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Wireless gas detector for personal monitoring
August 2017, IS & Ex

Industrial work for employees can be risky. While many organisations use personal gas monitors to measure for toxic or combustible gases, they are traditionally disconnected and thus cannot call for help. With Blackline Safety’s revolutionary G7, a new level of personal safety is defined by this wireless gas detector with 3G/satellite wireless connectivity, two-way speakerphone, and messaging combined with live monitoring. The G7 provides comprehensive safety coverage irrespective of whatever hazardous working conditions might exist. With constant connectivity, every incident is communicated and managed in real-time, allowing teams to deliver optimised emergency responses tailored to the situation.

Modular design supports customisation

G7 features an exclusive modular design to support customisation that caters to diverse working conditions. Gas detection is customised to teams’ working environments with the choice of field-replaceable single or quad gas cartridges. A multitude of gas sensors available to suit all applications. G7 solves the old problem of replacing sensors inside a gas detector, traditionally requiring a device be removed from the field for maintenance. By utilising the Cartridge Replacement Program, secondary cartridges can be fitted for this purpose.

Several alarm modes are built in to the G7, such as the SOS Emergency Latch, a fall alarm, no motion alarm, self check-in and detection of all gas parameters. If any of the alarm modes are triggered, G7 instantly connects workers to the customisable Blackline Live monitoring portal (cloud based) and the live monitoring team, who can instantly react when an alert is communicated by calling or texting the individual on the G7, thus providing immediate emergency response as and when required. With connectivity, worker confidence increases in hazardous environments, knowing they are connected and being monitored continuously.

G7 gas detectors communicate environmental conditions in real-time directly with the user’s teams, who are then empowered to mobilise the appropriate response, based on the business’ pre-determined response protocols. The safety operations teams also control wireless gas detection insights to notify responders of possible hazards they should be prepared for during emergency responses, any additional protective equipment that might be required, or to advise workers to report to specified muster points – keeping everyone involved, informed and safe.

The G7 is available in a 3G and/or satellite version, is ATEX approved, and carries the local IA certification.

For more information contact Alan Lewis, Trigas Agencies, +27 (0)10 590 4752,,

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