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Multifunction timer sets parameters remotely
Machine builders now have the option to set timing and counting parameters on their application timers from a smartphone or tablet – without having to power the timer.


DEK wireless kit
The standalone DEK wireless kit from Turck Banner includes everything needed for a remote preventive maintenance monitoring solution.


Webinar on radiometric level measurement
Experts from Berthold discuss the advantages of a rod source/point detector arrangement.


Latest articles

Cybersecurity for operational technology: Part 3: Third-party supplier risks to OT Systems
Wolfpack Information Risk , Editor's Choice

As supply chains have become integrated, interconnected and increasingly complex, supply chain cyber-attacks are on the increase as they are very effective.
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Controlling power generation with TwinCAT software
Beckhoff Automation, Electrical Power & Protection

Researchers are implementing innovative new control methods on Beckhoff embedded PCs running TwinCAT to validate their grid-forming control methods.
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How are infrared cameras calibrated?
Instrotech, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Infrared thermometers are calibrated with the help of reference radiation sources called black bodies, which can produce different temperatures with high stability.
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Smart production line configuration
Iritron , System Integration & Control Systems Design

In the discrete manufacturing environment, a tool change or the reconfiguration of a production line is a major cause of production loss.
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GE Invests $2,5 million in Johannesburg engineers

The Next Engineers program aims to increase the diversity of young people in engineering and reach 3500 local students.
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Pump control at a distance
Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists, Industrial Wireless

The ability to control a pump remotely over distance and without using wires is simple using Omniflex Teleterm Radio RTUs over a licence free band, avoiding administration of radio frequency band use. ...
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Smart water system management
Saryx Engineering Group, System Integration & Control Systems Design

The Saryx Engineering Group is leveraging digital technologies to manage water storage, flow, usage and treatment more efficiently.
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Deep-learning AI made accessible
SICK Automation Southern Africa, IT in Manufacturing

SICK Automation has launched a set of deep-learning software and services called dStudio, making artificial intelligence (AI) more accessible to the southern African market. This software works with machine ...
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Avoiding South Africa’s water crisis
Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Collaboration and technology can make South Africa a water-secure nation.
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Loop Signatures 9: Digital controllers – Part 1: Introduction to the simple PID controller
Michael Brown Control Engineering, Editor's Choice

There is a commonly held belief in control circles that all PID controllers are similar and relatively simple. This is a dangerous fallacy.
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Electronic flow switch with display
WIKA Instruments, Flow Measurement & Control

The new model FSD-4 electronic flow switch from WIKA offers full flexibility in monitoring and controlling flow based on the velocities of liquid media.
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Thermal camera with IR-Fusion technology
Comtest, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Comtest has introduced the Fluke TiS60+ with Fluke IR-Fusion technology that allows users to see things that are invisible to the eye and reveal problems that cannot be detected with other tools.
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Condition monitoring solutions from Turck Banner
Turck Banner, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Turck Banner’s retrofit solution can be used in industrial plants that do not yet fully support Industry 4.0 sensor-based condition monitoring. Machines can easily be monitored by customised systems, with data transmitted via wireless networks if required.
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Wide-beam radar sensor
Turck Banner, Sensors & Transducers

Turck Banner’s T30R series has been expanded with a wider-angle (45°×45°) beam pattern sensor to better detect curved or reflective surfaces and larger targets.
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Smart machines improve safety
Rockwell Automation, IS & Ex

Manufacturers can harness the power of data to improve their safety compliance and performance using two new smart safety devices from Rockwell Automation.
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BMG gearboxes for railway maintenance
Bearing Man Group t/a BMG, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

BMG supplies the local railways sector with custom-designed planetary gearboxes for use in railway maintenance programmes.
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Dairy expansion uses dry-type transformers
Electrical Power & Protection

Trafo Power Solutions has assisted a large dairy producer in a recent expansion, supplying five dry-type distribution transformers to its facilities in a coastal region of South Africa.
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IR thermometer withstands 3-metre drop
Comtest, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Comtest has on offer the Fluke 64 MAX IR thermometer with internal memory, unattended monitoring, improved accuracy and increased battery life.
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