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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide

Technews Industry Guide - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation

IT in Manufacturing
Improving OEM service performance with remote monitoring
July 2016, This Week's Editor's Pick

With remote asset health monitoring using IIoT and well-crafted analytics, OEMs can obtain advance warning of a failure and provide services for minimal unplanned downtime.

Integrating legacy serial devices into the IoT
July 2016, RJ Connect

One sure way to add value to legacy serial devices is by having the data collected from them stored in the cloud for further analysis to unlock previously untapped information that can yield greater possibilities to streamline and optimise operations.

When should manufacturing organisations embark on digital transformation?
July 2016, Absolute Perspectives, This Week's Editor's Pick

Manufacturing organisations are faced with a fast moving and evolving landscape. Increasing customer demands for speed and quality, combined with strong pressure to operate at lower margins, means little ...

An evolutionary approach to the next industrial revolution
July 2016, Schneider Electric South Africa

Schneider Electric has introduced its MachineStruxure automation solution. Worldwide, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) are facing the challenges of the new industrial revolution. With MachineStruxure, ...

Petra Diamonds expansion project
June 2016, ePlan

Manager Andre Cloete says the expansion project is transformational for Cullinan as well as Petra Diamonds. “It represents the start of a new mine which gives us access to greater volumes of fresh, high ...

Honeywell’s digital transformation business
June 2016, Honeywell ACS South Africa

Customers to benefit from the Industrial Internet of Things.

Comos Version 10.2 for more efficient engineering
June 2016

Siemens is driving forward its digitalisation strategy by enabling the seamless exchange of data between Comos and the simulation platform Simit.

A portfolio approach to operations IT solutions management
May 2016

The business need for more automated and efficient operations has led end users in industrial plants to accumulate large and increasingly complex collections of operations-related information technology (IT) solutions.

IT solutions for small server rooms and micro data centres
May 2016, Schneider Electric South Africa

As businesses grow, their reliance on IT solutions by default increases, which inevitably makes them more vulnerable to the availability of these technologies.

Advice for using SNMP in I/O intensive ­applications
May 2016, RJ Connect

As traditional factories are transformed into smart factories, being able quickly and easily to monitor massive numbers of I/Os is a big concern for today’s IT engineers.

Moxa’s data acquisition solution for IoT deployments
May 2016, RJ Connect

Moxa’s newly launched ThingsPro Suite is an integrated solution for distributed data acquisition and device management that can immensely simplify Industrial IoT deployments. Built on an open Debian Linux ...

The IoT opportunity for Manufacturing IT
May 2016, Absolute Perspectives

Manufacturing companies are expected to prosper in an environment where very little is controllable. New markets based around informed consumers who want choice and unique personalised products are emerging. ...

Emerson launches latest reservoir
May 2016, Emerson Process Management SA

Roxar Tempest 7.2 provides users with advanced uncertainty analysis and crucial decision support for field development.

Reliable power supply for the data centre
May 2016, ABB South Africa

MNS-Up from ABB provides both power distribution and UPS in a single-system solution.

Yokogawa releases Exaquantum R3.01
May 2016, Yokogawa South Africa

Improved data acquisition capabilities for a more detailed view of plant operations.

Operate and monitor from mobile devices
May 2016, Phoenix Contact

The new Visu+ mobile visualisation app from Phoenix Contact brings system visualisation to smartphones or tablets. This enables flexible operation and monitoring concepts, with the option of universal ...

Preparing for the Internet of Things
May 2016, Jaycor International

Business goals during the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) era are the same as those that have existed forever: reducing downtime, cutting costs and staying competitive. What is different about the ...

Cloud-based solution for data collection
April 2016, SKF South Africa

“Although SKF’s legacy is bearing technology, the company is now evolving its product and service offerings to include cloud-based tools that make life easier for our customers,” says Jerry Schick, key ...

Honeywell to protect control ­systems from cyber attack
April 2016, Honeywell ACS South Africa

Collaboration with Palo Alto Networks provides next-generation security platform with proven industrial process control expertise.

Harnessing data security skill sets to succeed in cybersecurity
April 2016

Data security has been on the minds of IT, business, risk, and audit professionals for as long as data has been stored on magnetic drums, tapes, disks, and other storage devices. In recent years, however, ...

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