December 2006: Feature Articles

  • EtherCAT sets new performance standards: realtime Ethernet for ultra fast machine control
  • Evolving the virtual benchtop
  • Excellence and innovation reign ...
  • Magnetic inductive flowmeters for water industry
  • Signal isolators and loop interface 101: Part 2
  • When precision really matters: testing medical equipment installations

November 2006: Feature Articles

  • Add value to your scada with technology agreements
  • Multiplant LIMS strengthens one of the world's largest breweries
  • New functionality for calibrating power quality instrumentation
  • Rockwell optimises Chinese steel plant
  • Signal isolators and loop interface 101 - Part 1
  • Vision sensors: the bigger picture - shrinking the number of applications that warrant vision systems
  • What is MES?
  • Wonderware's PEM to track catalytic converter line

October 2006: Feature Articles

  • Condition monitoring improves productivity at BMW, Opel and Volvo
  • Effective IT means effective manufacturing
  • It is the PLC 'inside'!
  • Microwave sensory mechanism under extreme conditions
  • Not all KVM extenders are created equal
  • PLC and FPGA to solve machine automation problems
  • Rockwell Automation launches FactoryTalk

September 2006: Feature Articles

  • Advantages of scada systems in petrochemical
  • Namdeb control room chooses CitectSCADA
  • New IT technologies help combat skills shortages
  • Principles of infrared temperature measurement - Part 2
  • The myth of the 'ideal bus'
  • The unified enterprise (part 6) - FAQs

August 2006: Feature Articles

  • Hungry for global business
  • Potable water - not a drop to spare
  • Principles of infrared temperature measurement - Part 1
  • Realtime data and the power of integration
  • Synchronised distributed intelligence: closing the network loop with deterministic Ethernet
  • The unified enterprise: Part 5 - enterprise performance management
  • Viva amanzi, viva!
  • World-class control room adds another sparkle to diamond mining

June 2006: Feature Articles

  • Cutting costs using self-operated regulators
  • George Municipality - a shining beacon in energy control
  • IP69K - sensors for harsh environments
  • Leading edge flow calibration facility
  • New products showcased at Hannover Fair
  • Scada review 2006: Adroit
  • Scada review 2006: Citect
  • Scada review 2006: Futuristix
  • Scada review 2006: Rockwell
  • Scada review 2006: Siemens
  • The power plant demineralisation train
  • The unified enterprise (Part 3) - business IT and shopfloor IT
  • Understanding PACs

July 2006: Feature Articles

  • Entire cut-to-length steel production lines now covered by complete drive system solution
  • Phoenix Contact upgrades the line at KWV Paarl
  • Power over Ethernet - the industrial opportunity today
  • The unified enterprise: Part 4 - manufacturing execution systems

May 2006: Feature Articles

  • Asset management software for hydrogen production facility
  • Enhanced reliability for final elements
  • Flexible machine built in short space of time
  • FRNT0, layer 2 network redundancy protocol
  • Improvements in infrared thermometers
  • Interference compensated radiometric level sensing
  • Measuring sulphur content of fuel
  • Piggyback ride for A380 Airbus
  • Rotary encoders from a specialist
  • Shared fast Ethernet: understanding PDVs and collision domains
  • Systems integrator takes the lead with comprehensive BEE deal
  • The unified enterprise: Part 2 - managing disparate information assets

April 2006: Feature Articles

  • MES for Nissan North America
  • New aerospace technology moves air and water
  • The unified enterprise: Part 1 - introduction
  • World class data management solution

March 2006: Feature Articles

  • Rockwell Automation balances neatly between politics and reality
  • Accurate pressure measurement uses resonating sensor
  • Hannover Messe 2006
  • OEE is worth the fuss
  • Paperless graphic recorder for easy use
  • Partial stroke testing for final elements
  • Scada system allows for gradual implementation

February 2006: Feature Articles

  • IDC workshops for February
  • Boosting Kumba Resources' profitability
  • Graphically integrating enterprise data
  • Indoor air quality
  • Predictive model for chlorination
  • SA's I&C websites
  • Successful MES implementation
  • Valve design aspects for critical petrochemical applications - Part 3

January 2006: Feature Articles

  • IDC courses for February
  • Fieldbus moves into the next generation
  • HMI scada integrates with third-party PLCs
  • I&C industry review
  • PLCs from Africa
  • Valve design aspects for critical petrochemical applications - Part 2