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Water: the start and end of food and beverage production
April 2014, Endress+Hauser

There are very good reasons why water and waste water treatment are so important in the food and beverage industry. Most of the processes need significant quantities of water and most of it should also ...

The analysis of water
April 2014, Elemental Analytics

Teledyne Leeman Labs Prodigy 7 is designed for future-proof performance.

Endress+Hauser’s LPG solution
April 2014, Endress+Hauser

Tank farm inventory management system for LPG ­mounded bullet tanks.

Durag’s burner control system
April 2014, OEN Enterprises

The Durag D-GF 150 burner control system controls and monitors gas and oil burners of any capacity. The control functions include prepurge, ignition and solenoid valve control, through to the enabling ...

Handheld radiation isotope identifiers
April 2014, OEN Enterprises

Thermo Scientific supplies the advanced and highly intuitive RIIDEye handheld isotopic identifiers. They provide real-time gamma source identification based on Thermo Fisher Scientific’s patented quadratic ...

Combustion analyser for flue gas
April 2014, OEN Enterprises

The reliable measurement of excess oxygen in a fired heater or boiler has always been critical for efficient combustion and process optimisation. The Thermox WDG-V combustion analyser can measure oxygen, ...

Reliable on-line analysers with automatic calibration
March 2014, Microsep

Mettler Toledo Thornton’s 2300Na sodium and 2800Si silica analysers provide efficient and reliable monitoring of low contaminant concentrations for power cycle chemistry and water treatment applications. ...

Mercury monitoring in a cement kiln application
March 2014, ERO Electronic SA

This application note discusses the adaptability of the Mercury Freedom System to the unique conditions in a cement plant. Results from a series of installations in cement plants are discussed in relation ...

No more waste in the dairy
February 2014, Endress+Hauser

CIP cleaning is mandatory for most food processes. But when can the product be used for filling again after cleaning? Every litre of milk lost to wastewater hurts in a dairy.    In CIP cleaning, the system ...

Portable combustion gas and emissions analyser
February 2014

With up to nine gas sensors, the new E8500 combustion analyser from E Instruments International is a portable tool for complete EPA compliance level emissions monitoring and testing. It is ideal for regulatory ...

Thermo Scientific Orion Star ­meters
January 2014, Labotec

The Thermo Scientific Orion Star A and Versa Star range of meters consists of 24 models designed to handle any type of sample anywhere. They have been specifically designed to meet any potential application ...

Vaisala’s GMW90 the ultimate tool for HVAC professionals
January 2014, WIKA Instruments

The GMW90 is the ultimate tool for HVAC professionals looking for an easy-to-use, hassle-free solution to carbon dioxide measurements. Customer feedback played a vital role in developing the GMW90, a ...

Wireless ­radiation ­detection for grapple ­installation
January 2014, OEN Enterprises

The new Thermo Scientific RadEye GR 2010 series provides a grapple-mounted radiation detection capability to minimise the threat of radioactive material in a scrap metal stream. The detector is ruggedly ...

Monitor climate and building air quality with Hygroguard
January 2014, Labotec

The Novasina HygroGuard 30 standard data-logger was developed for climate and air quality monitoring of buildings and climate sensitive production process to offer versatile precision measurement and ...

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