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RFID read/write heads and tags in miniature format
Turck Banner is expanding its RFID product portfolio with four read/write heads in an M12 housing, and an in-metal tag in the compact 4 x 3 millimetre format.


Improving safety and belt life
BMG’s Power Transmission division has the solution to avoid dangers during installation and maintenance procedures in many industries. An easy to operate rotation device from Gates enhances safety for operators during installation and maintenance processes.


Flow measurement transmitters with IO-link interface
Senseca has introduced the enhanced OMNIPLUS range of transmitters that feature an intelligent IO-Link interface.


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Electra Mining Africa: where inspiration and innovation meet

At Electra Mining Africa 2024, you will find all the latest cutting-edge technology on display, hear talks from trailblazers in the industry, and meet hundreds of exhibitors across the areas of mining, electrical, automation, manufacturing, power and transport, all in one place.
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Loop signature 23: Tuning part 1.
Michael Brown Control Engineering, Editor's Choice

This is the first of several articles dealing with the subject of tuning. I have found that many people think that optimisation consists solely of tuning. I would stress once again that tuning is the last thing one should do when optimising regulatory controls.
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Closed-loop production chain for metal additive manufacturing
Siemens South Africa, IT in Manufacturing

AMAZEMET has adopted solutions from the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of industry software to help build its etal additive manufacturing materials and supporting post-processing equipment.
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Remote asset condition monitoring and anomaly detection
Iritron , Industrial Wireless

Asset condition monitoring, anomaly detection, and failure prediction are becoming more critical in all industries. The real-time monitoring of assets located in remote locations for the detection of anomalies can become very expensive, and the implementation of solutions for remote equipment monitoring has been slow in coming. However, this hurdle can now be overcome
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Exploring the role of AI in digitisation
IT in Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is providing companies with the advanced technology necessary to navigate their digitisation journeys more easily. But more than that, AI is transforming IT infrastructure, enhancing business operations, and reshaping job roles, all while decision makers stay cognisant of the ethical considerations. By understanding the opportunities and challenges presented by AI in digitisation, we can harness its power to help organisations move towards a more agile, intelligent, and competitive future.
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Superhero vision for hazardous waste environmental control
VEGA Controls SA, Level Measurement & Control

VEGA understands that in the world of hazardous waste management, ensuring both safety and efficiency is crucial. With the disposal of chemicals requiring conscientious attention to ethical and ecological standards, innovative solutions are mandatory. Among these solutions, non-contact level sensors emerge as a game changer, offering increased safety in environments laden with dangerous substances.
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Simplifying AI training
Beckhoff Automation, IT in Manufacturing

The TwinCAT Machine Learning Creator from Beckhoff is aimed at automation and process experts and adds the automated creation of AI models to the TwinCAT 3 workflow.
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Innovative series of direct-operated valves
Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

Moog has launched two new direct-operated valve series. Each series, with its unique features and capabilities, is designed to boost machine reliability and optimise costs for machine builders.
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The reliable flowmeters for challenging industrial processes
Endress+Hauser South Africa, Flow Measurement & Control

Ultrasonic flowmeters have made enormous progress since their introduction into industrial measurement technology. The technology is now fully developed, but it still has a wide range of potential applications. Endress+Hauser is driving forward the development of its clamp-on flowmeters with time-of-flight ultrasonic measurement by improving performance, simplifying handling throughout the entire life cycle, and expanding the areas of application to include off-label uses.
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Selection of two-port valves: an open and shut case
SMC Corporation South Africa, Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

Little consideration is generally given to two-port valves because they are often perceived as simple devices that only open and close to control downstream fluid supply. Although this is mechanically true, choosing the optimal two-port valve for your application can make a big difference, saving space, weight and energy consumption.
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Magnetostrictive level transmitter
WIKA Instruments, Level Measurement & Control

WIKA’s new model FLM-Tx-FLEX magnetostrictive level transmitter is used for high-accuracy, continuous level detection of liquids, including those with long insertion lengths.
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How to clean compressed air effectively
Pneumatics & Hydraulics

ISO-Reliability Partners has taken another step in bringing to market highly effective solutions to combat contamination in all its forms. The locally designed and patented Air Wizard inline water trap is proudly manufactured in South Africa. It has been SABS tested for the separation of water, oily fluids, rust and solid particulates from pneumatic compressed air or gas lines.
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Common power quality factors affecting transformers
Comtest, Electrical Power & Protection

Commercial and industrial buildings commonly have a 208/120 V transformer in a delta-wye configuration to feed receptacles. Single-phase, non-linear loads connected to the receptacles produce triple harmonics, which add up in the neutral. When this neutral current reaches the transformer, it is reflected into the delta primary winding, which causes overheating and transformer failures.
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Quality gearboxes for irrigation
SEW-Eurodrive, Editor's Choice, Motion Control & Drives

SEW-EURODRIVE is offering a complete gear solution for centre pivot irrigation systems as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) closer to South Africa’s farming sector.
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Cable carrier systems for harsh conditions in the steel industry
Bearing Man Group t/a BMG, Motion Control & Drives

BMG supplies and supports Tsubaki Kabelschlepp cable carriers, which have been developed to withstand operation in many industries, including highly corrosive environments.
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Compressed air drying and monitoring
Artic Driers International, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Artic Driers manufacturers the Sahara low dewpoint, heatless pressure swing air dryers with SANS 347 pressure code. These desiccant-rich pressure dryers comfortably obtain pressure dewpoints of -40°C.
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Enhanced multifunctional mass flow meters and controllers for gases
Mecosa, Flow Measurement & Control

Building upon the success of the acclaimed FLEXI-FLOW Compact series, Bronkhorst presents an extensive line extension, offering unparalleled versatility and precision in gas flow measurement and control.
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Electronic products, services and design tools from RS South Africa
RS South Africa, Electrical Power & Protection

RS South Africa has launched a campaign across its broad range of more than 250 000 electronic products.
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