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Safety systems for wrap-around packaging applications
February 2017, SICK Automation Southern Africa

Monitoring feed magazines for carton blanks: detecting quantities available and preventing accidents.

Fighting corrosion: a guideline
February 2017, WIKA Instruments

How measuring instruments for the oil and gas industry are designed in accordance with the NACE standard.

Electrical components and systems for explosion protection
February 2017, Pepperl+Fuchs

The range of applications in potentially explosive areas is virtually limitless. Even for standard applications, completely different sets of requirements exist depending on type of protection, sector, ...

Handheld RFID reader is Ex certified
January 2017, Extech Safety Systems, Industrial Wireless

The latest addition to Extronics’ passive RFID range, the iRFID500 handheld Bluetooth passive RFID reader, is designed to integrate with existing business processes and IIoT networks to improve efficiency ...

Fuel gas firing overview
January 2017

There are four options for fuel gas control which vary in cost and operating complexity.

Yokogawa releases enhanced version of ProSafe-RS
January 2017, Yokogawa South Africa

Yokogawa has announced the release of ProSafe-RS R4.02.00. With this latest release of the ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system, a number of functional safety management (FSM) related functions have ...

Barcode scanner for use in hazardous areas
January 2017, Extech Safety Systems, Industrial Wireless

Managing inventory and tracing assets can be a laborious and time-consuming process, especially in hazardous areas, but Extronics now offers a cost-effective solution to the problem – the new iSCAN range ...

Verifi equipment monitoring
December 2016, Spero Sensors & Instrumentation

Using the Internet to verify fire risk exposure.

Reliable handheld gas detection device
December 2016, Booyco Electronics

The new generation IP68 rated Sentient handheld unit is a cost-effective, sophisticated and low maintenance gas detection device for the mining industry. The instrument, available from Booyco Electronics, ...

Protection of people and assets above and below ground
November 2016, Booyco Electronics

Booyco Electronics’ fully integrated proximity detection system (PDS) represents the latest generation of this technology and offers a supply of information, enabling the safety intervention capability ...

Safety range from RS Components
November 2016, RS Components SA

Industry-leading range of safety products, advice and support from RS helps customers tackle tough safety concerns.

Safe monitoring of under speed
October 2016, ifm Electronic RSA

The speed monitor DU110S from ifm electronic has been developed for safety-related minimum speed monitoring required, for example, for slip or V-belt monitoring. An application example is the industrial ...

Safety light curtain made simple
September 2016, SICK Automation Southern Africa

The introduction of the deTec4 Core and deTec2 Core safety light curtains has made protecting hazardous points and access points easier than ever. Now, the newest member of the family, the deTec4 Prime, ...

The benefits of safety lifecycle management
September 2016

Industry standards mandate safety lifecycle management. Most industrial organisations are aware of and comply with those standards. However, it may be difficult to demonstrate compliance if the necessary ...

Aegex IS tablet achieves dust and fibres certifications
September 2016, Extech Safety Systems

The Aegex10 intrinsically safe tablet has attained the highest North American certification for protection against dust and fibre flyings. The Aegex10 was the first Windows 10 tablet to gain global certifications ...

Emerson introduces new flame ­detectors
September 2016, Emerson Automation Solutions

Emerson has announced the release of the Rosemount 975 flame detectors, a complete line of optical flame detectors designed to perform in the harshest environmental conditions and connect directly to ...

Aegex10 intrinsically safe tablet certified for mining
August 2016, Extech Safety Systems, Industrial Computer Hardware

Aegex Technologies has added a mining certificate to its portfolio of global certifications for safe use in hazardous industrial operations. The Aegex10 intrinsically safe tablet is globally certified ...

Smart and safe mining machines
August 2016, Booyco Electronics

Legislation mandating the use of pedestrian detection systems (PDS) came into being in South Africa in 2015, driving the deployment of Booyco Electronics’ locally manufactured systems on local mines. ...

Aegex10 intrinsically safe tablet now certified for mining
Technews Industry Guide - Industrial Internet of Things 2016, Extech Safety Systems, Industrial Computer Hardware

Aegex Technologies has added a mining certificate to its portfolio of global certifications for safe use in the world’s most hazardous industrial operations. The Aegex10 intrinsically safe Windows 10 ...

Extronics announce iWAP107 access point enclosure for deployment in hazardous areas
Technews Industry Guide - Industrial Internet of Things 2016, Extech Safety Systems

Extronics has announced the launch of the iWAP107, the latest in the iWAP series of ATEX and IECEx approved access point enclosure systems. The new iWAP107 brings the advantages of MIMO technology to ...

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