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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide

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Sensors & Transducers
HVAC multi-probe anemometer
July 2016, ASSTech Process Electronics + Instrumentation

French manufacturer Kimo has designed the versatile VT200 air velocity and airflow control device that is available in six different configurations. Easy to read with a large graphic display and blue ...

Leuze all-in-one measuring station
July 2016, Countapulse Controls

Depending on the application, sensors can be used for object measurement as well as for objection detection. The Leuze LSC 200 is a complete system, or all-in-one measurement station, and is suited to ...

Telco sensors in bio-boiler control applications
July 2016, Gail Norton Instrumentation

To control the feed to the burner, both the minimum and maximum levels have to be controlled and that is done by using the Telco (PA 11) amplifier in conjunction with a Telco Light Transmitter and Light ...

Bulkscan LMS51 optimises coal extraction
June 2016, SICK Automation Southern Africa

Inden is a strip-mining site in the Rhineland brown coal mining district. The field is approximately 4500 hectares in size and its coal seams are up to 45 metres thick, lying as far as 230 metres beneath ...

Light curtain for industrial door safety applications
June 2016, Gail Norton Instrumentation

Telco Sensors’ infrared Spaceguard series devices consist of a multi-beam transmitter and receiver unit, which are mounted opposite each other at the entrance of the door, whereby the infrared light from ...

Miniature transit time sensor
June 2016, ASSTech Process Electronics + Instrumentation

Wenglor’s miniature transit time sensor measures just 22 x 32 x 12 mm, which is ideal for checking presence and position monitoring in tight spaces. At the same time, the device offers a working range ...

Pulp and paper benefits from Telco sensors
May 2016, Gail Norton Instrumentation

Some of the toughest challenges for sensors are found in the pulp and paper industry. Here, high temperatures and a contaminated environment make it difficult for optical sensors to operate accurately ...

Electronic transmitter with ceramic sensor
May 2016, Instrotech

Kobold Instrumentation’s SEN-96 is an electronic transmitter with ceramic sensor for air, gas, water and oil. It can be installed in gas distribution, hydraulic and high pressure water plants, as well ...

Relative humidity probe with user control
May 2016, Instrotech

Michell Instruments has introduced the advanced new HygroSmart HS3 interchangeable relative humidity and temperature probe. It is 100% configurable, giving users maximum flexibility. It also allows for ...

Industry 4.0 and the implications for sensor technology
May 2016, Omron Electronics

Introduced as a concept in 2011 to describe and connect trends across different industries, the term Industry 4.0 has evolved to herald a new paradigm in manufacturing. Defined loosely as the computerisation ...

Dual port bar code scanners
May 2016, SICK Automation Southern Africa

SICK’s CLV615 dual port bar code scanner, featuring an integrated switch that makes it easy to install the sensor in a Profinet IO network. Installation in a line and ring topology reduces the amount ...

Turck expands ­ultrasonic sensor portfolio
May 2016, RET Automation Controls

Turck has added new designs to its portfolio of ultrasonic sensors. The RU sensor in the M18 housing is now also available as a right-angled head variant. Its radiation angle is rotated by 90°, which ...

Ecolink M12 – a new dimension in ifm technology
May 2016, ifm Electronic RSA

The ecolink M12 connection technology from ifm electronic provides optimum sealing even when mounting without any tools. The mechanical end-stop protects the O-ring against destruction. The M12 connector ...

Ultra-compact photoelectric sensing solutions from Autonics
April 2016

The ultra-compact type BTS and BTF series photoelectric sensors from Autonics Corporation are ideal for installation in limited spaces or compact sized applications. With built-in amplifiers and powerful ...

Photoelectric sensors for hygienic applications
April 2016, SICK Automation Southern Africa

Years of practical testing prove W8 Inox in the meat processing industry.

High pressure sensors
April 2016, RET Automation Controls

To keep up with advanced manufacturing technologies and the continuously shrinking sizes of applications, RET Automation Controls is introducing high pressure inductive sensors in an M12 housing. Previously ...

Keeping your optical distance
April 2016, Instrotech

To supplement its range of devices to measure length, angle, rotational speed and incline, Siko has released a new range of optical distance sensors covering a wealth of applications. The LA170 and LA060 ...

Combined velocity and temperature sensor
April 2016, Instrotech

Instrotech has launched Monitran’s MTN/2285STC, a combined velocity and temperature sensor with 4-20 mA range outputs for industrial monitoring applications. This dual-output sensor is ideal for monitoring ...

Intelligent vibration sensor from ifm electronic
April 2016, ifm Electronic RSA

For the majority of rotating machines, such as motors, fans and pumps, which are often monitored manually or not at all, ifm electronic has a simple and interesting alternative. The latest member of ...

Smart camera for image processing offers new enhanced features
April 2016, ASSTech Process Electronics + Instrumentation

The feature-enhanced Wenglor weCube smart camera for industrial image processing now includes optical character recognition (OCR). In addition, a further variant has been developed with C Mount threaded ...

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