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Westermo's new operating system

August 2010 IT in Manufacturing

Westermo recently announced some additions to its range of Ethernet switches. Its top-selling switch, Lynx, has two additional copper ports in the same size housing as the previous model. The improved version is called Lynx+ and due to its new operating system is able to function as a router. It also has a built-in firewall and support for encrypted VPN tunnels.

Westermo’s most advanced series of industrial routing switches, RedFox Industrial, has two new models, opening up opportunities for new applications. One model has six ports, of which four are equipped with gigabit speed, and the other has 10 ports, of which eight can be gigabit.

There is also a new version of the popular SHDSL Ethernet Extender, Wolverine. The new Wolverine has an RS232 serial interface along with a number of new advanced networking features, and will be able to operate up to 15,3 Mbits on copper runs.

Choose the port count, WeOS does the rest

The manufacturer has also released a new version of WeOS (Westermo Operating System). This operating system, which previously existed only in its high-end switches, is now also used in the Lynx+ and Wolverine series. WeOS makes it possible to combine the company’s Ethernet products easily, while increasing the number of useful network features.

All new products from Westermo are based on the WeOS operating system. This means that regardless of the product, customers will benefit from the new developments in the company’s software platform. The standard managed switches will now have layer 3 functionality such as routing, firewalls, VPN, SNMP, IGMP, and redundant rings. Products can be chosen by interface and approval requirements and WeOS will then cover the client’s networking needs.

All products are designed for industrial use in extreme environments with high interference levels. These could be electromagnetic interference, dirt and moisture, extreme cold, or heat. Westermo uses industrial grade components and all products undergo rigorous testing, both by Westermo and by external testing laboratories.


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