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Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors
Innovative AC/DC cabinet cooling
July 2015, Elen Enclosures

Elen Enclosures offers a new range of innovative side-mounted cabinet air conditioners, heat exchangers and combined air conditioner/heat exchanger units. These devices can operate in conventional 230 VAC ...

Quick connection of illuminated pushbuttons
July 2015, ifm Electronic RSA

The miniature AS-i module from ifm electronic can be integrated in small surface mounted housings providing AS-i connection for four control and signalling devices. The AS-i cable supplies the connected ...

Test leads with adjustable guard
July 2015, Comtest

Fluke’s new ultra-rugged TL 175 TwistGuard test leads feature a manually adjustable guard. The shroud of the extendable tip meets the highest electrical safety requirements to reduce tip exposure while ...

Complete system solutions by Lapp
July 2015, Lapp Group

From cable assemblies with lugs or ferrules to servo cable harnesses for moving applications, or a populated drag chain, the Lapp Group can supply a complete solution.

Why you can’t ignore Category 6A anymore
July 2015, Jaycor International

But times are changing. Data rates continue to climb and more devices than ever are connected to the network. Emerging applications are demanding the higher performance and faster speeds supported by ...

Helukabel’s clip-through compression glands
June 2015, Helukabel

The introduction of Helukabel’s HeluTop Easy compression glands means that now installers simply push the bottom end through the hole and twist to secure it, equally as tight as any hand fastened alternative. ...

Easy identification options for connectors from Escha
May 2015, RET Automation Controls

In facilities and constrained work areas which have a high number of connectors, things can quickly get confusing. Where does the connector come from? Where does it lead to? Does the connector transmit ...

New interface modules for fast error-free wiring
May 2015, Phoenix Contact

Varioface Professional system cabling components for universal use support fast and error-free wiring of the field and automation levels. The compact modules in the new housing design are suitable for ...

Schneider Electric’s PratiKa industrial plugs and sockets range now in SA
May 2015, Schneider Electric South Africa

Schneider Electric has introduced its high performance industrial plugs and sockets range, Pratika, to the local market. Kadra enclosures, specifically designed to embed Pratika sockets, complete the ...

Polyester cabinets for corrosive environments
April 2015, Legrand Southern Africa

Legrand’s Marina range of fibreglass reinforced polyester cabinets have been designed for use in any environment, but these units are particularly well-suited for severe corrosive environments, including ...

Helukabel launches dedicated range of green energy cables
April 2015, Helukabel

Helukabel has introduced a complete range of green energy cables comprising the Green Line range for photovoltaic applications and Heluwind aluminium cables for wind energy. More than merely being suitable, ...

Ultra-compact block I/O for ­analog signals
March 2015, RET Automation Controls

Turck has added several ultra-compact Ethernet block I/O devices with four analog in or outputs to its TBEN-S series. The analog inputs of the multiprotocol Ethernet modules can process four different ...

Compact housing system with modular front connection
January 2015, Phoenix Contact

The new ME-IO housing system from Phoenix Contact expands the electronics housing line to include front connection technology. The modular system, just 18,8 mm wide, can accommodate up to 36 connection ...

Cabling for 10GBase-T
January 2015, Jaycor International

The case for UTP (unshielded twisted pair).

Enclosures with enhanced depth and height
January 2015, Elen Enclosures

Elen Enclosures has added enhanced depth and height options to its popular range of floor-standing Series PLA polyester enclosures by Schneider Electric. Previously the depths of the PLA range were twofold, ...

The importance of EMC in Ethernet networks
January 2015, Dehn Protection South Africa

Ethernet is a family of computer networking technologies for local area (LAN) and larger networks that was commercially introduced in 1980 and has since been refined to support higher bit rates and longer ...

Specialist cabling for chemical ­applications
January 2015, Helukabel

Ongoing investment in research and development enables specialist cable manufacturer, Helukabel, to develop a wide range of advanced cabling products that meet the exacting requirements of the chemical ...

Low friction power cabling
October 2014

Aberdare Cables manufactures the Slipdac range of general purpose wiring with low friction characteristics. The wiring offers users a significantly easier approach to pull through conduit than standard ...

Lightweight aluminium power transmission cables
October 2014, Helukabel

Advanced cable manufacturer Helukabel has introduced a cost effective and lightweight aluminium power transmission cable to assist alternative power producers to plug into the country’s national power ...

Minipac from Schroff
October 2014, Actum Electronics

Minipac from Schroff is a handy small case which is as variable as customer requirements. It can mount on a wall, mounting plate or DIN horizontal rail and can also be used as a desktop enclosure. It ...

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