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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide

Technews Industry Guide - Wireless 2014

Flow Measurement & Control
Measuring water flow made easy
October 2014, Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser’s Promag 400 with industry-optimised design is well adapted for the growing technological challenges in water supply networks and facilities. In both urban and rural areas water has become ...

Krohne’s Waterflux battery-powered water meter
October 2014, Krohne

Krohne’s Waterflux is an electromagnetic flowmeter for applications in the field of water and wastewater. As a result, it is designed for custody transfer according to European Directive MI-001 and the ...

Phosphate precipitation in wastewater treatment plants
October 2014, Instrotech

Kobold Instrumentation was tasked to provide a solution for the problem of phosphate precipitation in wastewater treatment plants. By adding iron (III) chloride (FeCl3) into the aeration basin, the ...

Sensus technology reduces water leakage in the USA
October 2014, Sensus South Africa

Using the power of Sensus smart water networks, the Borough of Monaca in Pennsylvania has saved millions of litres of water thus reinforcing its commitment to sustainability. Monaca has made key improvements ...

Badger nutating disc flowmeters
September 2014, Allpronix

The RCDL disc meter combines the accuracy of positive displacement design with the reliability and economy of nutating disc technology. Well suited for measuring the flow of water and other fluids, hot ...

Magnetic inductive flowmeter for high flow rates
September 2014, ifm Electronic RSA

The SM Series magmeter from ifm electronic is designed to detect the flow rate of conductive media up to 50 l/m in the SM7 series or even 100 l/m in the SM8 variant. The SM Magmeter’s stainless steel, ...

Flow measurement in cooling circuits
August 2014, SICK Automation Southern Africa

The FFU ultrasonic flowmeter from SICK proves a superior alternative to mechanical flow measurement in cooling circuits. In process engineering cooling circuits, coolant is lost due to evaporation or ...

Honeywell’s new ultrasonic ­flowmeter for pipeline monitoring
August 2014, Honeywell ACS South Africa

Honeywell has released its newest ultrasonic flowmeter designed to help natural gas producers improve efficiency by more accurately tracking the movement of gas through pipelines. The USM GT400 ultrasonic ...

Polysulfone paddle flow monitor
July 2014, Instrotech

German-based Kobold Instrumentation manufactures a polysulfone paddle to monitor flow for nominal pipe sizes greater than NW 32. Applications include the monitoring of cooling circuits, dry running protection ...

Converter for the water and wastewater industry
July 2014, Krohne

Water is destined to become an ever scarcer resource. Therefore reliable measurement of water flows is extremely important, even under difficult environmental conditions where robust devices are needed. ...

Fluxus ADM 5107 economic water ­flowmeters
July 2014, Peter Jones Electronic Equipment

The Fluxus ADM 5107 is Flexim’s solution for flow metering applications found in the water and wastewater industry. As Flexim’s basic and economic alternative, the ADM 5107 offers the same benefits in ...

Leakage detection through effective flow measurement
July 2014, ABB South Africa

Accurate metering reduces wastage and increases revenue in water supply networks.

Flexibly positioned flow sensors
June 2014, RET Automation Controls

Turck’s new flowmeters are fitted with a sensor unit that can be freely aligned as required. The new plug-in mounting concept of the FCST series enables the sensor unit to be aligned in the flow channel ...

Fast reacting flow sensor from ASSTech
June 2014, ASSTech Process Electronics + Instrumentation

Intended for use in water and water mediums, the Jumo Pinos L01 flow sensors offers especially quick reaction times. It can be used for example to check cooling circuits, compressors, pumps and heat exchangers. ...

Krohne Profile
May 2014, Krohne, News

The early days Krohne, long established in the field of industrial measurement, and well known in our mining, chemical and other industries, was started almost by chance in 1921, after a friend commissioned ...

Flow measurement made easy
April 2014, ABB South Africa

Nantong water plant picks ABB magmeters for custody transfer at giant new pumping station in China.

Easy to install ultrasonic transducers
April 2014, Peter Jones Electronic Equipment

Flexim’s WaveInjector, along with its ultrasonic transducers, is simply clamped on to the outer surface of the pipe using coupling plates for a proper acoustic contact. This means that there is no need ...

Mechatronic flow sensor for high temperatures
April 2014, ifm Electronic RSA

ifm electronic’s robust and maintenance-free SBT633 mechatronic flow sensor works on the principle of a spring-supported piston. The piston, located in the valve seat in the housing, is lifted against ...

Heartbeat Technology – the ­smarter way to proof-test
April 2014, Endress+Hauser

Flowmeters in functional safety applications must ensure maximum reliability. Endress+Hauser’s Proline flowmeters’ Heartbeat Technology provides the most comprehensive range of built-in diagnostics along ...

Highly precise ultrasonic flowmeter for gases
April 2014, Krohne

Krohne’s Optisonic 7300 2-beam ultrasonic measuring device determines the flow of process gases with maximum precision and longevity. Thanks to the newly designed titanium sensors and innovative signal ...

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