December 2017: Feature Articles

  • Accurate groundwater level measurement – hydrostatically
  • Digital transformation and collaborating robotics
  • Innovating in the process industry with PLM
  • One cable automation from Beckhoff
  • Visualisation of plant information

November 2017: Feature Articles

  • Kick-start the organisation’s IIoT/Industrie 4.0 journey
  • ­WirelessHART’s application potential
  • Be safe by monitoring hazardous areas
  • Cables that rotate and turn
  • Configuring secure wireless LAN access to the machine network
  • Soteica Visual MESA solution for thermal power plants
  • Stay safe with SICK Automation

October 2017: Feature Articles

  • The future is digital
  • Clever switching devices cover all application ranges
  • Endress+Hauser ready for the IIoT
  • Every drop counts
  • Integrated automation system ­optimises wire binding
  • New technology automates Modbus routing setup in gateways
  • The IoT.nxt big thing
  • The potential value of manufacturing analytics
  • Tomorrow’s digital technologies take flight at Aerosud Aviation

September 2017: Feature Articles

  • Robust and talented linguist with brains
  • Designing packaging machines with PC-based control and XTS
  • Egoli Gas saves time and energy through automated network monitoring
  • How to calculate an intrinsically safe loop approval
  • Measurement technology combined with telemetry
  • New approaches to an old objective
  • Pneumatics or electrics
  • Ready for the real thing
  • Securing industrial automation control system networks

August 2017: Feature Articles

  • Bluetooth technology brings safety and convenience to process instrumentation
  • Fast and flexible format changes paired with high speed
  • Float-based level measurement is ideal for fermenters
  • Is Africa ready for smart manufacturing?
  • Time-sensitive networking is not another fieldbus

July 2017: Feature Articles

  • Helping to maintain a safe and hygienic operation
  • Nick Denbow’s European report: E+H invests and ABB acquires B+R
  • Wireless gas detection

Technews Industry Guide: Industrial Internet of Things 2017: Feature Articles

  • TwinCAT OPC UA: standardised communication with information modelling from controller to cloud
  • Digital disruption is challenging the status quo
  • Endress+Hauser’s instruments are ready for the IIoT, are your processes?
  • If there is no significant business benefit IIoT projects are not going to happen
  • In IIoT, Physical Systems Intelligence is the key to delivering ROI
  • Industrie 4.0 – training for the factory of the future
  • Integrating the IIoT
  • Opportunities and strategies for integrating OT and IT with the PI System
  • Scada systems vs IIoT solutions
  • Smoothing out interoperability issues in smart factories
  • The role of the Chief Digital Officer in industrial manufacturing

June 2017: Feature Articles

  • Adroit Technologies launches Adroit 10 Smart SCADA
  • A diamond in level measurement
  • Fire detection and suppression in mines
  • How will digital manufacturing impact on IT outsourcing?
  • Keeping a close eye on the plant
  • Looking for a needle in a haystack
  • Machine module enables quick product changeovers
  • Nonstop IP surveillance with an optimised industrial Ethernet network
  • Single-use diaphragm valves simplify biotech manufacturing
  • Why and how pressure gauges should be calibrated
  • X-Change 2017: Reviewing tomorrow

May 2017: Feature Articles

  • The right wavelength for every plant
  • A digital technological revolution drives innovation at Festo
  • An intelligent system arrives
  • Could Industrie 4.0 attract foreign direct investment into Africa?
  • Five key advantages of IO-Link
  • Functional safety (SIL) basics for process control
  • pH/ORP measurement for reverse osmosis
  • WiFi? Why not?

Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview: Feature Articles

  • Message from the organiser

April 2017: Feature Articles

  • Every drop counts
  • ARC Advisory Group Industry Forum
  • Flotation level measurement techniques explained
  • Foxboro’s FoxCal technology offers multiple calibration curves
  • Wireless systems for large I/O intensive industrial applications

Technews Industry Guide: Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2017: Feature Articles

  • Maintenance products facilitate efficient manufacturing
  • Advanced maintenance maturity model increases reliability, reduces costs
  • Diesel generator monitoring systems
  • EAM software – what business leaders need to know
  • EtherCAT measurement technology modules

March 2017: Feature Articles

  • See the future of industrial ­software at X-Change 2017
  • Integrated control for power plants
  • Key IIoT platform selection criteria
  • MESA Africa and where it is ­headed in the fourth industrial era
  • Next-gen automation services ­support operational excellence and reduced project cost
  • Small cause big effect

February 2017: Feature Articles

  • High-end measurement technology from Beckhoff
  • CIP keeps food and beverage plants working efficiently
  • Control systems vendors see opportunities in cloud-based IIoT data services
  • EtherCAT P: EtherCAT with integrated power supply
  • Fighting corrosion: a guideline
  • How to build a cloud IoT system around a manufacturing process
  • Safety systems for wrap-around packaging applications
  • Valve technology without stress

January 2017: Feature Articles

  • V-port ball sector rotary control valve
  • Are automation standards ready for the IIoT?
  • Endress+Hauser guarantees an efficient CIP process
  • Which IT skills will be needed to accelerate a career in manufacturing?
  • Yokogawa Operations and Production Management suite