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Electrical Power & Protection
Dehn Africa shields wind turbines from lightning and surges
August 2016, Dehn Africa

The general public’s consumption of alternative fuels is growing, including wind energy. Wind farms are fast developing and are created for the purpose of generating large amounts of electric power. However, ...

High-performance inverter for harsh environments
August 2016, Ana-Digi Systems

When it comes to harsh environmental conditions, the LSIS-S100-IP66 is readily available and already in use in the agricultural sector for pivot irrigation systems in South Africa. LSIS Industrial Systems ...

Schneider Electric launches new Altivar Machine range of VSDs
August 2016, Schneider Electric South Africa

Schneider Electric has announced the availability of its Altivar Machine range of VSDs, with the Altivar 320 leading the line-up of new drives dedicated to the needs of machine manufacturers in the southern ...

High power contactor for reliable switching
August 2016, Denver Technical Products

Gigavac has announced the latest addition to its line of patented switching devices, the HX460. This new hermetically sealed HVDC contactor redefines the term high power switching by bringing massive ...

Critical power in motive power applications
August 2016, Comtest

When discussing motive power applications, the initial thought is that their batteries must be similar to transportation batteries. After all, this equipment is ‘motive’ just like a car or truck. However, ...

Electrical appliance testing for electrical safety
August 2016, Instrotech

Just as car manufacturers often have to recall certain models because of faulty parts that pose a danger to drivers and need to be replaced, have you ever wondered if the same could apply to the household ...

Fluke’s multi-function installation tester
August 2016, Comtest

Comtest has introduced the new 1660 series multifunction installation testers that help prevent damage to connected appliances. Insulation PreTest, Fluke Connect compatibility and Auto Test are the three ...

Zest generator sets resolve standby power issues
July 2016, Zest WEG Group Africa

Power outages have become increasingly frequent with a widespread knock on impact across industry. The ability to provide fit-for-purpose standby power solutions is what distinguishes Zest WEG Group’s ...

ABB introduces innovative modular power solution
July 2016, ABB Low Voltage Products & Systems

Uninterruptible power distribution in a single system to increase power reliability and protection in data centres and hospitals.

Application optimised DEHNshield combined arrestor
July 2016, Dehn Africa

DEHNshield is a space-saving protection solution for buildings, which can be integrated without requiring an additional backup fuse, depending on the breaker size. The lightning impulse is reduced to ...

ABB innovation makes microgrid control smarter
June 2016, ABB Low Voltage Products & Systems

Innovative low-voltage circuit breaker provides all-in-one solution for microgrids.

Shimaden single-phase thyristor regulator with power control selection
June 2016, INDECON Instrumentation

In order to perform power regulating functions, the AC sinusoidal output wave phase or form can be manipulated in one of two ways: • Through utilising phase control, where the output waveform is altered. • ...

Relay with ­advanced ­control features
May 2016

The NewCode motor protection relay from NewElec features seven inputs of differential voltages from 24 to 220 V AC or DC and four fully programmable output contacts as standard. The three-phase relay ...

The power of biomass
April 2016, Energas Technologies

Energas Technologies now offers Turboden biofuel ORC generator solutions for waste heat recovery and power generation from biomass products. Turboden’s biofuel generator products are based on the Organic ...

ABB South Africa delivers substation to Sasol Secunda
April 2016, ABB South Africa

ABB has delivered a complete modular packaged substation to Sasol’s Secunda plant in Mpumalanga, almost eliminating unplanned power outages during annual shutdown periods. The mobile substation is made ...

CBI-electric launches new socket outlet with integral USB ports
March 2016

CBI-electric: low voltage has announced the launch of its new USB socket outlet. The aesthetically pleasing new product is a standard 240 VAC Euro socket outlet with a twist. In addition to the option ...

New System pro E Power modular switchboards
March 2016, ABB South Africa

ABB provides a key resource for productivity improvement.

Transformer maintenance essential
March 2016, Zest WEG Group Africa

Transformers have often been referred to as one of the most efficient pieces of equipment developed by mankind and, as they have limited moving parts, many individuals believe them to be maintenance-free. This ...

Mitsubishi Electric’s new factory automation energy solution
February 2016, Adroit Technologies

To create this energy-saving factory automation solution, the e-F@ctory concept for optimising factories through visualisation and eco-Factory technologies that contribute to energy conservation through ...

Preventative maintenance strategy for surge arrestors
February 2016, Instrotech

Test Instruments Africa (TIA) has announced the launch of the SA 30i, a leakage current meter from Scope. It’s a state-of-the-art online test system for residual life assessment of surge arresters. The ...

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