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Pressure Measurement & Control
The use and the advantages of ­diaphragm pressure gauges
December 2015, WIKA Instruments

Diaphragm pressure gauges are the specialists in the process industry when it comes to critical measuring tasks such as with highly corrosive or viscous media or when it comes to low pressure and also overpressure.

Optimise thickener efficiency for maximum profitability
November 2015, Endress+Hauser

The continual improvement of the steps in the ore conversion process is critical to the profitability of mine operations.

Why temperature compensation matters for pressure measurement
November 2015, Pinnacle Instruments SA

Have you ever wondered how much impact environmental temperature has on your pressure sensors?

Mill optimisation at coal-fired power stations
November 2015, ABB South Africa

Pressure measurement using ABB’s direct mount transmitters with Diaflex coated diaphragm.

High-precision pressure transmitters added to ­Sitrans family
November 2015, Siemens Digital Factory & Process Ind. & Drives

Siemens has extended the Sitrans P family of its pressure transmitter portfolio. By adding the newly developed Sitrans P310 and P410 to the Basic and Advanced segments and the proven Sitrans P500 in the ...

Pressure transducer with signal processing
September 2015, WIKA Instruments

WIKA has added a new OEM pressure transducer to its portfolio: Model TI-1 with digital signal processing is a fast and precise measuring device, e.g. for data loggers, process transmitters and handhelds. ...

Krohne’s complete pressure ­portfolio
August 2015, Krohne

The release of the Optibar series extends Krohne’s range of process instrumentation to include pressure measurement. Since the release of the first compact pressure transmitter in 2012, the company has ...

Higher-precision pressure ­transmitters added to Sitrans ­family
August 2015, Siemens Digital Factory & Process Ind. & Drives

Siemens has extended the Sitrans P family of its pressure transmitter portfolio. By adding the newly developed Sitrans P310 and P410 to the basic and advanced segments, and the proven Sitrans P500, in ...

Emerson introduces new oil and gas transmitter
May 2015, Emerson Process Management SA

Rosemount 4088 MultiVariable transmitter’s extended range maximises process profitability.

Avoiding additional sources of error
April 2015, WIKA Instruments

Advantages of digital signal transmission in pressure sensors.

Protecting pressure gauges and transmitters against water hammer
April 2015, SA Gauge

Water hammer is a high pressure surge or wave created by the kinetic energy of moving fluid when it is rapidly forced to stop or change direction, altering the liquid’s velocity. Rapid stopping or starting ...

Take the edge off the pressure
March 2015, WIKA Instruments

Criteria for the selection of fittings for pressure gauges.

DP-flow – permanent pressure loss
March 2015, Endress+Hauser

Permanent pressure loss is an important matter of which every engineer, designer or technician should be aware. Several sources contribute to the pressure loss of a system, the most important being: pipe ...

Pressure transmitter for applications in hazardous areas
February 2015, WIKA Instruments

The model IS-3 pressure transmitter is available with measuring ranges up to 6000 bar and is suitable for applications ranging from general machine building to high-pressure applications in the LDPE production. ...

Choosing the right pressure gauge for the task
November 2014, Blanes Instruments

This buyer’s guide explains the important features and specifications to look for and understand when purchasing pressure measurement devices.

New IGP ­pressure gauge from Foxboro
November 2014, Allpronix

The Foxboro I/A Pressure S series model IGP10S transmitter is an intelligent, two-wire transmitter that provides precise, reliable measurement of gauge pressure and transmits a 4 to 20 mA output with ...

The right pressure transmitter for every industry
October 2014, Siemens Digital Factory & Process Ind. & Drives

The Sitrans P from Siemens is a complete family of pressure measuring products offering attractive new levels of price and performance.

Diaphragm seal systems for vacuum processes
October 2014, WIKA Instruments

WIKA has developed four categories of diaphragm seal systems for vacuum applications.

A-10 pressure transmitter with GL approval
October 2014, WIKA Instruments

Germanischer Lloyd has awarded WIKA’s A-10 pressure transmitter with GL approval. The certificate has been issued for Environmental Category D, H, EMC1 and the now approved A-10 will be used primarily ...

Kobold’s PAS pressure transmitter
September 2014, Instrotech

Kobold Messring has introduced the PAS pressure transmitter that enables precise monitoring of absolute and gauge pressures. The PAS is a microprocessor-based, high performance transmitter, which has ...

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