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AAF Preview 2015

Temperature Measurement
New high temperature infrared portable from Raytek
March 2015, R & C Instrumentation

Raytek has introduced the Raynger 3i Plus series infrared thermometer designed in accordance with industry standards to meet process performance requirements in hot environments from 400 to 3000°C with ...

Autonics TK series temperature controllers
February 2015

The TK series digital temperature controllers from Autonics Corporation bring highly accurate and precise temperature control at globally competitive prices. The standard type, high accuracy controllers ...

The latest in temperature profiling in automotive paint cure ovens
February 2015, R & C Instrumentation

For successful paint cure, irrespective of the paint chemistry being used, there is a critical need to measure and control the temperature of the car body as it travels through the oven.

Infrared technology in the food and beverage industry
February 2015, Comtest

Keeping production strictly on schedule in any facet of the food and beverage industry whether it is pumps, conveyors or electrical connections means downtime is not an option. Comtest advocates including ...

More upgrades for Raytek Mi3 compact infrared pyrometers
January 2015, R & C Instrumentation

Raytek, a Fluke-owned company, is accepted as one of the largest manufacturers of infrared temperature monitoring and imaging products in the world. In late 2012, the company introduced the successor ...

PyroUSB noncontact infrared temperature sensor
December 2014, IQ Instruments

Calex has introduced the new PyroUSB noncontact IR temperature sensor that connects directly to a PC via a USB cable and operates without the need for any additional hardware interface or power supply. The ...

Industrial grade infrared pyrometer with thermal imaging
December 2014, Mecosa

LumaSense Technologies’ integrated ISR 6-TI is an advanced pyrometer with thermal imaging solution for increased control and optimisation of manufacturing processes in metals, glass and other materials ...

Fluke’s 1586A Super-DAQ precision temperature scanner
December 2014, Comtest

Fluke has introduced the 1586A Super-DAQ precision temperature scanner, with 40 analogue input channels and scan rates as fast as 10 channels per second. The Super-DAQ is ideal for applications such as ...

More upgrades for Raytek Mi3 compact infrared pyrometers
December 2014, R & C Instrumentation

Raytek, a Fluke owned company, is accepted as one of the largest manufacturers of infrared temperature monitoring and imaging products in the world. In late 2012 the company introduced the successor ...

Handheld infrared thermometer with USB interface
November 2014, IQ Instruments

The new PyroPen U from Calex Electronics is a miniature infrared thermometer that conveniently clips into the pocket, just like a pen. It will measure temperatures from -20 to 500°C with a resolution ...

Raytek’s ­infrared ­temperature switch
November 2014, R & C Instrumentation

The Raytek CM range of compact integrated IR thermometers has a relay output that switches the 24 VDC supply at the programmed temperature. What is more, this rugged IP65 sealed sensor also has the capability ...

HART 7 in a 6 mm device
November 2014, WIKA Instruments

The 3000 series of compact temperature transmitters and converters provides high accuracy, fast response time and low temperature drift, with selected devices also featuring HART 7 technology. Temperature ...

New sensor for temperature control of cement
November 2014, Instrotech

Instrotech has announced the availability of the Optris CSmicro LT pyrometer, specifically for application in the measurement and control of temperature in cement manufacture. Temperature is a critically ...

Krohne’s Optitemp TT 51 temperature transmitter
October 2014, Krohne

When it comes to accuracy and stability of measurement, Krohne sets high standards with the latest generation of Optitemp temperature transmitters. Efficient 50 point linearisation combined with highly ...

SKF TKDT 10 enables fast temperature measurement
September 2014, SKF South Africa

SKF has launched a new condition monitoring thermometer that meets the need across industry for a compact, high quality, accurate instrument for measuring temperature by direct contact. The device offers ...

Two new Fluke thermal imagers
September 2014, Comtest

Fluke has announced the addition of two new models to the Ti100 family of thermal imagers: the Ti90 and Ti95. These offer best in class performance, while using the same rugged ergonomic form factor as ...

Accurate noncontact IR temperature measurement
August 2014, R & C Instrumentation

Five ways to get good infrared readings.

IR thermometer with thermal heat map overlay
July 2014, Comtest

Comtest has introduced the Fluke VT04 visual IR thermometer – the latest in troubleshooting tools – with built-in digital camera and thermal heat map overlay. The device bridges the gap between traditional ...

Any size any shape IR window
July 2014, R & C Instrumentation

IRISS offer flexible innovation in IR window technology through windows of any size or shape, even curved windows for Iso-phase bus applications. The IRISS Platinum Series CAP-T has one of the largest ...

A powerful argument for infrared windows
July 2014, R & C Instrumentation

Return on investment: power generation case study.

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