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Pressure measurement with dual display
October 2018, Pressure Measurement & Control

The PSQ series dual digital display pressure sensors from Autonics allow users to monitor both PV and SV readings. The 12-segment LCD display is capable of displaying various alphanumeric characters for clear identification, and the main (PV) display can be displayed in three different colours, depending on operation status or configuration. The secondary (SV) can display set point, pressure unit, or can be turned off completely.

The dual display pressure sensors feature various functions and features to ensure accurate pressure measurement and easier status monitoring. They offer a wide compound pressure measurement range from -100 to 100 kPa, for measurement of negative or positive pressure with a single unit. The instruments also support eight different pressure units and the main (PV) display can be set to show red, green, or orange colours depending on configuration.

Users can easily switch between NPN and PNP open collector outputs by simply selecting the desired option in parameter settings. With the auto shift function turned on, when there is change in the initial pressure the external input adjusts the determined level to match the change in pressure. The copy parameter settings function allows the parameter settings from the master unit to be copied directly to any slave unit, reducing time for configuration when multiple sensors with identical settings are required.

The PSQ series pressure sensors are available in fluid type (gas, liquid, oil) and pneumatic type (gas only) with various connector and cable types. The compact size allows easy installation even in tight or limited spaces and the one-touch, push-to-connect wiring offers easier connection and maintenance.

Autonics Corporation is a leading manufacturer and exporter of industrial automation products in South Korea. With strategic plans to increase distribution of its products and services to southern Africa, the company is looking for qualified local distributors as partners.

For more information contact Dean Choi, Autonics Corporation, +82 51 519 3232,,

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