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Electrical Power & Protection
Schneider Electric’s Premset architecture now available up to 17,5 kV
September 2015, Schneider Electric South Africa

Schneider Electric has introduced its new Premset architecture, now up to 17,5 kV, to southern African utilities looking to improve availability and safety, while still remaining flexible and modular. ...

Increased safety from protection relays
September 2015, Newelec Pretoria

NewElec’s NH Series relays are designed to protect motors in various LV applications from 5 to 550A. If required, percentage calibration is available and the modular design permits door, chassis or CT ...

Yokogawa’s integrated control ­system for power stations
August 2015, Yokogawa South Africa

Convergence of control system platforms is a big productivity enhancement tool for plant O&M management today.

Reliable power supplies for harbours and shipping
August 2015

Vert Energy works closely with the marine and offshore sector, offering the supply of quality branded components and the support of a comprehensive repair and maintenance service. “An important part ...

Intelligent surge protection for process technology
August 2015, Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact’s Plugtrab PT-IQ surge protection devices for MCR and process technology warn plant operators before protection of the plant is lost. To achieve this, each voltage-limiting component in ...

Zest WEG Group provides the optimum generator set
August 2015, Zest WEG Group

The current power constraints facing South Africa have resulted in companies being requested to cut their power consumption by at least 10% in order to alleviate the pressure on the overburdened transmission ...

Mitsubishi Electric’s low voltage switchgear
August 2015, Adroit Technologies

The complete solution for line and load side.

Solar installation reduces utility bill
August 2015, ABB South Africa

ABB string inverters make cost savings possible for a commercial property owner in Port Elizabeth.

Efficient earth leakage protection
August 2015, Newelec Pretoria

NewElec’s earth leakage relays are becoming the preferred earth leakage protection device for all industries. This move can be attributed to the original design criteria that include harmonic filters ...

Industrial LED light bar for increased productivity
August 2015, RET Automation Controls

RET Automation Controls has introduced the WLB92 industrial LED light bar from Banner Engineering. Featuring bright, high-quality and uniform light, the WLB92 is designed to increase worker productivity ...

Five lighting tests in 30 seconds
August 2015, Comtest

Building maintenance technicians for commercial, retail or institutional facilities with fluorescent lighting have hundreds, if not thousands of fluorescent tubes that have to be routinely checked and ...

A better battery analyser
August 2015, Comtest

Stationary batteries need to be maintained and tested regularly and even maintenance-free batteries can deteriorate over time. All it takes is one battery in a string to fail to take the entire string ...

Next generation WEG contactors save energy
August 2015, Zest WEG Group

The next generation of WEG contactors has been engineered to facilitate energy savings as well as the optimisation of space within electric panels. These environmentally friendly devices use only non-toxic ...

Compact GA MSO relay
July 2015, Newelec Pretoria

NewElec’s compact GA MS0 earth leakage protection relay is designed for use on underground gully boxes. Following the success of NewElec’s GA relay, the GA MS0 enables more sensitive earth leakage protection ...

False alarms caused by surges can be prevented
July 2015, Dehn Protection South Africa

The function of emergency alarm systems is to produce an alarm in the event of danger and to remain passive when there is none. The malfunction of these systems, either no alarm sounding if there is danger, ...

Schneider Electric solar systems power new SA game lodge
July 2015, Schneider Electric South Africa

Alternative energy has made the building of luxury accommodation off-the-beaten track a reality. System installers, AdSolar EPC, chose photovoltaic (PV) innovation by Schneider Electric to power the creation ...

Services audits shed light on electrical installations
July 2015, Schneider Electric South Africa

Major trends are changing customer needs and positively driving services growth. Today’s customers want consolidated data and seek means to convert data into insightful information in order to create ...

Periodic inspection of portable earthing and short-circuiting ­devices
June 2015, Dehn Protection South Africa

An important measure when working on electrical installations, according to the five safety rules of DIN VDE 0105 - 100, is the fourth rule: “Carry out earthing and short-circuiting”. This ensures that ...

Security on smart grids
June 2015, H3iSquared

Moving to a smart grid solution does create more security concerns that need to be addressed.

The protocols driving smart grid interoperability
June 2015, eTX Data Services

Efforts are underway to create a smarter grid by adding intelligence to the electrical infrastructure that connects generation, distribution, transmission, and consumption.

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