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SAIMC: Tshwane branch
May 2018, SAIMC

Technology Evening

Presenter Dhiren Naidoo from Endess+Hauser.
Presenter Dhiren Naidoo from Endess+Hauser.

At the March Technology Evening, Dhiren Naidoo from Endress+Hauser presented on ‘The benefits of Heartbeat Technology’, which include:

• In-situ verification and documentation of each measuring point without any interruptions.

• Devices continuously diagnose themselves and extend test cycles.

• Diagnostic messages provide precise instructions for maintenance.

• Process and device data show trends for predictive maintenance.

• Combined process and device parameters facilitate analysis for process optimisation.

The branch thanks Dhiren for this well received presentation.

FIRST Robotics SA (FRSA)

The main interaction from Tshwane has been to look at ways to make the programme self-sufficient. The branch has engaged with ABSA which has funding available for education. It is envisaged, given the non-profit nature of FRSA, that main sources of income will be from grants and sponsorships and hence a business plan has to be developed. To this end, we received the following in an email from FTC leadership team (adapted):

“To grow FTC and expand the number of FTC teams in South Africa TUT would like to implement the following:

1. Rent-a-Robot for new teams: deposit R5000 refundable minus rental and broken part replacement cost plus R300 per month or R2000 for the season (August 2018 to March 2019). To reduce the start-up cost for Rookie FTC teams, they will rent out a total of 10 FTC robot kits to new teams.

2. Team training: to skill FTC teams FRSA is planning a 3-day workshop. Day 1: team business model, time planning, budget, outreach, volunteering and mentorship, Day 2: mechanical assembly and engineering notebook. Day 3: software setup, programming and autonomous mode. Proposed dates are late November or early December 2018. This training could be presented by experienced FTC teams as part of their outreach and team fund raising.

Supplied By: SAIMC
Tel: 086 107 2462
Fax: 086 651 5238
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