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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide

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Level Measurement & Control
Ultrasonic sensor for remote water level measurement
April 2016, Instrotech

As both droughts and floods become more common around the world, sophisticated water level monitoring systems are being deployed. Advanced ultrasonic sensors are critical components of these new systems. ...

ABB’s compact ultrasonic level transmitter for liquid measurement
April 2016, ABB South Africa

The LST300 is a powerful ultrasonic level sensor in a compact form.

Level switch for extreme process conditions
April 2016, Krohne

Krohne’s new Optiswitch 5300 C presents a vibration level switch for liquids, which can withstand extreme process conditions such as hot or cryogenic temperatures and high process pressure. The application ...

Boiler drum level monitoring
April 2016

The importance of water level monitoring in a boiler drum cannot be over-emphasised. Very high level may result in erosive wet steam causing damage to downstream equipments including turbine. Very low ...

Setting new standards with 80 GHz
April 2016, VEGA Instruments SA

VEGA’s new radar level sensor for liquids.

Krohne’s new radar level transmitter
March 2016, Krohne

With Optiwave 1010, Krohne has introduced a new radar level transmitter for bypass chambers and magnetic level indicators. The 2-wire FMCW radar level transmitter is designed as a cost-effective solution ...

Accurate measurement of level and volume in bulk solids
March 2016, Emerson Process Management SA

Emerson meets tough demand of bulk solids applications with enhanced level measurement ­technology.

Dip tank level monitoring and control
March 2016, Allpronix

Allpronix locally develops and manufactures a laser level transmitter in both 40 (AL40) and 100 (AL100) metre ranges. The AL40/100 is programmable via the on board push buttons and blue-backlit LCD display, ...

Easy level measurement in hygienic applications
February 2016, Endress+Hauser

The Liquipoint FTW23 from Endress+Hauser is a point level switch for water-based liquids in the beverage industry. The instrument is part of the new product line and complements the already launched Liquipoint ...

Liquipoint FTW33 from Endress+Hauser
December 2015, Endress+Hauser

The Liquipoint FTW33 from Endress+Hauser is a point level switch solution for liquids in the food and beverage industry. Part of a new product line, FTW33 complements the already launched Liquiphant FTL31 ...

Radar level sensors increase ­reliability on river sluices
October 2015, VEGA Instruments SA

On the river Weaver in Cheshire, the Dutton sluice site consists of eight large sluice gates lifted by Rotork actuators. The water level in the river determines when to open or close the sluice gates ...

Level sensor for demanding hygienic applications
September 2015, ifm Electronic RSA

Exact level measurement in heavily foaming media is no problem for ifm’s new LR2750 level sensor for hygienic applications. The device was specially developed for demanding applications in the food industry. ...

Direct measurement of boiler condensate vessel level
September 2015, VEGA Instruments SA

Guided radar level transmitters from VEGA improve reliability at UK power station.

Reliable level measurement in the steam drum
September 2015, Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser offers high plant availability and improved measurement solutions.

Radiation-based instrumentation for extreme process conditions
August 2015, VEGA Instruments SA

VEGA now supplies SIL-qualified measuring instruments for radiation-based level and point level measurement.

Allpronix releases new laser level meter
August 2015, Allpronix

Allpronix has added a new longer range laser level/distance meter to its portfolio. The AL-100 is a new longer range unit that has a 100 m measuring range that can be displayed as either level or distance. ...

Ultrasonic level sensor for solids and liquids
August 2015, Allpronix

Due to the many advantages offered by an ultrasonic level measurement, ACS Control System has developed a new future-oriented range of devices. The product line is divided into the Sonicont USN, a compact ...

Microwave level switch for food and pharmaceutical applications
August 2015, Instrotech

Kobold Instrumentation has introduced a microwave level switch – model LNM – made of stainless steel and food-approved materials, developed for almost all applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The ...

Modular level sensor from Anderson Negele
July 2015, Morton Controls

The NSL-F is a 4-wire sensor for continuous measurement of filling levels in metallic vessels of height of up to 3 metres. This innovative level switch is based on the new modular device platform, a system ...

Titanium level probe for use in salt or chlorinated water
May 2015, ASSTech Process Electronics + Instrumentation

Specifically designed for level measurement in maritime salt water or water that contains chlorine such as swimming pools, Jumo’s new Maera S29 SW titanium level probe is corrosion resistant and can also ...

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