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Technews Industry Guide - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation

Data Acquisition & Telemetry
Paperless process recorders
March 2017

Cost-effective process monitoring and data recording.

Low-cost alarm logging for Omniflex annunciators
January 2017, Omniflex Automation Products

Alarm and event logging can provide valuable information to help determine the cause of abnormal plant conditions and reduce plant downtime. Now, local low-cost alarm logging is available for all Omniflex ...

Brainchild PR series paperless recorders
September 2016, Temp-Tek

Brainchild has introduced its new PR series improved paperless process recorder and data-logging solution. With its first foray into the video-graphic recorder and data-logging market several years ago, ...

Traceability through serialisation deters counterfeiters
August 2016, Omron Electronics

In Europe, the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) is defining new traceability requirements for prescription drugs and over the counter medicines that may be subject to counterfeiting.

Oryx research improves bottom line in pharmaceutical manufacturing
August 2016

Researchers at the University of the Witwatersrand are studying the Arabian Oryx in the Saudi Arabian Desert to determine the effects of climate change on its behaviour. AWE Telemetry Systems was challenged ...

Omniflex IoT enabled control and data acquisition
Technews Industry Guide - Industrial Internet of Things 2016, Omniflex Automation Products

Omniflex specialises in remote monitoring solutions based on years of plant networking experience from last mile networking to mainstream Ethernet backbones. The Teleterm range specifically addresses ...

Allpronix provides a simple solution
July 2016, Allpronix

An Allpronix customer recently found itself in a predicament where it needed to monitor a flowmeter remotely, but also record the data on site with a paperless recorder. The RTU already installed on ...

Yokogawa solution simplifies creep testing in concrete
June 2016, Yokogawa South Africa

Celebrating its Centenary in 2008, the University of Pretoria (UP) is a leading research university in South Africa and one of the largest in the country. UP offers more than 1800 academic programmes ...

Machine diagnostics and predictive maintenance for Industry 4.0 and IoT
Technews Industry Guide - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2016, Beckhoff Automation

TwinCAT Analytics: Seamless recording and analysis of process and production data.

Optical communication made ­simple
October 2015, Countapulse Controls

Optical data transceivers are the appropriate choice for any application where data needs to be transmitted without cables and without interference. The Leuze DDLS 500 data transceiver makes contact-free ...

Keller data-logger measures CTD
September 2015, Instrotech

Keller has on offer the new data-logger, CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth) a version of the high-precision DCX level data-loggers for depths of up to 200 m. It is a highly integrated, complete pressure ...

Telemetry for water networks
August 2015, Schneider Electric South Africa

Water, a vital resource for human activity, must be drawn off, treated, transported and after it is used, returned to nature clean. This process, now automated, is subject to very demanding quality, environmental ...

Endress+Hauser’s universal ­Ecograph T RSG35
March 2015, Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser’s Universal Data Manager, Ecograph T RSG35, guarantees safe and complete recording and visualisation of all process steps to fulfil the demands on process monitoring and data recording ...

GL 220 data-logger with colour monitor
March 2015, Peter Jones Electronic Equipment

With its colour monitor and internal memory the GL220 is a compact, lightweight, multi-channel data-logger that provides 10 analog measurement channels, in addition to four channels each of discrete logic ...

Yokogawa introduces new ­data-­logging software
March 2015, Yokogawa South Africa

Release 2 of Smartdac+ GA10 with real-time calculation and report output functions for improved work efficiency.

Machinery health monitoring
March 2015, Emerson Automation Solutions

Emerson extends basic prediction data to more assets.

Microcontroller-based condition monitoring system
February 2015, Instrotech

Instrotech has announced the launch of UK-based Monitran’s MTN/5000, a cost-effective and versatile microcontroller-based condition monitoring system for application in vibration monitoring and logging ...

Wireless access to remote or mobile equipment
December 2014, Throughput Technologies

The RadioLinx 802.11abg Water Resistant Industrial Hotspot model RLX-IH65W brings real-time wireless access for the most demanding, hazardous and time-critical applications. This is a cost-effective ...

Wireless notification system for forklift ­drivers
December 2014, RET Automation Controls

A furniture manufacturer has four manufacturing lines: red, green, blue, and yellow. When a line is in need of parts, one of the operators flips a switch that turns on that line’s colour on a light tower ...

Wireless link enables pump control
December 2014, Define Instruments

Agri Seeds Research Center in Canterbury New Zealand commissioned Define Instruments to provide a wireless link between a reservoir and a pump station. The site evaluation showed that there was no line ...

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