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Diffuser plates reduce noise
July 2014

Mitech’s locally manufactured diffuser plates are designed for use with its globe control valves on high pressure drop applications for gases and vapours, greatly reducing the noise level generated by ...

Westlock Controls announces enhanced positioner capability
July 2014, Valve & Automation

Westlock Controls has announced the enhanced network capability of its ICoT smart valve positioner series with the inclusion of the Profibus PA protocol. The ICoT 5500 provides reliable measurement of ...

Plastic in-line globe control valve
May 2014

PSV Mitech’s plastic in-line valve is effectively a hybrid between the dosing valve and the globe control valve. It is a standard globe valve utilising a plastic body similar to the dosing valve, and ...

High-performance positioners
May 2014

Approved by major petrochemical companies, the PSV Mitech conventional range of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic high-performance positioners have three take-off options, making them suitable for almost ...

BMG extends FPV valve range
April 2014, BMG - Bearing Man Group

BMG’s Fluid Power division has extended its range of FPV valves to include new open frame pinch valves, designed for enhanced operating efficiency and extended service life in diverse sectors. These valves ...

Valve & Automation supplies valves for Engen project
April 2014, Valve & Automation

The Engen Back of Berth was implemented to replace the existing 45-year old Durban-Johannesburg pipeline, which was running at full capacity and nearing the end of its design life. To increase the capacity ...

Hygienic valves
April 2014

PSV Mitech has been manufacturing hygienic valves, fittings and pipework for the food processing, brewing and medical sectors for the past 26 years. In these industries poor hygienic design and inferior ...

Robust, standard centrifugal pumps
April 2014

LEO’s XST series of robust, standard centrifugal pumps are designed for circulation and transfer of clean, chemically non-aggressive water and other liquids typically found in water supplies and irrigation, ...

Pneumatic linear actuators
April 2014

The locally designed and manufactured pneumatic linear actuators in the PSV Mitech range feature a double acting or fail open/fail closed operation. Compact in design, they are rated for 1000 kPa and, ...

Intelligent pumps offer significant energy savings
March 2014

Increasing energy costs over the last few decades have put more pressure on companies across all industries to find more efficient ways to utilise energy. Reducing energy consumption reduces both input ...

A.T. Technical Services’ test units for pressure safety valves
March 2014, AT Technical Services & Supplies

The A.T. Technical Services MP3-SRV-FL is a complete solution for testing vacuum and low and high pressure relief devices in gas and liquid services. This versatile test unit features three test solutions: ...

Multistage centrifugal pumps
March 2014

LEO’s ACm multistage centrifugal pumps can be used to transfer clean water or other liquids with similar physical and chemical properties as that of water, in temperatures not exceeding 40°C. The pumps ...

Fugitive emission monitoring
February 2014, Valve & Automation, Southern African Regional PROFIBUS Assoc. (SARPA)

Prevent damaging leakage from valve packaging.

General purpose industrial globe control valves
February 2014

The PSV Mitech range of globe control valves includes two-port globe, three-way globe, two-port angle and sweep-angle types that are available in a choice of carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, chrome ...

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