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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide

Electrical Power & Protection
WEG flameproof motors Ex certified
December 2017, Zest WEG Group Africa

The W22Xd flameproof motor available from Zest WEG Group meets worldwide standards for use in hazardous applications including the mining, chemical and oil and gas sectors. The W22Xd motor is certified ...

Motor protection for harsh environments
December 2017, Zest WEG Group Africa

The WEG MPW range of motor protection circuit breakers offer customers reliable operation in the harsh operating environment found on the African continent. All products in the range are manufactured ...

Shaw Controls provides containerised switchgear solution at DRC mine
November 2017, Zest WEG Group Africa

Leveraging the advantages of a containerised solution, Zest WEG Group’s Shaw Controls has provided an optimal medium voltage switchgear solution for the supply of power at a copper mining project in the ...

Switch-mode power supply with reserve
November 2017, ifm Electronic RSA

ifm’s powerful new switch-mode power supplies provide an excellent power reserve of 50% for up to four seconds to cope with high current loads. Instead of an inrush current limitation with a simple NTC ...

Africa’s call for dry-type transformers hikes
November 2017

Already popular in North America and Europe, dry-type transformers will soon be seeing greater take-up in Africa through a more concerted entry and support strategy from global supplier Hammond Power ...

Self-generated power needs a focus on efficiency
November 2017, Zest WEG Group Africa

Remote projects that happen far from national power grids tend to pay a premium for generating their own energy; so they need to plan carefully and use it as efficiently as they can. This is the advice ...

Increased safety in mine charging stations
November 2017

Increasingly, mines are using battery-powered electric vehicles underground as they help eliminate the problem of air pollution from diesel exhaust emissions. However, there is also an inherent risk in ...

Dry-type transformers for modular substations
October 2017

The introduction of Trafo dry-type transformers to the African market comes just at the time that end-users, in a number of industry sectors, embrace the growing trend towards modularised substations. “Due ...

Project disruption and its cost to electrical contractors
October 2017, Zest WEG Group Africa

EnI Electrical bases its success on customer satisfaction through transparent and ethical leadership.

Contactless energy transfer system at Sasol Wax
October 2017, SEW-Eurodrive

SEW-Eurodrive has supplied its Movitrans contactless energy transfer system to Sasol Wax, a major manufacturer of mineral-oil based and synthetic paraffin waxes, petroleum jellies, and liquid paraffins, ...

Legrand’s solutions for power ­outages
October 2017, Legrand

Legrand’s power solutions ensure continuity of service and protection of electrical equipment during planned and unexpected power outages. These modular systems include cast resin transformers, with low ...

Improve battery management in solar powered applications
October 2017, Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists

The Powerterm industrial grade power supply/battery backup range from Omniflex has been standardised by many major utilities around the world. It is the ideal solution where battery backup is necessary ...

Low-voltage electric motor ­management system
October 2017, Zest WEG Group Africa

The modular design of the WEG low-voltage electric motor management system offers the flexibility of expanded functionality. Engineered as a plug-and-play solution, the compact WEG SRW01 is ideal for ...

Voltage detector enhances safety of electrical installations
September 2017, Dehn Africa

DEHN Africa has introduced the new PHE4 series of voltage detectors to improve safety during maintenance of electrical systems and installations. The detectors provide reliable information in all weather ...

RS Components introduces Schneider contactor series
August 2017, RS Components SA

AC/DC coil TeSys D Green contactors offer backward compatibility with current TeSys D accessories and support products.

Split-core transducers for measurement of high DC currents
August 2017, Denver Technical Products

Complementing LEM’s range of products for advanced battery management applications, the new DH family of DC current transducers offers precise measurement of bipolar currents up to 2000 A. Measuring only ...

Traco TSPC series industrial power supplies
August 2017, Conical Technologies

Swiss-based Traco Power has announced the release of its new TSPC series high-performance DIN-rail mount power supplies for harsh industrial environments. The design is based on the popular Tracopower ...

High-efficiency motors are cost savers
August 2017, Zest WEG Group Africa

As Africa’s mines work to hold down costs and extract more value from their assets, modern high-efficiency motors from Zest WEG Group are helping to cut energy bills and maintenance. “Almost two-thirds ...

PSU/charger provides safe field servicing for personnel
August 2017, Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists

Omniflex recently added to its popular compact Powerterm PSU and battery charger range with new versions now available with a safe mains connection, through an IEC320-C5 clover leaf AC input socket. The ...

Solar powered VSDs for borehole applications
August 2017, Zest WEG Group Africa

Farmers are making increasing use of photovoltaic solar panels and variable speed drives (VSDs) to get clean and continuous power to their boreholes in remote locations, cutting out the need for costly ...

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