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Extended range current transducers
August 2014, Denver Technical Products

LEM extends the HO series to 250 A.

Dehn protects against arc faults
August 2014, Dehn Protection South Africa

An arc flash is a type of electrical explosion that results from a low impedance connection to ground or another voltage phase in an electrical system. The light and heat produced from an arc flash can ...

Intelligent surge protection for intrinsically safe applications
August 2014, Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact’s new PT-IQ Ex models from the self-monitoring Plugtrab PT-IQ surge protection system are specifically designed for intrinsically safe applications and can be installed directly in Ex ...

Schneider Electric’s N-Series auto reclosers
August 2014, Schneider Electric South Africa

Intelligent switching to ensure quick response to faults can be achieved thanks to the N-Series medium voltage automatic circuit reclosers by Schneider Electric. “The N-Series three-phase pole mounted ...

The smart solution for protective relay testing
August 2014, Surge Technology

Megger’s SMRT36 is a small, light protective relay test set and has more output power than any other comparable three-phase instrument available anywhere. The SMRT36 has a unique constant power output, ...

AC/DC digital clamp meter
August 2014, Surge Technology

Megger’s DCM340 is a highly versatile instrument and is ideal for use in the installation, maintenance, monitoring or checking of AC or DC electrical systems and equipment. The DCM340 is capable of measuring ...

Energy management lessons from Europe
August 2014

ARC Advisory Group research indicates that, by employing appropriate energy management measures, energy-intensive companies can reduce their energy consumption by around 30 to 40% over a time span of around 15 years.

Schneider Electric says services vital for installed base
July 2014, Schneider Electric South Africa

Enlisting the help of an experienced and specialised installed base service provider levels the path for an organisation to achieve its overall business goals. This is the case for an organisation either ...

Lightning and surge protection
July 2014, Dehn Protection South Africa

Dehn protection for buildings and industrial installations.

EcoBreeze cooling solution for the data centre
July 2014, Schneider Electric South Africa

Today’s data centre managers are facing increased financial and regulatory pressure to improve the efficiency of their data centres. For the South African climate, an indirect evaporative cooling system ...

Compact convection cooled power supply delivers 400 W without fans
July 2014, Vepac Electronics

XP Power has announced the SDH400 series of single and dual output 400 W convection cooled power supplies. These compact 1U profile chassis mount supplies can deliver the full 400 W output without the ...

Varistor-based surge arrester
July 2014, Surge Technology

Saltek’s SLP-275 V/1+1 is a Class 2 combined varistor-based surge arrester and an encapsulated spark gap connected in the 1+1 circuit mode. It is designed for installation in single phase low-voltage ...

Gigavac announces hermetically sealed battery disconnects
July 2014, Denver Technical Products

Gigavac has announced a new addition to its extensive line of advanced switching solutions. The HBD series of manual service disconnect switches incorporate new technology to deliver unprecedented protection ...

Insulation and continuity tester
June 2014

The Megger MIT310 insulation and continuity tester is a robust and powerful continuity tester that can carry out insulation testing at 250, 500 and 1000 V with a test range of 1000 megaohms. It also provides ...

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