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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide

Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring
Miniature cross-stack TDL analysers
June 2017, Elemental Analytics

Servomex has launched the Servotough Laser 3 Plus range of miniature cross-stack TDL (tuneable diode laser) gas analysers, which can be specifically optimised for combustion, ammonia slip and process ...

Dairy FT-NIR measurement in seconds with Buchi
June 2017, Labotec

For fast and reliable information about samples in order to aid decision making, Buchi has the answer to overcome your challenges, from incoming goods inspection to finished product release, with more ...

pH/ORP measurement for reverse osmosis
May 2017, Yokogawa South Africa

Reverse osmosis systems can remove up to 100% of suspended solids and approximately 90% of dissolved solids, dissolved silica, alkalinity and hardness.

Wide process analysis portfolio for water applications
May 2017, Krohne

Since potable water has become a valuable resource, all stages of water treatment must be monitored effectively and reliably. Applications such as quality monitoring in waterworks and distribution networks, ...

A range of fluid control components
Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview

EA Instruments specialises in instrument and system components and consumables for water quality, safety, environmental, relative humidity, combustion efficiency and gas instrumentation applications. ...

New tramp metal detector
Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s new Oretronic IV tramp metal detector is designed to minimise lost production time and save money by protecting expensive crushers and other process equipment from damage by ...

Free recycling service
Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview

Desco Electronic Recyclers offers a free service to recycle old redundant electronics, from office and IT to household. The company is a leading e-waste recycler in southern Africa and is able to compete ...

Tough liquid analysis probes
Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview, Karma Instrumentation & Control

The longlasting Turtle Tough liquid analysis probes are impervious to ingress and are totally sealed for life. These superior probes resist process contamination and are completely maintenance free. Visit ...

Innovative energy management solutions
Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview

An innovative leader in energy management solutions, Distech Controls provides unique building management technologies and services that optimise energy efficiency and comfort in buildings and reduce ...

Tunable diode laser spectrometer
Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview, Yokogawa South Africa

Yokogawa’s new TDLS8000 tunable diode laser spectrometer houses all of the industry’s leading features in one robust device. It allows true, interference-free analysis under changing pressure, temperature ...

Evaporation system for mine wastewater
April 2017

After identifying the need for an environmentally safe evaporation system to reduce excess wastewater at mines, I-CAT Water Solutions developed the I-VAP 500 Evaporation Cannon, which is capable of handling ...

Fluke’s DewK thermo-hygrometer
April 2017, Comtest

Fluke and HART Scientific have revolutionised environmental monitoring for calibration laboratories with the model 1620A DewK, which offers Ethernet and wireless connections and upgraded LogWare III software. ...

Corrosion control in power plants
April 2017, Microsep

Chloride and sulphate are the most corrosive ions in the water/steam cycle in a power plant. Through pitting, stress corrosion cracking and other corrosion mechanisms, chlorides and sulphates can damage ...

Safety critical alarm systems
April 2017, Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists

The Omni2 door warning sign and Omni2S slave alarm unit from Omniflex are safety-critical alarm systems designed to provide audible and visual warning to personnel when abnormal environment conditions ...

ABB extends Navigator for power applications
March 2017, ABB South Africa

ABB’s new Navigator 500 analyser family brings a compact, reliable and accurate range of instruments for high purity water treatment and boiler chemistry monitoring applications. Providing continuous ...

Safeguard boiler water and steam purity
March 2017, Microsep

Mettler Toledo Thornton offers an advanced sodium analyser for pure water treatment, power steam and power condensate monitoring. The 2300NA provides assurance of water purity to minimise corrosion and ...

Rockwell Automation outlines connected mine
November 2016, Rockwell Automation

Connectivity and information sharing can improve business performance and reduce risk.

High-efficiency evaporation system for mine wastewater
November 2016

After identifying the need for an environmentally safe evaporation system to reduce excess wastewater at mines, I-CAT Water Solutions developed the I-VAP 500 Evaporation Cannon, which is capable of handling ...

Custom-made de-aeration skids
November 2016, Instek Control

With collaboration from Instek Control, Centec recently delivered four DeGaS-Cold de-aeration skids to a major brewing facility in southern Africa. These skids were completely custom manufactured according ...

In-situ gas analyser with minimum maintenance
November 2016, Microsep

Tuneable diode laser (TDL) spectroscopy is rapidly becoming the gas analysis technology of choice in industrial processes. But sometimes users find that conditions at the measurement location can limit ...

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