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Technews Industry Guide - Wireless 2014

AAF Preview 2015

Flow Measurement & Control
VA40 WIM with electrical output signal
March 2015, Krohne

Krohne’s new 4-20 mA output option for variable area flowmeters with glass measuring tube.

Contactless flow measurement for critical media
March 2015

Reliability and precision are key characteristics of the C38 SonicLine flowmeter from Gemü. The device, which was originally developed for the semiconductor market, is perfectly suited to applications ...

Measuring the flow of salt water
March 2015, Instrotech

Salt or seawater contains chemicals that cause different physical and chemical properties in comparison to fresh water. The salinity of seawater has an influence on density, on the different temperatures ...

Gemü 3030 mFlow
February 2015

Compact, flexible and cost effective.

Accurate process control through hygienic flowmeters
February 2015, Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser reduce metering costs with multivariable measuring technology designed for ease of cleaning.

Kobold’s new low volume variable area flowmeters for liquids and gasses
January 2015, Instrotech

Kobold Instrumentation has launched the KFR line of acrylic body flowmeters for liquids and gasses, offering the right balance between low cost, accuracy and range availability. Bridging the micro and ...

Wenglor’s product range for fluid engineering
January 2015, ASSTech Process Electronics + Instrumentation

German-based Wenglor has introduced a new measuring product range dedicated to the process measurement of fluids. A process which is unique in the field of flow sensor technology allows the WenglorFluid ...

Carbon dioxide control in soft drink production
January 2015, Endress+Hauser

Soft drinks are a popular beverage with a long history of brand value and loyalty. Basic ingredients include water, flavouring, sugars and colourants. Over time, consumer tastes have varied, so while ...

Ceramic flowmeters for the chemical industry
December 2014, Krohne

Krohne currently offers a variety of different device types featuring ceramic measuring tubes: in addition to their use with acids and bases in chemistry, the flowmeters used in bottling machines in the beverage industry are almost exclusively equipped with ceramic measuring tubes.

Kobold’s gear wheel flowmeter for viscous liquids
December 2014, Instrotech

Kobold Instrumentation has introduced its oval wheel flowmeter model DOM, specifically for fuel consumption measurement in diesel engines using the dual flow inputs and the ‘A-B’ setting. A pair of DOM ...

What is special about a ‘Custody Transfer’ flowmeter?
November 2014, Endress+Hauser

By Michael Keilty, standards and metrology manager Endress+Hauser Flowtec division USA.

The ST100 mass flowmeter
November 2014, Elemental Analytics

Gas flow measurement is now ‘future-ready’.

Endress+Hauser’s FTR20 blockage detector
November 2014, Endress+Hauser

In order to ensure a continuous flow of recycled material to the melting furnace, blockages must be detected. The Solimotion FTR20 bulk solids motion detector is the perfect candidate to be put in charge ...

New thermal mass flowmeter
November 2014, Elemental Analytics

The debut of the breakthrough ST100 Series thermal mass flow meter from Fluid Components International (FCI) sets a new benchmark in process gas flow measurement instrumentation. It combines superior ...

Krohne’s new Optiswirl 4200
November 2014, Krohne

Krohne has introduced the new Optiswirl 4200 vortex flowmeter for the measurement of conducting and non-conducting liquids, gases and steam. The new device is targeted at auxiliary and supply applications ...

Summit 8800 by Krohne
November 2014, Krohne

Krohne’s Summit 8800 flow computer was developed for the oil & gas industry with functionality, ease of maintenance and ease of use in mind. Its modular design makes it economically advantageous in a ...

Sensus technology reduces water leakage in the USA
October 2014, Sensus South Africa

Using the power of Sensus smart water networks, the Borough of Monaca in Pennsylvania has saved millions of litres of water thus reinforcing its commitment to sustainability. Monaca has made key improvements ...

Phosphate precipitation in wastewater treatment plants
October 2014, Instrotech

Kobold Instrumentation was tasked to provide a solution for the problem of phosphate precipitation in wastewater treatment plants. By adding iron (III) chloride (FeCl3) into the aeration basin, the ...

Measuring water flow made easy
October 2014, Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser’s Promag 400 with industry-optimised design is well adapted for the growing technological challenges in water supply networks and facilities. In both urban and rural areas water has become ...

Krohne’s Waterflux battery-powered water meter
October 2014, Krohne

Krohne’s Waterflux is an electromagnetic flowmeter for applications in the field of water and wastewater. As a result, it is designed for custody transfer according to European Directive MI-001 and the ...

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