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Fieldbus & Industrial Networking
A powerful dialogue module
January 2016, ifm Electronic RSA

Powerful process and dialogue modules for operation and visualisation in mobile machines are gaining more value. ifm electronic now offers a device that fully meets these requirements, the PDM360 NG-12. ...

Still Profibus, now with IoT performance
November 2015, Industrial Data Xchange (IDX)

PI chairman Karsten Schneider chats to SA Instrumentation and Control about the emergence of Profinet, its advantages, and the work still to be done.

Connecting IO-Link sensors to ­Profibus DP
October 2015, ifm Electronic RSA

The number of devices with IO-Link built in is increasing rapidly, and so is their popularity, as users realise the advantages of the transparency, ease of configuration and flexibility offered by the ...

Connectors for industrial Ethernet
October 2015, RET Automation Controls

The demand for reliable data transmission between the harsh industrial environment and the office communication network has recently been increasing. Escha offers appropriate connectivity components for ...

Ethernet media converters for ­basic requirements
October 2015, Phoenix Contact

The new class 1000 Ethernet media converters from Phoenix Contact are designed for industrial applications with basic requirements. They offer a simple and cost-effective entry into optical transmission ...

Top 10 mistakes on mission critical networks
October 2015, H3iSquared

Ethernet networks have become a standard for communications networks for mission-critical applications. However, the Ethernet and TCP/IP standards, and their attached protocols, are quite complex and ...

Robust I/O system classified for shipbuilding
October 2015, Phoenix Contact

The Axioline F I/O system from Phoenix Contact fulfils the stringent requirements for automation in shipbuilding, thanks to its mechanical robustness and low noise emission in compliance with EMC Class ...

Protective measures for fieldbus communications
September 2015, Pepperl+Fuchs

To implement protective measures for fieldbus communication that are both effective and efficient, it is vital to pinpoint the actual level of availability and potential causes of failure.

Overcoming obstacles of industrial network management
September 2015, RJ Connect

In this white paper, we investigate the management obstacles that must be overcome at each stage of the network life cycle, and explain how advanced network management software can overcome these obstacles.

New FieldConnex FieldBarrier from Pepperl+Fuchs
August 2015, Pepperl+Fuchs

Twelve outputs with diagnostics and monitoring.

Wind farm networking optimises grid compatibility
July 2015, Beckhoff Automation

Ultra-fast networks feature a cycle time of less than 1 ms.

Industrial network management software improves productivity
July 2015, Profitek

Good network management plays a key role in maintaining high system reliability. It also makes you a lot more productive when it’s time to do network updates, changes and audits. Find out how one of the ...

Belden modular industrial patch panels
July 2015, Profitek

High-efficiency photovoltaic system solution for SMA Solar Technology provides one platform for fibre, copper or combination cabling.

New FieldConnex components with intelligence
July 2015, Pepperl+Fuchs

Intelligent fieldbus components provide increased safety and process system availability through diagnostic capability.

Reliable communication ­infrastructure for smart grid ­systems
June 2015, H3iSquared

A smart grid is a utility grid that uses an Ethernet communications network to link various remote sites and control rooms into a single logical entity. This network architecture can then be used automatically and remotely to gather and act on information.

Intelligent fault protection
June 2015, Pepperl+Fuchs

New diagnostics-enabled device couplers for fieldbus.

New FieldConnex components with an IQ
May 2015, Pepperl+Fuchs

Increased process system availability through intelligent fieldbus components with diagnostic capability.

IO-Link hub with 16 universal inputs/outputs
May 2015, RET Automation Controls

Turck’s IO-Link hub brings 16 incoming or outgoing digital signals to the controller via IO-Link. Each port of the TBIL-M1-16DXP can be used as an input or output without any configuration required. This ...

Finding a better protocol conversion solution between PLCs and devices
April 2015, RJ Connect

In this white paper, we show how industrial Ethernet gateways can be used to create a communication gateway between VFDs and PLCs which is easy to install and maintain.

PC-based control links smart metering with big data
April 2015, Beckhoff Automation

For efficient energy management in building and plant operation, it is necessary to log the consumption of water, electricity, and heat at the shortest possible intervals. PC-based control from Beckhoff ...

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