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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide

Technews Industry Guide - Wireless 2014

South African Flameproof Association annual symposium
October 2014

The South African Flameproof Association has announced that bookings are now open for its annual symposium to be held on 13 November at the Graceland Casino near Secunda. The association is a non-profit ...

Honeywell’s new technologies for upstream oil and gas can boost production performance by 3 to 5%
October 2014, Honeywell ACS South Africa

Honeywell Process Solutions has announced the release of Digital Suites for Oil and Gas, an innovative set of software and comprehensive services that can help oil and gas producers boost production performance ...

Set Point launches water solutions division
October 2014

The Set Point Group recently established a single source water solutions division to serve industry through water and wastewater solutions. The division is comprised of Set Point Laboratories, Pneumax ...

South African Flameproof Association annual symposium
October 2014

As a non-profit body, the South African Flameproof Association (SAFA) is involved in explosion prevention/protection techniques for equipment used in hazardous atmospheres across all industries. It is ...

SAIMC establishes SABS Technical Committee
October 2014, SAIMC, Extech Safety Systems, SAIMC

The SAIMC has announced that it has established SABS TC 165, for now as an observer member with a view to becoming a participating member in due course, as a full mirror to IEC TC 65 Industrial Process ...

Siemens Ethernet device sets speed record
October 2014, Siemens Industry Automation & Drives Technologies

Siemens Ruggedcom RS950G has set a speed record: the utility grade IEC 62439-3 compatible product demonstrated a transmission rate of 1 Gbps on HSR (high-availability seamless redundancy) and PRP (parallel ...

Charting the future of automatic control
October 2014

Two thousand of the world’s foremost engineers, roboticists and mathematicians recently met in Cape Town to share research and take a look into the future of their exciting field – automatic control – ...

Festo bionics in South Africa for first time
October 2014, Festo

For the first time in South Africa, two revolutionary bionic innovations were on display in Cape Town – the Festo SmartBird and BionicOpter. These were sponsored by Festo Germany for the ninteenth World ...

Fieldbus and HART Foundation members approve merger
October 2014, Fieldbus Foundation

The final step in constructing a single organisation to lead process automation communications and integration technologies was completed when the members of both the HART Communication Foundation and ...

Festo flies at IFAC
October 2014, Festo

From da Vinci to the Wright brothers, man has always been fascinated with flight. Whilst we may have achieved this goal, we are still intrigued by the way birds fly and the energy efficiency and natural ...

Fossil Fuel Foundation conference tackles the coal quality problem
October 2014, OEN Enterprises

The Fossil Fuel Foundation recently hosted a conference concerning the optimisation of industrial boilers and co-generation. The topics discussed included the impact that coal mining, its delivery, storage ...

October 2014


Hiconnex to distribute Harting in SA
October 2014, Hiconnex

Harting Technology Group and Hiconnex Industrial entered into a distribution agreement effective from 1 July 2014. According to Hiconnex CEO Hitesh Pema, this will allow the company to extend its current ...

From the editor's desk: Read the article Find the product
October 2014, Technews Publishing

By the time you receive this issue of the magazine, the Technews IT developers will have put the finishing touches to one of the most significant Internet initiatives this company has ever undertaken. ...

BMW electric car showcased at SA’s first Schneider Electric Xperience Efficiency event
October 2014, Schneider Electric South Africa

Schneider Electric showcased the electric powered BMW i3 at its prestigious Xperience Efficiency event held at the Birchwood Conference Centre during August. The BMW i3 is the world’s first premium ...

IDC Technologies training
October 2014, IDC Technologies

Best Practice Design, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Conveyors and Chutes    5-6 November 2014       Practical Radio Telemetry Systems for Industry    11-12 November 2014       Practical Fundamentals of OPC...

What is the future of manufacturing in South Africa?
October 2014, Siemens Industry Automation & Drives Technologies

The manufacturing industry across the world is evolving. Factories are increasingly automated, becoming more digital than analogue, and the definition of a factory worker now sketches an individual far ...

Yokogawa SA celebrates six years of its successful internship programme
September 2014, Yokogawa SA

To mark the success of its internship programme, Yokogawa South Africa hosted a reunion for current and former interns in a celebration at the Cyril Ramaphosa World of Learning. The evening commenced ...

Karma Sensors is flying
September 2014, Karma Sensors

Karma Sensors, a division of Atlas Electro-hydraulic Systems, recently introduced its wide range of process control and automation products at a special event held on board a Boeing 747 at the SAA Museum. ...

Festo promotes Robotics and CodeSys training in South Africa
September 2014, Festo

Festo Didactic is a leader in both basic and advanced training in industry. Keeping the productivity of customer top of mind is achieved through continually adding new technologies to the list of subjects ...

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