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SA Instrumentation & Control Buyers' Guide

This Week's Editor's Pick
The potential value of manufacturing analytics
October 2017, Absolute Perspectives, IT in Manufacturing

Mature analytics organisations understand the value of using digital technology to tap into data to achieve better business performance.

Nick Denbow’s European report: The market for solar power
October 2017

Most of the time, developments in industrial technology are a success or failure as a result of the benefits provided to the customer – often in terms of cost, but also factors like accuracy, reliability, ...

Next-gen MES Technology
October 2017, IT in Manufacturing

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) can help manufacturers and other industrial organisations reduce costs while improving operations, collaboration, asset management, workflow and safety. Specific ...

Challenges in alarm management
September 2017

Late last year, ARC Advisory Group conducted a survey on current practices and trends in alarm management in the process industries. We also wanted to learn how end users, suppliers, consultants and system ...

Case history 156: All problems can be sorted by tuning
September 2017, Michael Brown Control Engineering

People often battle for long periods trying to tune a controller to eliminate problems. As I have often said, one of the biggest fallacies found in plants when it comes to control is that “all problems ...

Nick Denbow’s European report: The mystery of intelligent sensor diagnostics
August 2017

The fashion, or trend, that has developed over the last few years for process and analytical instrumentation sensors is to use their on-board intelligence to monitor their own performance status. They ...

Nick Denbow’s European report: E+H invests and ABB acquires B+R
July 2017, News

In May this year E+H invited 70 European based journalists to attend the presentation of their 2016 annual results, and to tour the Maulberg plant. As the major employer in the area, the company has several ...

The role of the Chief Digital Officer in industrial manufacturing
Technews Industry Guide: Industrial Internet of Things 2017, Absolute Perspectives

Deloitte in its article ‘The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer’ believe that the CDO role is a temporary one that will work in partnership with the CIO and other members of the executive.

Automation meets embedded ­systems
July 2017

What do automation and embedded systems have in common? The short answer is: more and more. The annual Embedded World trade fair, held every winter in Nuremberg, Germany, has become the world’s largest ...

How will digital manufacturing impact on IT outsourcing?
June 2017, Absolute Perspectives, IT in Manufacturing

IT in manufacturing is changing fast as companies introduce technologies that reach beyond the factory boundary in line with trends such as Industrie 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Future of process control staffing
June 2017, News

Technology is changing and fast. Labour availability and skills requirements are changing as well. Process control personnel makeup and skillsets have evolved over decades of iterations. The process industries ...

Nick Denbow's European Report: Fashions in sensor technology
May 2017, News

I confess it was 50 years ago when I started looking at new technology for sensors. Back then, colleagues and I updated the old WW2 mine detector, using really low frequency (i.e. 1 kHz) magnetic waves ...

Case History 154: What happens to the process if the valve jumps?
May 2017, Michael Brown Control Engineering, System Integration & Control Systems Design

I recently wrote a Case History about control problems in a minerals extraction plant in Portugal, which was experiencing great difficulty with the control on their flotation banks. I have also written ...

Nick Denbow's European report: Advances in battery technology
April 2017

The opportunities for spin-out businesses and industries from university research projects are multiplying. The growth in this sector comes from the acceleration of technology in general, but also because ...

Next-gen automation services ­support operational excellence and reduced project cost
March 2017, IT in Manufacturing

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) now provides an enabling platform for a new generation of IIoT-enabled remote support services.

Case History 153: Why is the control so terribly erratic?
March 2017, Michael Brown Control Engineering, Motion Control & Drives

I was recently asked to advise on a bad pH control problem in a water treatment plant. A new carbonisation bay had been installed at the plant: Figure 1 shows the layout of the bay and controls. Raw water ...

Control systems vendors see opportunities in cloud-based IIoT data services
February 2017

Their problem is that their main business cycles between feast and famine, as it is dependent on investment project business. Harry Forbes of the ARC Advisory Group notes that automation companies will ...

How to build a cloud IoT system around a manufacturing process
February 2017, Absolute Perspectives

Cloud-based IoT is a potential game changer that allows businesses to extend and further automate their processes using data from lots of sensors outside the factory by leveraging global infrastructures ...

Nick Denbow's European report: Right idea – wrong time, maybe?
January 2017, News

Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters have come a long way since the 1970s.

Nick Denbow's European report: Scada and disruption in the IoT era
December 2016

What is to be the next generation of automation systems, to take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT)? The large automation systems offered by the major suppliers of today were initially developed ...

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