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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide

Technews Industry Guide - Wireless 2014

Valves, Actuators & Pump Control
Blowdown valves for boilers
November 2014, Mitech

Blowdown valves are a popular category of pipe valve, used in a wide variety of applications, in particular in the sugar industry. They are used to control a continuous flow of steam/fluid under high ...

Aluminium rolling mill relies on sliding gate valves
November 2014, Macsteel Fluid Control

Reliable leak-tightness despite suspended particles and fast response times as cost factors.

Schubert & Salzer valves used in paper manufacturing
October 2014, Macsteel Fluid Control

Pulp production    Whether it is in the cooking of the wood chips needed for the production or in the washing, bleaching and drying of the wood pulp resulting from it, wood pulp production presents ideal ...

Mitech’s steam atomising desuperheaters
October 2014

Mitech’s steam-atomised desuperheaters serve a wide range of applications. They are ideally suited for installations requiring high rangeability in low steam velocity pipelines for reduction and control ...

New solenoid and piston actuated valves
October 2014, Protea Automation Solutions

Protea Automation Solutions has introduced a new range of Italian-made valves for process and industrial applications. Manufactured by M&M International, the valves offer European quality assurance, performance ...

Pro-Cap capping valve for pulping
October 2014, Valve & Automation

Since 1899 NAF valves have been developing and manufacturing for the process industry integrating traditional mechanical construction with intelligent systems. The company’s new capping valve ensures ...

Stafsjö’s eighth knife gate valve generation
October 2014, Valve & Automation

In 1928, Stafsjö started manufacturing knife gate valves in close co-operation with nearby pulp and paper mills. Now the company has introduced its eighth knife gate valve generation, the MP, which is ...

Actuators suitable for a variety of valves
October 2014

Mitech’s ranges of pneumatic linear actuators feature precise stroke adjustment and highly repeatable accuracy. Engineered and manufactured for reliability and precision in production environments, the ...

A giant leap in vacuum pump performance
October 2014, Labotec

The new TurboVac T 350-450 i turbomolecular pump from Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum allows users to optimise pump down times and consistently hit target in terms of pressures and gas flows. Designed to offer ...

Westlock Pharma II for effective sanitary valve monitoring and control
September 2014, Valve & Automation

The Pharma II compact control monitor from Westlock Controls offers cost-effective means of monitoring and controlling sanitary diaphragm valves. It is compatible with all major valve manufacturer products ...

Hygienic valve for CIP operation
September 2014

Mitech’s hygienic valve is ideal for CIP operation in temperatures up to 150°C in the food, brewing and medical industries. The locally designed and manufactured valve is cavity free, allowing it to be ...

Siemens Sipart PS2 valve positioned as multitasker
September 2014, Siemens Industry Automation & Drives Technologies

Automated valve control solution with unprecedented flexibility.

A valve for life
September 2014, Heaton Valves Africa

Unique maintenance features from Orton.

Schubert & Salzer boost efficiency at BMW
August 2014, Macsteel Fluid Control

Sliding gate valves optimise the process reliability of light metal die casting.

A.T. Technical Services’ test units for control valves
August 2014, AT Technical Services & Supplies

Although plant designers tend to treat them as ‘necessary evils’, it is obvious that control valves play a key role in process quality and reliability. Extreme care must be taken to avoid costly premature ...

Heaton Valves Africa wins ESDV project
August 2014, Heaton Valves Africa

Unique design by Orton seals the deal for local supplier.

Total valve solutions
August 2014, Valve & Automation

Prevent damaging leakage from valve packaging.

Modular globe control valves for industry
August 2014

The Mitech range of globe control valves includes two-port globe, three-way globe, two-port angle and sweep-angle types that are available in a choice of carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, chrome ...

Metso keeps the noise down
August 2014, Metso Automation

Rotary valve noise abatement in gas and steam flow control applications.

Westlock Controls announces enhanced positioner capability
July 2014, Valve & Automation

Westlock Controls has announced the enhanced network capability of its ICoT smart valve positioner series with the inclusion of the Profibus PA protocol. The ICoT 5500 provides reliable measurement of ...

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