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Level Measurement & Control
Emerson’s vibrating fork level detector
March 2017, Emerson Automation Solutions

Emerson Automation Solutions has launched the Rosemount 2140, the world’s first wired HART vibrating fork level detector. Offering enhanced ease-of-use, smart diagnostics, and remote proof-testing capability, ...

Switch-point level control sensor
January 2017, Gail Norton Instrumentation

The TAG level switch functions in all kinds of materials, conductive as well as non-conductive fluids, grains, powders, plastic raw materials, oils and fuels, water and sewage etc. The function of the ...

Bottling of olive oil made easy
December 2016, SICK Automation Southern Africa

Where previously olive oil had to be poured by hand into containers, FoodTech, a machine supplier from the Netherlands, has automated the process using level and pressure sensors from SICK Automation. ...

Radar level sensor for water applications
December 2016, VEGA Controls SA

The Vegapuls WL S 61 radar sensor is ideal for all simple applications in the water supply and sewage sectors. Featuring a wide range of mounting options, it is an especially cost-effective radar solution ...

Endress+Hauser radar steps into new dimensions
November 2016, Endress+Hauser

Micropilot FMR10/FMR20 – innovative and efficient.

Banner Engineering’s remote tank monitoring
October 2016, RET Automation Controls

Need an ultrasonic sensor that is designed to work on a battery powered wireless node? The Sure Cross U-Gage K50U ultrasonic sensor from Banner Engineering works in a variety of environments to provide ...

ABB introduces LLT100
September 2016, ABB South Africa

The next generation of non-contact laser level transmitters.

Good level control on flotation concentrators
September 2016, eDART Slurry Valves

“The link between level control and profitability on a flotation concentrator is often under-estimated or even overlooked, and yet accurate control measurement is the key to increased lifespan for plant ...

Diesel level system in Transnet tugboats
August 2016, Instrotech

The manufacture of tugboats by SA Shipyards for end user Transnet provided Instrotech with an opportunity to develop a technical solution for diesel tank monitoring.    Instrotech’s specific involvement ...

Understanding dynamic range and the versatile future of radar technology
August 2016, VEGA Controls SA

This paper explains dynamic range and its importance in solid and liquid applications

Magnetrol’s non-contacting radar transmitter
July 2016, Oakleaf Investment Holdings (OIH)

Magnetrol International has launched the Pulsar Model R96 non-contacting radar (NCR) transmitter for accurate, reliable level control in process applications. Virtually unaffected by the presence of vapours ...

Next-generation magnetostrictive level transmitter
July 2016, Oakleaf Investment Holdings (OIH)

Magnetrol International has announced the release of the Jupiter Model JM4 magnetostrictive level transmitter. The JM4 is available as a direct insertion option, as well as an external mount on any Magnetrol ...

Kobold’s radar level measurement with four switch points
June 2016, Instrotech

Kobold Instrumentation has introduced the Kobold NGR that works on the principle of time domain reflectometry (TDR, also known as guided microwave or guided radar) and offers a robust and low-maintenance ...

Continuous level measurement with analog output and IO-Link
June 2016, ifm Electronic RSA

The LR9020 reliably resists harsh environmental conditions or high-pressure cleaning. Its small design allows installation in restricted spaces and the digital IO-Link communication prevents disturbance ...

Level sensor reaches areas others cannot
June 2016, VEGA Controls SA

Another success for VEGA’s high frequency contactless radar level sensor.

Level switch for extreme process conditions
April 2016, Krohne

Krohne’s new Optiswitch 5300 C presents a vibration level switch for liquids, which can withstand extreme process conditions such as hot or cryogenic temperatures and high process pressure. The application ...

Boiler drum level monitoring
April 2016

The importance of water level monitoring in a boiler drum cannot be over-emphasised. Very high level may result in erosive wet steam causing damage to downstream equipments including turbine. Very low ...

Ultrasonic sensor for remote water level measurement
April 2016, Instrotech

As both droughts and floods become more common around the world, sophisticated water level monitoring systems are being deployed. Advanced ultrasonic sensors are critical components of these new systems. ...

ABB’s compact ultrasonic level transmitter for liquid measurement
April 2016, ABB South Africa

The LST300 is a powerful ultrasonic level sensor in a compact form.

Setting new standards with 80 GHz
April 2016, VEGA Controls SA

VEGA’s new radar level sensor for liquids.

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