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Zambia - Mufulira sub-branch
November 2009, SAIMC

Gabriel Kapumpe, chairman of the SAIMC Mufulira sub-branch in Zambia, reports:

A technical study group from Mufulira visited the Indeni petroleum refinery in Ndola – Zambia’s largest oil refinery – on 18 September. The 13 member group led by myself, consisted of members and students from Mufulira Technical Training Institute (MTTI).

The objective of the study tour was to provide members with the opportunity to exchange experiences with their counterparts for the working contingent, and to enrich appreciation of automation, instrumentation and control processes for the students.

The group from Mufulira just prior to the refinery tour at Ndola
The group from Mufulira just prior to the refinery tour at Ndola

On arrival, we all had a presentation/plant induction to ensure that our visit was safe and enjoyable. Then we went on a tour of the plant led by the instrumentation section head.

During the tour, we learnt the about the processes involved in the refining of crude oil into fuels and various other products. A detailed explanation of the instrumentation, control room operation was given and the importance of the maintenance aspect explained.

Overall, it was a very good and memorable technical visit for members, and the students were encouraged to pursue a career in process instrumentation as part of the initiative to ensure that we continue to have qualified engineers in the future.

Aside from the tour the party had much fun shopping in the malls of Ndola City.

Gabriel Kapumpe, chairman

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