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Analytical Instrumentation
Continuous extractive on-line gas analysis - unlocking optimisation opportunities
May 2015, Endress+Hauser

A key requirement in the cost- and capacity-optimisation of continuous processes is the need for real-time stream analysis.

Continuous gas emission monitoring
May 2015, Environmental Process Analytics

Codel International has announced the 40 series gas emissions monitors designed primarily for use on boiler emission and control, and processes such as those in cement, metal, pulp and paper and petrochemical ...

Monitoring emissions from power plants
March 2015, ABB South Africa

ABB’s technology ensures high quality, excellent performances and full compliance with the ­international environmental regulations.

Reliable on-line silica analyser for pure water treatment
March 2015, Microsep

As power plants continue to grow in size and equipment becomes more expensive, it is crucial to monitor and manage the quality of the pure water used in the power cycle. High levels of sodium and silica ...

Measuring moisture content on-site
February 2015, Labotec

Labotec supply a range of microwave moisture measuring meters for a variety of applications, one being portable on-site analysis. These meters use microwave technology and can produce results and readings ...

ISE electrodes unaffected by sample colour or turbidity
February 2015, Labotec

Measurement by ion-selective electrodes (ISE) is particularly useful for the determination of the titration end-point, as they are unaffected by sample colour or turbidity. ISE electrodes are inexpensive ...

Siemens extends process analytical software
February 2015, Siemens Digital Factory & Process Ind. & Drives

Siemens has extended its software range for Process Analytical Technology (PAT) with Simatic Sipat version 4.1. This scalable and modular software solution helps companies to monitor and control the quality ...

Integrated monitoring of ­beverage and package quality
February 2015, Protea Automation Solutions

The Steinfurth Compact Package Analyzer (CPA) solution.

Sieving versus ultra-fast laser particle sizers
February 2015, Labotec

While the progressive range of Fritsch sieve shakers covers any eventuality and is designed to meet all the requirements of a modern day laboratory with sieving results that can be integrated into test ...

Endress+Hauser’s SIL2 rated pH measuring point
January 2015, Endress+Hauser

Due to its product range, Endress+Hauser is the right partner for process safety in field instrumentation. The company’s safety first product portfolio includes:    • 250 product lines which comply with ...

Environmentally friendly chillers from Julabo
January 2015, Labotec

Julabo’s FL range of recirculating chillers offers an environmentally friendly cooling system for routine cooling applications in laboratories and industry. To cool a standard rotary evaporator (1-3 litres) ...

Parr customisable high pressure and temperature reactors
January 2015, Labotec

Parr Instrument Company offers a wide choice of stirred and non-stirred pressure vessels designed to meet individual installation or operating requirements for laboratory procedures that must be performed ...

Pushing chemical ­processes to the limit
December 2014, Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser’s Memosens technology enables maximum ­production efficiency.

Thermox CEM/02 oxygen analyser
November 2014, OEN Enterprises

Continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) systems using hot-wet extractive methods take the flue gas sample from the exit of wet-scrubbers. A hot-wet oxygen measurement is taken from the incoming feed line ...

On-line analysers for ­ultrapure water ­monitoring
November 2014, Microsep

As power plants continue to grow in size and equipment becomes more expensive, it is crucial to monitor and manage the quality of the pure water used in the power cycle. High levels of sodium and silica ...

The perfect formula for a wastewater treatment plant
October 2014, Endress+Hauser

Efficiency up costs down with Liquicontrol from Endress+Hauser.

Multi-parameter transmitter gives maximum flexibility and control
October 2014, Microsep

M800 multi-parameter transmitter – maximum flexibility and control.

Safe turbidity measurement without product loss
October 2014, Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser’s new Turbimax CUS52D turbidity sensor monitors drinking and process water quality directly in the pipeline. This preserves and measures each drop of water with laboratory accuracy. Self-cleaning ...

Orion Aquamate for spectral analysis of water
October 2014, Labotec

Spectral analysis of water and wastewater is within your reach with the choice of the two Orion AquaMate models from Thermo Scientific. The AquaMate 7000 with its 5 nm spectral bandwidth is ideal for ...

Measurement of moisture in flue gas to calculate emissions
September 2014, OEN Enterprises

The Thermox CEM/Humox Moisture in Flue Gas Analyser is designed to measure net oxygen and moisture content in flue gas and process applications. The oxygen and moisture data is used to correct emissions, ...

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