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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide

Technews Industry Guide - Wireless 2014

Sensors & Transducers
Krohne ­presents ­complete ­portfolio for the beverage ­industry
February 2015, Krohne

Krohne recently presented its complete portfolio of solutions for beverage applications. In addition to the measurement of volume and mass flow for process and filling machine applications, level, pressure ...

3-phase current measurement
February 2015, Denver Technical Products

UK-based ProSys has released a new series of 3Ø micro-flex Rogowski current probes. There are three current ranges, 10, 100 and 1000 A, with a frequency response of 20 to 10 kHz (-2 dB). The probe aperture ...

Precise analog signals where space is at a premium
February 2015, ifm Electronic RSA

The new PT/PU pressure sensors from ifm electronic have a thin film measuring cell directly welded to the process connection. This technology guarantees high accuracy in a very compact housing with only ...

Encoder with user definable pulse counting
February 2015, RET Automation Controls

The new incremental version of Turck’s contactless QR24 encoder can be set to individual requirements by software or teach adaptor, allowing the pulse rates to be defined by the customer. The user simply ...

Capacitive sensor gives more transparency
February 2015, ifm Electronic RSA

It is now possible to integrate process values into the IT structure via an intelligent sensor interface and to achieve easier indication, analysis and evaluation. ifm electronic’s new KG5065 capacitive ...

Capacitive sensors with single-click Teach
February 2015, RET Automation Controls

Turck has announced the next generation of its capacitive sensors, the BCT series, which are primarily used for level measurement. Instead of using a potentiometer as before, the sensors can be taught ...

Reliable detection of challenging objects
February 2015, SICK Automation Southern Africa

Scanning line sensor for versatile automation and packaging solutions.

Safety light curtains as linked versions
February 2015, Countapulse Controls

Leuze MLC 500 safety light curtains are now also available as linked versions. Rigid L and U-shaped connections as well as variants with flexible cable connections can be used. The host-guest variants ...

Telco sensors go green
February 2015, Gail Norton Instrumentation

The need for efficient water management in our country has never been as important as it is in the present day. In one such instance, Telco Sensors collaborates to conserve this vital element by using ...

Retro reflective ­sensors detect small and large objects
February 2015, Countapulse Controls

The new RK 46C.DXL VarOS retro reflective sensor from Leuze features a wide light band to detect both small and large objects, even with gaps. “A handy ‘teach me’ function allows the sensor to be adapted ...

Banner Engineering’s modular tower light with enhanced capabilities
February 2015, RET Automation Controls

Banner Engineering has introduced the EZ-Light TL70 modular tower light. Offering superior flexibility, the TL70 can be customised as needed, which allows for easy position changes in the field. The big, ...

Meter for compressed air consumption
January 2015, ifm Electronic RSA

The efector Metris compressed air consumption meter from ifm electronic allows compressed air users to keep a tally of exactly how much this expensive resource is being used or wasted. It is a low-cost ...

Robust Telco sensors triumph in mining ­applications
January 2015, Gail Norton Instrumentation

The superior performance and robustness of Telco’s photoelectric sensors ensure that there are no limits to the solutions it can provide in the toughest and most contaminated conditions imaginable. Recently, ...

Omniflex products achieve nuclear approvals
January 2015, Omniflex Automation Products

With increasing reliance on ‘smart’ instruments in safety systems throughout the UK nuclear industry, Omniflex has announced that the Omniterm range of smart instruments has now been substantiated by ...

Laser distance sensor with two-line display
January 2015, RET Automation Controls

A new laser measurement sensor featuring an intuitive two-line user interface display has been introduced by Banner Engineering. The LE550 sensor offers a combination of range, repeatability, accuracy ...

Compact standard signal converter
January 2015, Mecosa

The cost-sensitive converters from Knick’s BasicLine series cover all standard control cabinet functions. The versatile BL 510 isolation amplifier in a space-saving 6 mm DIN-rail housing converts standard ...

IO-Link memory plug
December 2014, ifm Electronic RSA

The IO-Link memory plug from ifm electronic allows plant operators to manage sensor data quickly and easily. When used in combination with IO-Link sensors, the memory plug reads the data parameters automatically ...

SKF Insight - intelligent bearing technology
December 2014, SKF South Africa

Bearings, which have long been considered the heart of rotating machinery, are now the brain as well thanks to SKF Insight, a smart technology developed for machine condition monitoring. SKF’s development ...

Laser sensor for optimised positioning and measuring
December 2014, RET Automation Controls

Banner Engineering has expanded its L-Gage LE family of laser sensors with the new LE250. Optimised for measurements ranging from 100 to 400 mm, the LE250 features superior measurement precision and a ...

SKF wireless ­machine condition monitoring
December 2014, SKF South Africa

New condition monitoring sensor suitable for hazardous environments uses WirelessHART.

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