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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide

Technews Industry Guide - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation

Technews Industry Guide - Wireless 2015

Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration
Instrotech’s awesome foursome
December 2015, Instrotech

Locally designed process calibration equipment

SKF’s shaft alignment tool extends service capabilities
December 2015, SKF South Africa

SKF South Africa’s key customer, armature winding specialist, Mokse Engineering Enterprises, was so impressed with the capabilities of the TKSA 11 shaft alignment tool that it purchased the TKSA 51 to ...

Comtest ­introduces new shaft alignment tool
December 2015, Comtest

Comtest has launched the Fluke 830 laser shaft alignment tool, specifically engineered for the precision alignment of rotating shafts. The instrument offers simple functionality and fast, accurate and ...

Wireless DC clamps improve measuring productivity
November 2015, Comtest

Comtest has added two new DC current clamps to its range of Fluke Connect wireless test tools: the a3003FC wireless DC current clamp and the a3004 FC wireless DC 4-20 mA current clamp. Both can wirelessly ...

Belt rip detection
October 2015, Becker Mining South Africa

Becker Mining launches latest BRS-2 belt rip detection system.

Julabo’s Corio series laboratory circulators
October 2015, Labotec

Julabo has introduced a new generation of refrigerated and heating circulators. The new circulators of the Corio series will replace the successful Economy series models and will give users improved performance ...

Hydraulic test pump for portable calibration solution
October 2015, Pinnacle Instruments SA

Additel Corporation has introduced its new hydraulic test pump, which generates pressures up to 1000 bar in a portable package weighing 3,9 kg. The Additel 928 hydraulic test pump uses dual piston technology ...

Hydraulic deadweight tester for pressure instruments
October 2015, Instrotech

Deadweight testers are an accurate method for the calibration of electronic or mechanical pressure measuring devices. Instrotech offers the LR-Cal LDW series of deadweight testers, which are available ...

The Elcometer 224 digital surface profile gauge
October 2015, BAMR

When steel surfaces are being prepared by abrasive blasting for hot dip galvanising and other protective coating applications, an assessment of the profile height is important in the surface preparation ...

WIKA’s new calibration instrument
October 2015, WIKA Instruments

WIKA has designed the CPC4000 pneumatic pressure controller for a wide spectrum of applications. The new calibration instrument is also a cost-effective alternative to high-end solutions. Within the ...

Production line control with Buchi NIR spectroscopy
October 2015, Labotec

Buchi Labortechnik has introduced industrial spectrometers that measure important parameters for controlling, optimising and documenting key parameters such as moisture, fat or protein in real-time. NIR-Online ...

Frost & Sullivan recognises ­Setpoint’s condition monitoring ­solution
October 2015, PREI Instrumentation

In a market where the online condition monitoring trend is gaining prominence, and diagnostics and predictive maintenance strategies are becoming more important in understanding the causes for machine ...

A highly accurate picture of health
October 2015, Instrotech

Instrotech has launched Monitran’s MTN/5000-16, a robust and reliable microcontroller-based condition monitoring system, in the local market. The system contains up to 16 Monitran g-mac signal conditioning ...

New laser shaft alignment system from SKF
September 2015, SKF South Africa

SKF has announced the TKSA 41 shaft alignment tool with enhanced measuring and reporting capabilities. Developed for use in industrial applications utilising rotating machines, the instrument helps customers ...

Process calibration tools
September 2015, Comtest

Periodic calibration of process instruments is required to keep plants operating efficiently and safely. Fluke has a broad range of process calibration tools for pharmaceutical, refining and other industrial ...

New SKF sensor bearings offer longer service life and ­reduced maintenance costs in AC induction motors
July 2015, SKF South Africa

SKF sensor bearings offer a new generation of SKF motor encoder unit that delivers longer service life and reduced maintenance costs in AC induction motors. The new generation of motor encoder unit delivers ...

Corrosion effects on valves
June 2015, Gemü Valves Africa

Gemü offers expertise for optimal solutions.

Reliability Centred Maintenance
Technews Industry Guide - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2015, Technews Publishing, This Week's Editor's Pick

Maintenance, Reliability, Operations, Asset Management, Asset Integrity, Asset Optimisation, Overall Equipment Effectiveness and a whole alphabet soup of TLAs and FLAs are enough to give any engineer a serious headache.

Connected asset performance management in industrial plants
Technews Industry Guide - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2015

As industrial organisations gain full appreciation for the potential value of connected devices and figure out how to use them effectively, asset and operations optimisation are emerging as the primary IIoT opportunities (at least for the immediate future).

Safe preventative maintenance on electrical equipment
Technews Industry Guide - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2015, R & C Instrumentation

Reducing arc flash risks through the use of electrical maintenance safety devices.

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