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Flame monitor SIL 3 approved

June 2009 Temperature Measurement

The D-LX 200 compact flame monitor from Durag, is a failsafe, self-monitoring device meeting the highest international safety standards and regulations for continuous operation. Its dual channel design eliminates the need to interrupt the photoelectric current with no need for electrical and mechanical shutters. The D-LX 200 is available with Safety Integrity Level 3 certification.

The monitor reliably detects flames from all fuels, particularly gas, oil, coal and wood in a variety of combustion processes. The large sensitivity and ambient temperature range (-40 to 85°C) enables the units to be used in the diverse environments.

The flame monitor measures the flicker frequency and intensity of the flame; the amplifier gain is automatically adapted to the signal strength, and when harmonic signals are detected a ‘FLAME OUT’ message appears on the display.

The D-LX 200 has two ranges with selectable parameters. It is possible to switch between these ranges externally so that the flame monitor can easily be adjusted to different combustion conditions. Communication is via Modbus RTU (RS-485) or IrDA (PDA); signals and parameters can also be observed directly on the device during operation via LEDs and switch settings.

All D-LX 200 types are suitable for use with fibre optic systems.

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