December 2018: Feature Articles

  • IR cameras with leading edge technology
  • Craft breweries benefit from digitalisation with modular Siemens automation
  • Data centre management as a service
  • EtherCAT roadshow in South Africa
  • Key digital transformation IT concepts for operations
  • Paper mill saves with IR window program
  • PC-based control simplifies building revitalisation

November 2018: Feature Articles

  • First rack-mounted switches that comply with the IEC 61850-3 Edition 2 Class 2 Standard
  • Electra Mining Africa 2018: a platform for our future in mining
  • Food safety hazards and how to choose sensor solutions
  • Network-based process visualisation
  • New patch panel for Ethernet networks
  • PC-based control ­ increases throughput in additive ­manufacturing
  • Wise choices to decrease fire risk and improve safety

October 2018: Feature Articles

  • The Digitalisation Productivity Bonus
  • Energy management software
  • How adding services to products could start your journey towards an Industry 4.0 solution
  • Key considerations when designing IIoT networks for smart businesses
  • Paving the way to a digital future
  • The 5 stages of cybersecurity awareness
  • Using IIoT analytics to build customer solutions

September 2018: Feature Articles

  • Prepare for the future
  • Analog display with IO-Link
  • Asset management and energy ­efficiency toolkit
  • Electronic turbine overspeed ­protection has advantages
  • Foxboro’s top performing intelligent vortex flowmeters
  • High voltage DC contactors
  • How to choose an industrial safety controller
  • How to tell category data cables apart
  • Integrity management key for ­industrial assets
  • Laser sensor specifications ­explained
  • PC-based control ensures high quality sporting goods
  • Pyrogen system ideal for fire protection in cabinet systems
  • Selecting appropriate pressure gauges
  • Smart factory technology to power the Industry 4.0 revolution
  • Technology that gets under your skin
  • Telecontrol unit with integrated GPS
  • Weatherproof cabinets from ­Legrand
  • WirelessHART in process ­automation
  • Yokogawa releases Platform for Advanced Control and Estimation R5.02

August 2018: Feature Articles

  • Pushing the pulper towards maximum efficiency
  • An examination of the current qualification options available to student engineers in South Africa
  • Eliminating the modernisation backlog in record time
  • Machine evolution yields higher ­efficiency and quality in processing
  • Measuring instrument in good health?
  • OT-IT convergence in a legacy world
  • Packaging keeps food fresh for ­longer
  • The art of craft

July 2018: Feature Articles

  • Success through measurement expertise and product innovation
  • Inductive Automation’s I­gnition technology offers potential to ­disrupt the market
  • Modernising the Cholfirst Tunnel control engineering system
  • Monitoring of stacked workpieces
  • Planning with foresight

Technews Industry Guide: Industrial Internet of Things & Industry 4.0: Feature Articles

  • A new path appears for modular and IoT-capable machines and systems
  • Aspects to consider when securing ­industrial automation control system networks
  • Cables for robots in the Industry 4.0 era
  • Controlling the IIoT
  • Endress+Hauser’s IIoT technology masters the mining challenge
  • How real is augmented reality?
  • Industrial fieldbus to the IIoT
  • Intelligent production enables minimised downtime and optimal efficiency
  • New platforms for HTML5 visualisation
  • Sensorik 4.0 provides added value for intra-logistics

June 2018: Feature Articles

  • Latest generation compact inverters from Mitsubishi Electric
  • A game plan for digital transformation
  • Friendship through technology
  • Ultra-compact industrial PCs

May 2018: Feature Articles

  • Customised calibration and commissioning concepts ensure system availability
  • Past, present, and future trends in EAM and CMMS
  • Yokogawa’s alarm shelving capability

April 2018: Feature Articles

  • Yokogawa’s revolutionary network-based control system
  • Linear actuator drive selection
  • Pipeline integrity management
  • Versatile signal conditioners

Technews Industry Guide: Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2018: Feature Articles

  • Festo’s comprehensive asset optimisation, maintenance and energy efficiency solutions
  • Condition monitoring can have a positive impact on OEE
  • How smart sensors aid predictive maintenance as part of Industrie 4.0
  • Leading industrial organisations improve asset management with IIoT
  • Precise positioning and interference-free communication
  • Remote monitoring without the risks
  • Using predictive analytics to improve planned maintenance

March 2018: Feature Articles

  • Define your game plan for digital transformation at X-Change 2018
  • Adding wireless communication to vibration monitoring
  • Fibre optic sensors for detecting hot rollers on conveyors
  • New technology automates Modbus routing setup in gateways
  • Selecting valves for proportional control
  • SICK launches a new generation of photoelectric sensors

February 2018: Feature Articles

  • Beckhoff in control at Africa’s largest retail distribution centre
  • Driving OEE improvements
  • RFID technology for accurate ­production
  • Should solenoid valves be classed as commodity items?
  • What is the future of blockchain in manufacturing?

January 2018: Feature Articles

  • Simple and easy to use, yet smart enough to automate
  • Choosing the best IIoT platform
  • Image processing directly in the PLC
  • Modular HMI for hazardous areas
  • Risk management in automotive manufacturing