July 2003 SCADA/HMI Training & Education

Ambio is a software development and integration company that provides solutions mainly (but not limited to) the process control industry. Its services range from base-layer control up to the MIS/MES level of the control hierarchy. Other areas of expertise include operator training systems and custom driver and product development.

Its areas of expertise are:

* Low-level realtime integration and communication problems (RS232, TCP/IP, MODBUS, and others).

* Integration of legacy systems with modern 'new' technology based systems. This affords the client the ability to integrate their outdated DDE, text file-based and other proprietary systems into their DCS/scada that use the latest technologies - such as OPC.

* As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Ambio provides high quality Microsoft or UNIX/Linux-based solutions.

* Integrating third party applications into clients MES/MIS/ERP systems.

* Transferring data from the factory floor to the company intranet. State-of-the-art solutions are implemented using standard tools (ASP or ASP.NET) to move the customer's valuable data from proprietary systems (and this includes informal sources of data - like spreadsheets sitting on the customer's file-server) to a public forum where it can benefit the whole enterprise.

* Batch automation and continuous control.

Three secondary activities include software product development, advanced control and operator training systems.

* Within the company, Ambio employs Microsoft Certified Solutions Developers (MCSD) that provide high quality software development for custom needs. The company has had significant experience in the full life cycle of software development projects, from initial specification right through to rollout and support. Depending on the customer's preference and/or the viability of a bigger market for the product, Ambio typically provides for various degrees of trade-off between ownership and development cost.

* One of the company's products includes a robust industrial strength Model Predictive Controller. This controller can assist Ambio's clients in the control of difficult multivariable and/or highly non-linear systems that are traditionally difficult to control with PID (or combinations of PID) controllers.

* Ambio has expertise in simulating and emulating process plants and their associated DCS/PLC-scada solutions with the intent of training the operators at handling upset conditions or exercise start-up and shutdown procedures. This includes all the features typically expected of training simulators like snapshots, student history, automated training sessions, etc.

Ambio's experience includes the petrochemical, pulp and paper, food and beverages and the power and energy industries.

For more information contact Ambio,,

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