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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide

Technews Industry Guide - IIoT 2018

Technews Industry Guide - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation

PLCs, DCSs & Controllers
Flexible controller technology removes project roadblocks
October 2018, Emerson Automation Solutions

Emerson’s latest capital project technology enables chemical, life sciences, oil and gas, and other industrial manufacturers to scale automation, simplifying project execution. As capital projects grew ...

PC-based control ensures high quality sporting goods
September 2018, Beckhoff Automation

ADC fills market niche with standardised and highly precise testing systems.

Yokogawa releases Centum VP R6.06
September 2018, Yokogawa South Africa

Yokogawa has announced the addition of new functions to the Centum VP integrated production control system, which will be released as Centum VP R6.06. The enhancements include the addition of support ...

Mini PLC offers versatile options
September 2018, AC/DC Dynamics

GIC’s PL-100 mini programmable logic controller is a real-time system designed for multiple input and output arrangements. The PL-100 can control a wide variety of devices to support the user’s evolving ...

Latest PlantPAx release empowers convergence
September 2018, Rockwell Automation

With the latest release of the PlantPAx DCS from Rockwell Automation, industrial producers can create smarter, more productive and protected operations. The new system capabilities include a more intuitive ...

Micro PLC reduces complexity of large standalone machines
September 2018, Rockwell Automation

Machine designers can use a new micro PLC to help optimise the control architecture in large standalone machines or systems. The new Allen-Bradley Micro870 PLC can support smart micro applications that ...

New controller for DC retrofit applications
September 2018, Rockwell Automation

The new Allen-Bradley PowerFlex DC field controller from Rockwell Automation enables customers to upgrade their DC motor application to a modern system, without the need for complex external devices. ...

Smart infrastructure for the water industry
July 2018

Industrial Internet Control System (IICS) for water and wastewater applications.

Rockwell Automation powers desalination plant
July 2018, Rockwell Automation

Water specialist, NuWater has developed a two megalitre desalination plant at a smelter plant in KwaZulu-Natal. Rockwell Automation, through its PartnerNetwork program participants, CraigCor Distribution ...

Yokogawa adds network functionality
July 2018, Yokogawa South Africa

Yokogawa has added a network function to the UM33A digital indicator with alarms, a product in the UTAdvanced controller series. With this function, a single UM33A digital indicator can receive, process ...

Nimbus smart relay with built-in cloud interface
Technews Industry Guide: Industrial Internet of Things & Industry 4.0

Designed specifically to allow industrial companies using process machinery to control and connect their machines to the cloud, the Nimbus provides the opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce costs ...

Data and the smart machine revolution
June 2018, Omron Electronics

Take a look at Forpheus, Omron’s table tennis playing robot. It symbolises the company’s 3-i philosophy for machines – integrated, interactive, intelligent. How can a machine like Forpheus play a sport? ...

The next big thing for control
May 2018, Turck Banner

Turck has developed the next big thing for control: the Field Logic Controller (FLC). Turck’s FLC solutions are made possible by ARGEE (A Really Great Engineering Environment), a revolutionary web-based ...

Panel PCs and control panels for cost sensitive applications
May 2018, Beckhoff Automation

The new price/performance class of touch panels from Beckhoff, first launched with 18 cm displays, has been expanded by three built-in devices with 26 cm wide screen displays. PC-based control technology ...

GIC’s PL-100 mini programmable logic controller
May 2018, AC/DC Dynamics

GIC’s PL-100 mini programmable logic controller is a real-time system designed for multiple input and output arrangements. The PL-100 can control a wide variety of devices to support the user’s evolving ...

New release of DeltaV
April 2018, Emerson Automation Solutions

Emerson’s latest control system makes project engineering and operations more intuitive, flexible, accessible and secure.

Multi-well solution cuts costs for oil and gas producers
March 2018, Rockwell Automation

Drilling advancements have transformed oil and gas operations from simplistic single-well pad fields to more complex multi-well pads. In turn, operators and equipment builders can modify their control ...

PlantPAx DCS roadmap
March 2018, Rockwell Automation

Supporting smarter, more secure process operations.

Sugar plant control
February 2018, Yokogawa South Africa

Visibility and insight with Yokogawa’s DCS.

Omron releases programmable multi-axis controllers
February 2018, Omron Electronics

Omron Corporation has announced the global release of its new CK3E programmable multi-axis controllers and industrial PC platform (PMAC). Omron, together with Delta Tau Data Systems (DT), developed the ...

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