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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide

Technews Industry Guide - Wireless 2014

Temperature Measurement
Krohne’s Optitemp TT 51 temperature transmitter
October 2014, Krohne

When it comes to accuracy and stability of measurement, Krohne sets high standards with the latest generation of Optitemp temperature transmitters. Efficient 50 point linearisation combined with highly ...

SKF TKDT 10 enables fast temperature measurement
September 2014, SKF South Africa

SKF has launched a new condition monitoring thermometer that meets the need across industry for a compact, high quality, accurate instrument for measuring temperature by direct contact. The device offers ...

Two new Fluke thermal imagers
September 2014, Comtest

Fluke has announced the addition of two new models to the Ti100 family of thermal imagers: the Ti90 and Ti95. These offer best in class performance, while using the same rugged ergonomic form factor as ...

Accurate noncontact IR temperature measurement
August 2014, R & C Instrumentation

Five ways to get good infrared readings.

IR thermometer with thermal heat map overlay
July 2014, Comtest

Comtest has introduced the Fluke VT04 visual IR thermometer – the latest in troubleshooting tools – with built-in digital camera and thermal heat map overlay. The device bridges the gap between traditional ...

A powerful argument for infrared windows
July 2014, R & C Instrumentation

Return on investment: power generation case study.

Honeywell’s SmartLine temperature transmitters
July 2014, Honeywell ACS South Africa

Unique modular design increases efficiency and lowers cost.

Any size any shape IR window
July 2014, R & C Instrumentation

IRISS offer flexible innovation in IR window technology through windows of any size or shape, even curved windows for Iso-phase bus applications. The IRISS Platinum Series CAP-T has one of the largest ...

Infrared testing of electrical switchgear
June 2014, R & C Instrumentation

Infrared testing detects early signs of overheating.

Endress+Hauser brings it all together
May 2014, Endress+Hauser

Versatile temperature measurement in the food and beverage industry.

New thermal cameras and IR pyrometers from unitemp
May 2014, unitemp

Recently, unitemp extended its temperature monitoring capability by incorporating two new ranges of thermal cameras and infrared pyrometers into its product portfolio. The new stationary thermal cameras ...

Flue gas temperature monitor
April 2014, ASSTech Process Electronics + Instrumentation

ASSTech’s flue gas temperature monitor from the Jumo heatTHERM-AT range has new, enhanced features. The probe element now has an external diameter of 6 mm (previously 4,2 mm). This makes the thermostat ...

Compact two-channel microstat
April 2014, ASSTech Process Electronics + Instrumentation

Wherever temperatures with several limit values need to be monitored, a microstat is commonly used. With its compact design and high-end functionality, the Jumo eTron M100 is such a two-channel measuring ...

Krohne’s compact new temperature sensors
March 2014, Krohne

Krohne has introduced Optitemp TRA-C10, TRA-C20 and TRA-C30, its new line of compact temperature sensors that follow the current trend where traditional temperature sensors are replaced with compact ones, ...

WIKA’s new miniature temperature sensors are IP65 rated
March 2014, WIKA Instruments

Thanks to their miniature design, the new temperature sensors from WIKA fit in even the tightest of spaces. The model TF40 was developed specifically for use in ventilation ducts and the model TF41 for ...

Endress+Hauser’s digital temperature head transmitters
March 2014, Endress+Hauser

New iTemp TMT82 head mounted temperature transmitter.

Fluke’s new visual IR thermometer
March 2014, Comtest

The Comtest Group has introduced the new Fluke VT04 Visual IR thermometer to the South African market. This latest troubleshooting tool with built-in digital camera and thermal heat map overlay, bridges ...

Thermograph system for hazardous areas
March 2014, OEN Enterprises

The video-based D-VTA 200 EX thermograph from Durag is a modular system for monitoring high temperature industrial processes in hazardous areas. Intelligent sensors allow contactless, optical and thermal ...

Datapaq thermal profiling units
February 2014, R & C Instrumentation

In the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, process temperature is critical to maintain product quality and standards. The risks to public health place these industries firmly in the spotlight, ...

IR thermometer with four times sharper ­resolution
February 2014, Comtest

Comtest has introduced the Fluke VT04 visual IR thermometer – the latest in troubleshooting tools – with built-in digital camera and thermal heat map overlay. The device bridges the gap between traditional ...

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