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Valves, Actuators & Pump Control
40 years of butterfly valve performance
February 2016, Metso South Africa

The evolution from an idea to a successful product family requires both dedication and ­persistence over time.

Added benefits from size of sliding gate valves
February 2016, Macsteel Fluid Control

A DN250 control valve weighing just 50 kg.

Parker’s new Latching-X valve series
February 2016, Parker Hannifin (Africa)

Parker has introduced its Latching-X (LX) valve series, a miniature latching pneumatic solenoid valve typically for air and oxygen delivery. Intended for applications in the medical and life sciences ...

Low maintenance globe valve
February 2016, Gemü Valves Africa

The Gemü 536 pneumatically operated 2/2-way globe valve has a low maintenance membrane actuator which can be controlled by inert gaseous media. The valve plug is fixed to the spindle in such a way as ...

Everything you need in a control valve
January 2016, Valve & Automation

TRI-SHARK from Zwick – exceptional performance and simplicity.

Shut-off safety for burner applications
January 2016, Metso South Africa

OMV Petrom is the largest integrated oil and gas group in south-eastern Europe. For its Petrobrazi refinery in Romania, safety, efficiency and compliance with European regulations are major criteria in ...

Safety in high pressure applications
January 2016, Metso South Africa

Metso’s new XH series high pressure ball valves by Neles have been designed to deliver safety and reliability for multiple high pressure applications. Modern safety and emission standards are setting ...

Sliding gate technology
December 2015, Macsteel Fluid Control

Sliding gate control valves provide accurate, fast and economical control of liquid, steam and gaseous media. They have the following advantages:    • Compact design and minimal weight. • Low actuation ...

Ball sector valve proves itself under abrasive conditions
November 2015, Macsteel Fluid Control

Ball sector valves from Schubert & Salzer excel in abrasive slurry applications.

Hydro-solids pumps for mining applications
November 2015, Becker Mining South Africa

Becker Mining South Africa’s extensive range of light, medium and heavy duty slurry pumps includes the HS range, available in vertical, horizontal and submersible configurations. These pumps are designed ...

Bespoke pneumatic rotary actuators
November 2015, Mitech Control Valves

Mitech offers bespoke pneumatic rotary actuators for maximum reliability in moving, regulating and control applications in the industrial plant and power generation sectors. The locally designed and manufactured ...

Control valves for high pressure applications
November 2015, Mitech Control Valves

Mitech’s locally designed and manufactured globe control valves are capable of handling high pressures, high and low temperatures, a range of corrosive fluids and large pressure drops. The stainless steel ...

Efficient closing of shutoff valves
October 2015, ABB South Africa

Butterfly valves, ball valves and plug valves are frequently used as shutoff valves since they produce only negligible pressure losses, and thus energy losses, when fully opened. This is an important ...

Valves switch up to four times ­faster
October 2015, Macsteel Fluid Control

Pneumatic volume booster for set-point signal from positioner to actuator.

Petrol powered water pumps
October 2015

LEO’s petrol powered water pumps are designed to transfer clean water with liquid temperatures between 0 and 40°C. They are particularly suited for use in water supply and drainage applications in factories, ...

Boiler feedwater control valves
October 2015, Mitech Control Valves

Boiler feedwater control valves must achieve a smooth start-up and maintain the required drum level for safe, reliable and efficient plant operation. The high pressure differential at start-up or low-load ...

Tough, safe, second to none
October 2015

Lined diaphragm valves and butterfly valves in the pulp and paper industry.

Stafsjö’s MP – the eighth knife gate valve generation
October 2015, Valve & Automation

In 1928, Stafsjö started to manufacture knife gate valves in close co-operation with nearby pulp and paper mills. Now the company has introduced its eighth knife gate valve generation, the MP, which is ...

Steam jacketed valve bodies
October 2015, Mitech Control Valves

Mitech’s steam jackets ensure consistent valve heating or cooling of process media to prevent crystallisation or seizing of flowing media. The jacketed valve helps the high temperature steam or oil flow ...

Controlling valve noise
October 2015, Mitech Control Valves

Control valve noise is generated by high pressure drops across the valve and by the subsequent turbulence downstream. As a result, noise is radiated to the surrounding area by the downstream piping system. ...

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