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Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring
Safeguard boiler water and steam purity
March 2017, Microsep

Mettler Toledo Thornton offers an advanced sodium analyser for pure water treatment, power steam and power condensate monitoring. The 2300NA provides assurance of water purity to minimise corrosion and ...

ABB extends Navigator for power applications
March 2017, ABB South Africa

ABB’s new Navigator 500 analyser family brings a compact, reliable and accurate range of instruments for high purity water treatment and boiler chemistry monitoring applications. Providing continuous ...

Custom-made de-aeration skids
November 2016, Instek Control

With collaboration from Instek Control, Centec recently delivered four DeGaS-Cold de-aeration skids to a major brewing facility in southern Africa. These skids were completely custom manufactured according ...

High-efficiency evaporation system for mine wastewater
November 2016

After identifying the need for an environmentally safe evaporation system to reduce excess wastewater at mines, I-CAT Water Solutions developed the I-VAP 500 Evaporation Cannon, which is capable of handling ...

Rockwell Automation outlines connected mine
November 2016, Rockwell Automation

Connectivity and information sharing can improve business performance and reduce risk.

Hygrometer for reliable control of sintering processes
November 2016, Instrotech

Michell Instruments has introduced its new S8000RS chilled-mirror hygrometer, which offers an accuracy of 0,1°C and a wide measurement range of -90 to +20°C dew point, making it the ideal choice for moisture ...

In-situ gas analyser with minimum maintenance
November 2016, Microsep

Tuneable diode laser (TDL) spectroscopy is rapidly becoming the gas analysis technology of choice in industrial processes. But sometimes users find that conditions at the measurement location can limit ...

Young sensors measure atmospheric visibility
October 2016, Inteltronics

      The Model 73000 Sentry Visibility Sensor The Young Sentry Visibility Sensor measures atmospheric visibility (meteorological optical range) by determining the amount of light scattered by particles ...

World leader in liquid analysis
October 2016, Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser receives Frost & Sullivan Global Company of the Year Award.

Accurate measurements for process and quality control of LNG
October 2016, Endress+Hauser

“The majority of natural gas is transported via onshore or offshore gas pipelines,” says Carmine Canale, business development manager – Gas Analytics at Endress+Hauser South Africa. “For stranded gas ...

The next standard in turbidity measurement
October 2016, PREI Instrumentation

PREI Instrumentation is the South African distributor for Hach online liquid analysis equipment. Hach has been a leader in turbidity measurement since Clifford Hach introduced the first continuous turbidimeter ...

Emerson introduces continuous gas analyser
September 2016, Emerson Automation Solutions

Rack-mounted Rosemount CT5400 ideally suited to process analytics.

New design simplifies radiation monitoring
July 2016, Omniflex Automation Products

The Omniflex Radiological Protection Gateway (RPN1) is a revolutionary new product, based on well-proven technology that simplifies the process of gathering data from Lab Impex and Canberra Radiation ...

Discharge limits under control
July 2016, Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser helps electroplating and tanning companies achieve environmentally compliant processes.

Pure water optical DO sensor
July 2016, Microsep

Fast response and reduced maintenance for dissolved oxygen measurement.

Emerson introduces hybrid laser analyser
July 2016, Emerson Automation Solutions

Rosemount CT5100 provides continuous gas analysis to ensure regulatory compliance and prevent unexpected shutdowns.

Environmental monitoring in hazardous areas
July 2016, Spero Sensors & Instrumentation

Do you need intrinsically safe monitoring in underground coal mines?

Tasteful water: iron control optimised
June 2016, Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser’s new Liquiline System CA80FE colorimetric analyser offers precise monitoring of dissolved iron content in water.

New radiation survey meter
May 2016, Comtest

Comtest has introduced the Fluke 481 radiation survey meter, a portable and practical means of identifying irradiated goods that can help remediate contamination and safety issues while minimally impacting ...

Inline analyser system for edible oil and fat processing
May 2016, Krohne

Krohne has introduced Optiquad-EOF 4050 W for the continuous inline measurement of free fatty acids (FFA), total polar material (TPM), peroxide value (POV), moisture or dirt. The optical spectroscopic ...

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