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Temperature Measurement
Flush-front temperature sensors for the food industry
August 2015, ifm Electronic RSA

Flush-front temperature sensors from ifm electronic are now available for applications such as in agitators or pigging systems. Thanks to the integrated process connection with G ½ sealing cone, the compact ...

12 channel thermocouple compensating module
August 2015, IQ Instruments

This unit was designed to replace the old 12 way unit which comprised a heated block with reference thermocouples imbedded into it, and maintained at 70°C. It was used in applications where it was deemed ...

Miniature thermometer now ­autoclavable
August 2015, WIKA Instruments

New application possibility for the TR21 miniature resistance thermometer from WIKA.

How accurate is your infrared ­pyrometer?
August 2015, R & C Instrumentation

A thermal imaging camera only reads the electromagnetic radiation it receives in a specific range of wavelengths. To display this reading the camera makes several calculations to convert data into actual ...

IS infrared thermometers from Raytek
July 2015, R & C Instrumentation

Intrinsically safe infrared (IR) thermometers are not common to all infrared suppliers, however, Raytek has available a full range of IS units for fixed or portable applications. Raytek provides a complete ...

Temperature transmitters with IO-Link
July 2015, ifm Electronic RSA

The new range of temperature transmitters from ifm electronic features a display and IO-Link for food applications. The bright 4-digit display provides optimum readability with an additional fast response ...

Hygienic thermowells for temperature probes
July 2015, ASSTech Process Electronics + Instrumentation

Jumo has introduced a new range of hygienic thermowells for temperature probes to meet the safety demands of the food and pharmaceutical industry. The function of hygienic thermowell fittings is to protect ...

Fluke’s new Expert series thermal imagers
June 2015, Comtest

Comtest has announced the launch of Fluke’s new Expert Series thermal imagers – the TiX560 and TiX520. Users of infrared devices need maximum flexibility with an ergonomic design that allows for easy ...

New thermowell design prevents vibration
June 2015, WIKA Instruments

For applications in processes with high flow rates, WIKA is now offering thermowells in the new ScrutonWell design. This variant is designed to damp the excitation that leads to vibrations, which in turn ...

Optris launches PI LightWeight
June 2015, Instrotech

Radiometric video imagery recording from the air.

New temperature probe with condensation protection
April 2015, WIKA Instruments

With the TF43, WIKA now offers a new temperature probe designed specifically for use in refrigeration, cooling and air-conditioning systems. In the new insertion thermo-meter the measuring element and ...

Turck adds programmability to compact temperature transmitters
April 2015, RET Automation Controls

To broaden the functionality of its temperature transmitters, Turck has expanded its TTM sensor line to include dynamic programmability and special features via IO-Link. These fully programmable sensors ...

Next generation temperature control from Omron
April 2015, Omron Electronics

Products in Omron’s E5_C temperature controller family reduce set-up time and provide process control that is faster, more accurate and more responsive. Key features of the range include Omron’s high-stability ...

New high temperature infrared portable from Raytek
March 2015, R & C Instrumentation

Raytek has introduced the Raynger 3i Plus series infrared thermometer designed in accordance with industry standards to meet process performance requirements in hot environments from 400 to 3000°C with ...

Autonics TK series temperature controllers
February 2015

The TK series digital temperature controllers from Autonics Corporation bring highly accurate and precise temperature control at globally competitive prices. The standard type, high accuracy controllers ...

Infrared technology in the food and beverage industry
February 2015, Comtest

Keeping production strictly on schedule in any facet of the food and beverage industry whether it is pumps, conveyors or electrical connections means downtime is not an option. Comtest advocates including ...

The latest in temperature profiling in automotive paint cure ovens
February 2015, R & C Instrumentation

For successful paint cure, irrespective of the paint chemistry being used, there is a critical need to measure and control the temperature of the car body as it travels through the oven.

More upgrades for Raytek Mi3 compact infrared pyrometers
January 2015, R & C Instrumentation

Raytek, a Fluke-owned company, is accepted as one of the largest manufacturers of infrared temperature monitoring and imaging products in the world. In late 2012, the company introduced the successor ...

More upgrades for Raytek Mi3 compact infrared pyrometers
December 2014, R & C Instrumentation

Raytek, a Fluke owned company, is accepted as one of the largest manufacturers of infrared temperature monitoring and imaging products in the world. In late 2012 the company introduced the successor ...

PyroUSB noncontact infrared temperature sensor
December 2014, IQ Instruments

Calex has introduced the new PyroUSB noncontact IR temperature sensor that connects directly to a PC via a USB cable and operates without the need for any additional hardware interface or power supply. The ...

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