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All-in-one PAC
Technews Industry Guide: Industrial Internet of Things 2017, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

LSIS has set a new standard in ultimate performance PACs by reinventing the XEC range and introducing the new XEC-U with a backplane that is 30 times faster than its predecessor. There are many features that have not yet been seen in PACs in this class: before the XEC-U one would generally add to the costs of a project with all the add-on modules for communications, I/O, motion and analogs.

The XEC-U boasts, among other things, 2x Ethernet ports, 1x RS 232C, 1x RS 485, 1x USB port, 32T or 28R I/O, analog (4xI/4xO), positioning (4 axes). The XEC-U is also expandable by 10 modules or 352 I/O points.

With the two unmanaged Ethernet ports, systems integrators can implement a Daisy Chain topology or interface to a Star topology in real time. This can be done with existing systems depending on the application requirements. Data-logging is becoming the buzz word in plants as waste in production equals losses. This is achieved either by FTP server, or direct transfer of the csv file to a reporting system, which assists with production monitoring, machine health and losses.

With the built-in web server capabilities to assist with logging, monitoring and machine performance, users can develop an HTML webpage in a standard SD card. The XEC-U SD card slot is conveniently hidden under a flap cover on the front of the unit. Viewing the webpage is accessed by IP address through a standard web browser anywhere in the world. Added to this is a SNTP for time synchronising for setting parameters needed for you production in real time.

An email server (SMTP) through commercially available email service providers makes it possible for faults, alarms and reporting to be sent on a regular or need to know basis. With an industrial mobile network modem, users can also send and receive SMS messages for faults and alarms, with reset, start, stop and other commands being sent in response.

This is a well packaged solution designed for all smart automation needs at an understandable price.

For more information contact Ana-Digi Systems, 086 132 3334,,

Supplied By: Ana-Digi Systems
Tel: +27 21 914 9030
Fax: +27 21 914 9050
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