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December 2002: Feature Articles

  • Amanziwethu Services rely on local scada to transform their operation
  • Controllers have come a long way
  • Scada and telemetry celebrate over 12 years in partnership
  • 'Fit and forget' single straight tube meter - Coriolis technology now mature?
  • New generation of mass flowmeters is suitable for food processing
  • Life, the universe and MES
  • Factors affecting control valve performance - Part 2: Actuator-positioner design
  • Rugged and flexible instrumentation solution: small, rugged, intelligent form factor extends FieldPoint I/O family

November 2002: Feature Articles

  • Robust and portable device keeps its user connected to plant information
  • PLC Review: Ana-Digi Systems
  • A world-first process reduces cost of RIP applications
  • Supervisory HMI offers new tools for regulatory compliance support
  • Hazardous gas detection sensors and some terminology
  • Accurate humidity measurements under extreme conditions
  • Flow metering - principles of operation
  • Management of sealed lead acid batteries in reliable small DC standby power supply systems
  • Factors affecting control valve performance - Part 1
  • Soft start/stop units offer firm control of torque

October 2002: Feature Articles

  • Plug-in relay range from leader in contactor switching technology
  • Load cell technology in practice - Conclusion
  • Mass flowmeters for hygienic applications
  • Largest annual gathering of South African system integrators
  • Controller system with full motion controller functionality
  • Safety relay versus safety PLC: safety control architecture
  • Botswana Water Affairs chooses SA scada
  • Scada system to control Stucker Fork Water System, Indiana
  • Major water treatment plant installs local scada HMI
  • Wastewater control system implemented for Potchefstroom
  • TOF level measurement offers significant advantages
  • Mining filtration equipment distributors choose local scada
  • Off-board monitoring system for continuous miners

September 2002: Feature Articles

  • System integrators honoured at first user conference
  • CS Holdings wins Wonderware 2002 award
  • Distribution tracking system for vehicle manufacturer
  • Data acquisition driver software: small things to consider now to avoid big headaches later
  • North Sea platform revived with fieldbus technology
  • Changing options in test and measurement platforms
  • Appropriate preventive maintenance gives better economy
  • Scalable HMI - connecting people with the process
  • The vortex meter comes of age
  • 50 years of evolution later - thin client HMI: Conclusion
  • Load cell technology in practice - Part IV
  • Cooling tower controller

August 2002: Feature Articles

  • Next-generation process knowledge system
  • Solution for a difficult level sensing application: Kuito FPSO case study
  • Continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS
  • Drives improve bottle handling at SAB
  • Magnetically actuated safety interlock switches
  • Detection of ambient influences on measurement uncertainty
  • Powerful virtual instrument development environment - Version 6.1
  • Business reporting now as easy as popular office software
  • Load cell technology in practice - Part III
  • Colour displays on handheld oscilloscopes
  • Historical development of the temperature scales
  • 50 years of evolution later - thin client HMI: Part I
  • Precise dosing of chemical additive solutions
  • Intelligent approach to conventional fire detection technology

July 2002: Feature Articles

  • Plant optimisation through teamwork and accurate sensing
  • Local scada wins major platinum contract
  • Network-based control system for COTS solutions
  • Measurement standard for the electrical power industry
  • Technical terms used when specifying pressure transducers
  • Expert hygienic pressure measurement
  • Control project development demonstrated live after breakfast
  • International brewer finds the recipe for success - Part II, Conclusion
  • Load cell technology in practice - Part II: Capacity selection and accuracy

June 2002: Feature Articles

  • Certified LabVIEW courses for 2002
  • SA scada controlling UK refrigeration
  • Scada HMI tailored to the needs of the user
  • Low-cost scada system facilitates maximum network optimisation
  • Compact and innovative soft starters offer real three-phase control
  • New product category for industrial automation
  • Load cell technology in practice - Part I
  • A notable advance in oilfield flow measurement

May 2002: Feature Articles

  • Selection criteria for level radar devices in the chemical industry
  • Effective process (PLC) control software change management at Mozal
  • 80th anniversary for industrial automation giant
  • The (r)evolution in ergonomic two hand control devices
  • Efficient gold production through effective control software
  • International brewer finds the recipe for success - Part 1
  • Profibus installation running well after four years
  • High-level process definition solution aids system integration
  • A new generation control valve
  • South African technology used to treat acid mine drainage in Botswana
  • Convenient measurement of complex thermal applications
  • Flowmeter accuracy specifications
  • Multifunction counter/encoder module for portable DAQ systems
  • How the SA auto industry keeps track of its processes
  • Advanced compressor control

April 2002: Feature Articles

  • Electrex 2002 scores through co-location
  • Scada vendor hosts 10th user-conference at Sun City
  • System integrator assists with batching system at Lever Ponds
  • Versatile power meter for substation use
  • New network-based system is launched
  • Single module rack controls up to 128 axes
  • New PLC with enhanced features
  • Drive solutions concept simplifies setting up
  • Keeping up with AC drive technology
  • Kruger Park water system undergoes massive upgrade
  • Shopping mall fountain controlled by digital I/O boards
  • The case for electromagnetic flowmeters

March 2002: Feature Articles

  • Access to critical manufacturing information worldwide
  • GPS-equipped pigeon tests miniature tracking device
  • Continuous emissions monitor system
  • Installation of mass flowmeters
  • Second-generation AS-interface power supplies
  • Steel giant cuts its operating costs
  • Benefits derived from optimal plant utilisation: Part II
  • Versatile insulation tester
  • Rand Water's choice in software helps provide better quality and service
  • Creating labview diagrams automatically
  • Leading US cheese manufacturer meets its WIP and MES needs

February 2002: Feature Articles

  • Scada user conference promises to be the best yet
  • Gauge emulation - a cost-efficient solution for tank gauging projects
  • Ultrasonic level detection for demanding applications
  • Noncontact thermometers for ensuring food safety
  • High-quality water in the beverage industry: a lesson from the Reinheitsgebot
  • Benefits derived from optimal plant utilisation: Part 1
  • The valves we almost forgot - intelligent automation of on-off valves
  • Unleash the power? To switch off, or not to switch off
  • New industrial PC with Pentium III processor
  • Realtime performance measurement (RPM)
  • Long-range laser distance-gauging sensor
  • Production efficiency monitoring
  • Flow continues to grow
  • Fieldbus-based architecture in a German plant

January 2002: Feature Articles

  • Reliable monitoring and control with embedded application
  • Soft PLCs streamline animal feed production
  • PC-based manufacturing and automation systems vie for position alongside their PLC counterparts
  • Pressure measurement - the art of specialisation
  • High quality sensors for demanding process applications
  • Data acquisition and control on mines
  • Maintenance and downtime analysis - major contributors to productivity and profits

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