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Efficient three-phase solid state relays
March 2018, Electrical Power & Protection

Autonics has released the new SR(H)2/3 series three-phase solid state relays for application in high power systems. The relays are offered in 2 and 3-pole types for controlling two-phase and three-phase loads. Standalone SSR type (SR2/3) and integrated heatsink type (SRH2/3) models are available.

Two mounting hole types (U-type, O-type) are available on all models, to allow flexible installation and mounting on various types of heatsinks. The built-in overheating alarm function provides safe and reliable operation by providing users with alarms or disconnecting output signals in case of overheating due to product damage or over current. The clear and bright green LED input indicators also allow users to identify the operating status. The relays also feature high heat dissipation efficiency with ceramic PCB and integrated heatsinks, and select models feature high dielectric strength of up to 4000 VAC.

The SR(H)2/3 series is available in various models to fit diverse application environments. Users can select from rated input voltage (4-30 VDC, 24 VAC, 90-240 VAC), rated load voltage (24-240 VAC, 48-480 VAC), and rated input current (15 A, 30 A, 40 A, 50 A, 75 A) options. Users can also choose between zero cross turn-on and random cross turn-on models. The heatsinks on the integrated heatsink models offer high heat dissipation to maintain lower temperatures, and can be removed or attached as needed, making it easier to replace in case of damage or failure. A diverse lineup of single-phase solid state relays is also available.

Autonics Corporation is a leading manufacturer and exporter of industrial automation products in South Korea. With strategic plans to increase distribution of its products and services to southern Africa, the company is looking for qualified local distributors as partners. Inquire about becoming a business partner and experience all the benefits of working with Autonics.

For more information contact Dean Choi, Autonics, +82 51 519 3232,,

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