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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide

Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview

Technews Industry Guide - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation

Temperature Measurement
Pyrometer with miniaturised measuring head
Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview, Instrotech

The optris CSmicro LT pyrometer is equipped with an innovative, miniaturised stainless steel measuring head and is optimally suited for installation in limited spaces. Visit Stands D31 and D34 to find ...

Infrared thermometer for hot environments
Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview, R & C Instrumentation

Raytek’s Raynger 3i Plus infrared thermometer meets industry standards for process performance in hot environments of 400 to 3000°C, providing exceptional accuracy. This portable IR thermometer is a robust ...

High-performance temperature controllers
Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview

The TX series temperature controllers from Autonics feature large LCD displays with white characters for clearer status readings. The high-speed, high-accuracy controllers also provide stable and efficient ...

Infrared cameras with improved resolution
Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview, Comtest

The Fluke TiS Performance Series infrared cameras see more detail with improved resolution that delivers the image quality needed to make a proper diagnosis. They have up to 2½ times more pixels and 70% ...

Smallest thermographic camera in its class
Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview, Instrotech

The optris PI 400 / PI 450 infrared cameras have a measurement speed of 80 Hz and an optical resolution of 382 X 288 pixels. They provide real-time thermographic images at high speed. To find out more ...

Thermal cameras for electro-mechanical, plant and building professionals
April 2017, FLIR Commercial Systems

FLIR Systems has announced three new Exx-series advanced thermal imaging cameras for electrical, mechanical, and building applications: the FLIR E75, E85, and E95. The redesigned, WiFi-enabled instruments ...

Temperature measuring system lengthens the service lives of plants
Technews Industry Guide: Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2017, Siemens Digital Factory & Process Ind. & Drives

In the Sitrans TO500, Siemens is putting an innovative measuring system for fibre optic temperature measurement onto the market. It enables complex temperature measurements and detection of the precise ...

Ultrasonic heat and cold measurement for water
April 2017, Instrotech

Elis Plzen has introduced the Sonotherm 3070, an ultrasonic heat and cold meter intended for measuring absolute heat/cold quantities delivered to plants, or otherwise consumed in closed water heating ...

Combined RH and temperature measurement
February 2017, Instrotech

Many industrial processes involve high temperatures, often combined with harsh and corrosive environments, but these types of conditions are not normally the best for placing precision instrumentation, ...

Datapaq’s compact thermal profiling system with data-logger
February 2017, R & C Instrumentation

R&C Instrumentation has announced the launch of the new Datapaq MonoPaq2 thermal profiling system, designed specifically for monitoring coating-cure ovens used in the manufacture of aluminium bottles, aerosols ...

Kobold’s new industrial temperature probes
January 2017, Instrotech

Kobold has introduced its new MMA range of industrial temperature probes, or insertion resistance thermometers (with/without transmitter). The MMA is engineered using 316 stainless steel and incorporates ...

Temperature measurement within the plastics industry
December 2016, Instrotech

The optris PI infrared camera monitors the temperature of production without disruption and without contacting any of the parts.

Datapaq Food Tracker System
December 2016, R & C Instrumentation

Not all food processes are equal. Each process has its own challenges in terms of space, duration and environment, i.e. steam or submersion in water or oil and it is the risks to public health that place ...

Yokogawa releases YTA610 ­temperature transmitter
December 2016, Yokogawa South Africa

Yokogawa has announced the release of the YTA610 temperature transmitter. Although the YTA610 is a mid-range model, it has the same dual- compartment housing for the transmitter terminal block and electronics ...

Yokogawa sets new standard for distributed temperature sensing
November 2016, Yokogawa South Africa

Yokogawa’s latest distributed temperature sensing DTSX3000 solution has set a new standard for the market. Its performance, distance measured, price and functionality, collectively reduce operating costs, ...

High-resolution low cost IR cameras
November 2016, R & C Instrumentation

Cox has just released its latest low cost high-resolution thermal imaging camera fixed applications that need quality images at a cost effective price. Many ‘low cost’ imaging cameras have a resolution ...

32-channel temperature scanner
October 2016

The Sensor Connection a division of Harold G. Schaevitz Industries, has expanded its line of measurement and control instrumentation with the addition of the model PMD-MXT series of temperature scanner ...

Temperature measurements with high temperature thermometers
October 2016, Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser masters challenging requirements.

Temperature measurement evolves
October 2016

Through the ages, various techniques and devices have been used in an effort to measure and compare temperature conditions: for example, the reference points of boiling water and melting ice. In the early ...

Sensor for temperatures up to 250°C
September 2016, ASSTech Process Electronics + Instrumentation

In the past, Jumo’s platinum SMD chip temperature sensors have operated at maximum temperatures of 150°C. New design features, combined with innovative technology for producing all-round solder contacts, ...

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