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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide

Flow Measurement & Control
Versatile flow measurement
November 2017, ASSTech Process Electronics & Instrumentation

When it comes to flow measurement, operators have the choice of a large variety of methods. Measurement using differential pressure is deemed particularly reliable and robust, where both the pressure ...

Ultrasonic flowmeter for superheated steam
November 2017, KROHNE

Krohne’s Optisonic 8300 represents a dedicated ultrasonic flowmeter for the measurement of superheated steam. The 2-beam instrument stands out with a measuring accuracy of 1%, high repeatability, and ...

Finetek’s EPD electromagnetic flowmeter
November 2017, Temperature Controls

Finetek’s self-designed and manufactured electromagnetic flowmeter (EPD) has passed all critical tests and verifications during a six-month trial period. The EPD flowmeter is now approved by French-based ...

Battery-powered water meter is suitable for harsh conditions
November 2017, Siemens Digital Factory & Process Indust. & Drives

With its Sitrans F M MAG 8000, Siemens offers a battery-operated water meter which is suitable for use under even the harshest of environmental conditions and provides highly accurate readings despite ...

Having problems measuring difficult media?
October 2017, Instrotech

Kobold has a turbine wheel flowmeter, model DOT, that is perfectly suited to low viscosity applications. Proven turbine wheel technology measures and monitors difficult media such as distilled water, ...

Calorimetric flowmeter for liquids and gases
October 2017, ifm Electronic RSA

The SA volumetric flow sensor operates using the calorimetric measuring principle with measuring elements as well as the heat source located on the measuring tip. The physical effect used is that a flowing ...

Instrumentation and measurement solutions for the water industry
October 2017, KROHNE

Krohne has been active in water markets for over 60 years. In fact, the company introduced its first electromagnetic flowmeter for water and sludge in 1961. Since then, it has not only developed a complete ...

Monitoring gas burners
October 2017, Instrotech

Whenever a flow of gases needs to be adjusted or monitored, Kobold has available its model UTS, a practical and affordable variable area flowmeter for monitoring gas burners. This compact measuring instrument ...

Accurate echo
September 2017, Instrotech

Kobold has on offer the model NUS-4 ultrasonic level meter, to be used for non-contact, continuous level and volume measurement in vessels or for flow measurement in open channels. Level measurement technology ...

Tidalflux 2300 F electromagnetic flowmeter
September 2017, KROHNE

Flowmeter with integrated level measurement for partially filled pipes.

Compact stainless-steel sensor for flow measurement
September 2017, SICK Automation Southern Africa

Intelligent solutions for level, temperature, flow, and pressure measurement from SICK Automation’s product portfolio are proven to meet the stringent requirements for safety and hygiene in the food and ...

Kobold’s low volume flowmeters
September 2017, Instrotech

Kobold has introduced its model KDF/ KDG, low volume flowmeters and monitors, also available with shorter (90 mm) installation length. The instruments operate on the suspended float principle with a ...

Measuring volumetric flow by means of oscillation
August 2017, Instrotech

Kobold offers the DOG range of flowmeters that use the unique oscillation principle to measure dry or humid gases even in low pressure applications. In this measuring procedure, a partial stream of the ...

Flow sensors for the water industry
August 2017, ASSTech Process Electronics & Instrumentation

Flow sensors are required in a wide range of industries for use in water and aqueous media in applications such as to control cooling circuits, compressors, pumps and heat exchangers, or for leak detection, ...

ISO standard for cone meters
August 2017, UIC Instrumentation

With decades of proven performance, the innovative V-Cone flowmeter from McCrometer conforms to the industry standard ISO 5167 Part 5: Cone Meters, which helps engineers make better informed decisions ...

Electronic flow switch with digital display
July 2017, WIKA Instruments

By winning the ‘iF product design award’ for its model PSD-30 pressure switch, WIKA has already confirmed the successful design and the excellent functionality of its switch family. Adding to this, the ...

Endress+Hauser flowmeters now with Heartbeat Technology
Technews Industry Guide: Industrial Internet of Things 2017, Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser has completed its portfolio of radar instruments with Micropilot FMR60, FMR62 and FMR67. The new Micropilot series are the first instruments equipped with 80 GHz technology, which have ...

Fieldgate FXA42
Technews Industry Guide: Industrial Internet of Things 2017, Endress+Hauser

To make effective decisions, the availability of high quality online and real-time data is essential. From simple monitoring and visualisation of tanks and silos through to monitoring on a global scale: ...

A guide to vortex flowmeters
June 2017, EOH Process Automation Solutions

The vortex shedding flowmeter emerged 25 to 30 years ago and has steadily grown in acceptance to become a major flow measurement technique. Its appeal is due, in part, to the fact that it has no moving ...

An evolution in gas measurement
June 2017, SICK Automation Southern Africa

Ultrasonic gas flowmeter from SICK Automation.

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