part machining
November 2023, Beckhoff Automation, Editor's Choice
toolcraft manufactures on behalf of its customers using its 60 CNC machines, and designs, plans and builds turnkey production systems for companies in various industries, having added injection moulding, mould making and additive manufacturing technologies along the way. Robotics is the company’s newest technology division. This is why toolcraft relies on PC-based control, including in the production cells, which have seven-axis milling robots for machining components at CNC level.

Fully digital vertical roller mills
November 2023, Loesche South Africa
Vertical roller mills are found in mining and cement milling operations worldwide. They require complex technology for their operation. As a leader in this field, LOESCHE has proven software solutions for digitalisation that can optimise each piece of milling equipment for energy efficiency, and increase its availability and output, making the plant easy to operate.

CNC cycle package for triple-axis milling and drilling
November 2023, Beckhoff Automation
Beckhoff provides a comprehensive package of different cycles for triple-axis milling and drilling machines with the TwinCAT 3 CNC milling base.

Precise machining of small parts
October 2023, Beckhoff Automation
Producing large parts with precision is not easy. But how do you produce the smallest components, such as gears and screws for the watch industry or contact pins for connectors, with micron-level accuracy and in large quantities? Swiss companies Esco and Affolter achieve this feat in their CNC machines with TwinCAT CNC and servo drive technology from Beckhoff.

Making network connection easy
October 2023, Conical Technologies
PLANET ICG-2510W-LTE is a reliable, secure and high-bandwidth industrial-grade cellular gateway for demanding mobile communications applications, machine-to-machine (M2M), and IoT deployments.

Metsä Fibre’s new bioproduct mill
October 2023, Valmet Automation
Metsä Fibre’s bioproduct mill in Finland was recently successfully commissioned. The material, environmental and energy efficient mill will not use any fossil fuels, and it will produce two terawatt hours of renewable electricity per year. Valmet’s technology and automation contributed to the sustainable operation and high-quality end product.

Keeping track of the flow of goods
October 2023, ifm - South Africa
Digitalisation and the resulting requirements for industrial identification solutions are increasing steadily. This is why ifm offers the compact high-performance RFID UHF devices, not only with the classic fieldbus interfaces and IoT, but now also with IO-Link.

Products talk to products, systems talk to people
September 2023, Turck Banner Southern Africa
Behind every product request there is, or should be, a business objective. If we lose sight of the business objective, we often end up just papering over the cracks. This case study discusses an application of Turck Banner’s systems approach to working in unison with customers to achieve their business objectives, and it illustrates how the company’s Systems Division operates.

Selecting the best remote access solution for your application
August 2023
In today’s Internet of Things world, remote mobile access is a necessity for many industrial applications. There are several ways of implementing this connectivity with routers and virtual private networks.

Automation of a test rig for wind turbines
Technews Industry Guide: Sustainable Manufacturing 2023, Beckhoff Automation
A major concern for the German energy industry is the service life of power electronics in wind turbines, along with the ability to determine the environmental and load conditions that play a role in this regard.

Creative conveying
Technews Industry Guide: Sustainable Manufacturing 2023, Turck Banner Southern Africa
E-mobility is shaking the global automotive market. Car manufacturers are not alone in feeling the impact of the increasing demand for alternative drive solutions, of which battery-powered electric vehicles are the most important. The whole supplier structure is being challenged to meet changing demands.

Loop signatures 19: Noise – nuisance or enemy?
August 2023, Michael Brown Control Engineering, Editor's Choice
This Loop Signature series of articles would not be complete without sections on the problems of noise and filtering, which are two of the most misunderstood areas in process control.

Powerful edge processing in a lightweight, compact package
July 2023, Turck Banner Southern Africa
The new DXMR110 8-Port IO-Link Master from Turck Banner is a compact controller that consolidates, processes and distributes IO-Link data from multiple sources.

Precision measurement terminals for inspecting steering systems
July 2023, Beckhoff Automation
Just a few moments are crucial in the life of a steering system – when thyssenkrupp Presta puts it through its paces in an end-of-line test rig. In addition to various functional tests, the noise generated plays an essential role.

ANIE Automazione and OPC Foundation have liaison agreement agreement
August 2023
ANIE Automazione and OPC Foundation are proud to announce a comprehensive collaboration programme, focusing on the technology transfer and further adoption of OPC UA in the Italian market.

Realising the fully digital process plant
July 2023, Pepperl+Fuchs
The world of digital communication is an Ethernet world.

Catch the light
July 2023, Turck Banner Southern Africa
Sioen Industries optimises intralogistics processes with a pick-to-light system based on the Banner PTL110 series and Turck’s robust TBEN logic I/O modules.

Next-generation industrial Wi-Fi
July 2023, RJ Connect, Editor's Choice
Moxa has introduced a new lineup of next-generation industrial wireless networking solutions that meet the current and future demands of mobile automation and IP surveillance in mining, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and many other industries where AGVs and AMRs are at the heart of boosting productivity and operational safety.

Ethernet-APL field devices
June 2023, Beckhoff Automation
The rise of digitalisation, especially in the areas of plant diagnostics and monitoring, is currently one of the major topics in the process industry.


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