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Block and bleed valves for oil and gas
September 2017, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Parker Hannifin now has a complete range of valves that conform to the API 6A specification for Christmas tree and wellhead applications.

For several years, Parker has offered a range of double block and bleed process to instrument valves in 350 and 675 bar maximum rated working pressures. The needle valve version is already available in all three pressure ratings (350, 675 and 1050 bar), but the ball valve version has only been available in 350 and 675 bar until now. Due to customer demand for higher pressure straight-through bore, Parker has introduced a 1050 bar fire-safe version to complete the range in both configurations.

Parker sourced a new packing material and modified head assembly to ensure great results and successful PR2 and PSL3 testing was achieved.

Jim Breeze, product manager instrumentation product division Europe, explains: “We have responded to demand in the market for a higher pressure double block and bleed valve, which enables us to meet all customer requirements for this type of valve.”

Parker’s valves are lightweight and compact, which is essential for offshore installations and they can easily be installed to existing designs and offer low cost fabrication.

The valves are also suitable for HIPPS (high integrity pressure protection systems) for use in wellhead flowline pressure protection.

All the double block and bleed valves have been tested for conformance to API 6A specifications by an independent test house, as well as by the internal test laboratory that Parker operates at its European design and manufacturing facility in the UK. The valves are Saudi Aramco-approved and comply with the 9-com material classification system.

For more information contact Lisa de Beer, Parker Hannifin (Africa), +27 (0)11 961 0700,,

Supplied By: Parker Hannifin - Sales Company South Africa
Tel: +27 11 961 0700
Fax: +27 11 392 7213
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