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Cables and wires for food and beverage
February 2024, LAPP Southern Africa
The strict hygiene regulations for handling foodstuffs stipulate particularly complex requirements for electrical components. The cables and accessories used must withstand a wide range of chemical, thermal and mechanical loads, and also function perfectly at all times in refrigerated and damp rooms.

Cable protection for longer runs
April 2024, igus
Polymer energy chain manufacturer, igus has introduced a new lighter weight e-chain for cable management and protection applications with large unsupported lengths and high fill weights. This was previously the domain of larger, more expensive energy chains.

Robust Ethernet cordset series of cables
March 2024, Turck Banner Southern Africa
Turck Banner offers a product range comprising a wealth of different connectors and cables, including over 115 000 connection technology solutions with differing degrees of complexity.

Panel building should be streamlined
March 2024, Schneider Electric South Africa
Data centres run critical applications, and require equipment and infrastructure that operate at 100% uptime, as any downtime due to faulty components could have catastrophic ramifications.

Robust Ethernet series of cables and connectors for industrial protection
March 2024, Turck Banner Southern Africa
Turck Banner offers a product range comprising a wealth of different connectors and cables, including over 115 000 connection technology solutions with differing degrees of complexity.

UV-resistant enclosures
September 2023, Communica
Hammond Manufacturing has a range of glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) enclosures which are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and also UV-resistant.

Secure fastening in high-vibration applications
August 2023, Bearing Man Group t/a BMG
Vibration and shock can quickly impair joint integrity, and negatively affect overall product performance, especially in demanding applications in sugar mills like vibrating screens. BMG’s Lock Bolt pins and collars, which are designed to replace bolted and welded joints, provide high strength, vibration-resistant fastening that reduces downtime and improves safety standards by removing sheet gap and maintaining tension over time.

Ready made cables are revolutionising drive applications
August 2023
Innovative manufacturer of motion plastics, igus, has emerged as a trailblazer in the world of drive applications, with the introduction of a full range of ready to use cabling solutions to fit all commonly used drive systems.

Powering the Perforex machine
August 2023, Rittal
Following its acquisition of a Perforex machine, Rittal South Africa has partnered with Rubicon Group to secure a backup power solution that will ensure the machine’s uninterrupted operation.

Ultra-rugged connectors enhance IIoT connectivity
July 2023, Spectrum Concepts
Fischer Connectors has released ultra-robust Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) and USB 3.2 Gen 2 connectivity solutions to meet the specific requirements of IIoT applications in rugged environments.

Rittal invests in Perforex machine
May 2023, Rittal
Rittal South Africa has acquired a Perforex machine. Used to manufacture enclosures using fully automated, high speed, precision machining of mounting plates, doors and side panels, the Perforex enables Rittal to deliver customised and precisely machined panels to customers within 24 to 48 hours.

Becker Mining offers multiple smart voice and data radio channels
May 2023
Becker Mining’s Smartcom VHF leaky feeder system offers the mining sector multiple simultaneous voice and data radio channels, with low intermodulation noise levels to ensure clear and reliable communications underground at all times.

Range of non-metallic enclosures
April 2023, Elen Enclosures
Elen’s range of non-metallic, wall-mounted enclosures includes five products, each available in various sizes, layouts and materials.

Mission-critical products and services
Africa Automation Technology Fair 2023 Show Preview
JAYCOR specialises in the broad distribution of technology components with a strong focus on connectivity, delivering mission-critical products and services to industrial businesses in Africa. Its solutions ...

Connectors and receptacles with patented torque sleeve
March 2023, Turck Banner Southern Africa
Safe and reliable communication between machines and systems is critical. To ensure industrial communication is not put at risk in tough environments, Turck Banner has improved its M12 offering with a game-changing redesign.

What’s the difference between round and flat cables?
February 2023, Helukabel
Understanding how to make reliable connections to an application starts with proper cable selection.

Hybrid cables save installation space
February 2023
Motion plastics and cable manufacturer, igus has introduced its new readycable hybrid cables suitable for drive technology from Siemens and SEW-Eurodrive.

Selection tool for Pratley adaptors and reducers
January 2023
Given the expansive range of various sized thread adaptors and reducers on offer, the wealth of choices has been streamlined thanks to a new online selection tool.

Cutting it at Multi Alloys since 2019
October 2022
The company says it is focused on developing and enhancing its special alloy and metals offering, and adding value through the delivery of quality products and exceptional service.

Terminal blocks for building installations
September 2022, Phoenix Contact
The disconnect slide of the PTI terminal blocks easily disconnects the terminals from the neutral conductor, enabling a quick dielectric test.


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